Valentine’s Day Decor We LOVE

Show your love with elegant, sassy Valentine’s Day decor this year. With a decorative tree, festive lights, and gorgeous window silhouettes, you can creatively display your love for this holiday. I personally love the blends of pinks, purples, whites, and reds during this time of year, so I love the idea of a Valentine’s Day tree. I’ve highlighted a few of our Valentine themed products below to help spark inspiration for your decor. Click the photo to learn more about each item.


Yard Decorations

Infatable Valentines Day Puppy Yard Art Be My Valentine Wall Yard Decoration

Window Decor

Shimmering Pink Heart Window Silhouette Heart and Red Arrow Window Silhouette

Festive Lights

Pink LED C6 Christmas Lights Magenta LED C6 Christmas Lights Red Commercial LED C6 Christmas Lights


Table Top Decor

Color Changing Heart Table Top Decorations

Valentine’s Day Trees

Red Artificial Holiday Tree Hot Pink Noble Pine Artificial Tree

Valentine’s Day Ornaments

Valentines Bubblegum Pink Shatterproof OrnamentsPurple Valentine Shatterproof Swirl Holiday Ornament

Pink Glitter Swirl Shatterproof Valentines Ornaments Red Commercial Shatterproof Valentines Day Ornament


Sherrie Carter

Movies to Watch In Winter: Part 2

Yesterday’s post covered the best movies to watch with kids. In part two, I’m going to cover the scary, darker winter movies you may want to watch while they’re asleep. Grab a blanket, a hot drink, and someone to make you feel safe and curl up on cold day with one of these great films.

Winter Movies to Watch WITHOUT Kids

Frozen – Not THE Animated Film

Where this movie lacks in princesses and snowmen, it makes up for in sheer horror.

The Grey

Liam Neesan sruvives a plane crash in a remote, frozen land. Cast Away meets Everest.

The Day After Tomorrow

The largest storm the world has ever seen hits New York City and freezes/drowns almost everyone in sight.

30 Days of Night

Okay, so not only is it cold… it’s also dark. Oh, and there are bloodthirsty vampires on the hunt. Apparently, above the Arctic Circle is last place you’d ever want to be.

The Shining

During the winter, Jack Torrence(Jack Nicholson) takes over as the winter caretaker at an isolated hotel. Get extremely creeped out and snuggle up to stay warm.

Sherrie Carter

Movies to Watch In Winter: Part 1

In winter, at least here in WNY… we spend a lot of time indoors trying to stay warm. One of my favorite things to do is curl up with a fuzzy blanket and watch a cold movie. There’s just something about being warm and cozy while watching actors survive in a cold setting. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite cold-themed movies for you to check out. There are a variety of great winter movies for kids, as well as adults. The first post in this series covers winter movies that are great to watch with kids and teens!

Winter Movies for Kids


I don’t think I need to tell you how much kids love this movie. Adults love it too! Curl up with a blanket and get down with the Snow Queen Elsa!

Ice Age

A group of various creatures travel south after finding a human baby. Who doesn’t love watching an ice-centric rescue story?



The classic retelling of the Titanic’s demise, complete with a love story and a giant iceberg villain.

Snow Day

Rememer how much you loved getting a snow day as a kid? Share these happy memories while watching an evil snow plow driver attempt to clear the streets and open school!

Happy Feet

A penguin without a singing voice goes on an adventure to find his soulmate. Is there anything more adorable?

Sherrie Carter