Stunning Holiday & Glitter Beards

Glitter Beards are a HOT Trend this Year. It all started on Instagram. Then it hit Facebook, and finally Pinterest. I found so many great photos, but I decided to highlight my favorite ones. I’m not sure anyone I know this year will do it, so I’m living vicariously through these images. If you or someone you know has a gorgeous glitter beard, send us photos! I’ll update this post with the best submissions in a few weeks. I hope to see some great ideas!

Most are Gold

Some are Blue, or Pink

They work with Any Facial Hair Style

Some Stores are Getting Mannequins Into It

Some Do Their Eyebrows Too (this one is my favorite)

Then There are These Guys. Well Done Gentlemen. Well Done.

Sherrie Carter

8 Helpful Tips for Wrapping Beautiful Christmas Gifts

When you’re giving a Christmas gift, the presentation is one of the best part. When a child, friend, or parent sees your gift, the wrapping builds anticipation and curiosity. Sure a gift bag looks nice, but it doesn’t say “I put a lot of thought and effort into presenting you with a gift to show I care”. My mom has always had beautifully wrapped gifts with ribbons, bows, and intricate details for me. She’s built my love for elaborate gift wrap over the last three decades. I now put extra special care into every birthday and holiday gift I give someone. I’ll share a few of my top-secret pro-tips below!

Use Double Sided Tape

I recommend 3M Double-Sided Scotch Tape. This product has never failed me. It allows you to secure the paper without having to fold regular tape into large clumps.

Master the Basics

Before you get creative, master the basics. I wrap my gifts the same way this YouTube uploader does. Watch this video for a quick tutorial.


Box Funky Shapes

A box is the easiest thing to wrap and it’s the most elegant. Get yourself a collection of Christmas boxes in varying sizes. They’ll make everything much easier. Funky shapes are hard to wrap and could puncture the paper. It’s a headache-and-a-half.

Cut Shapes for Added Flair

These look adorable and give a cute accent to the gift. Try this Martha Stewart tutorial!


Use a Fork to Make Tiny Bows


Don’t Use Too Much Paper

Excess paper is the main cause for wrinkles, tears, and uneven edges. Make sure you cut down the paper as close as you can to the size of the gift. Measure if you have to; it will be worth it.

Don’t Get Risky if You’re Not Crafty

If you’ve never been good with crafts, stick to the basics and splurge on the extremely decorative wrapping paper.

Ask for Help if You Need It!

If you’re not good with crafts but want something more elaborate than a basic wrap, don’t be afraid to ask friends for help. Trust me, I can tell you from experience, they’ll be flattered they came to you for help.

Sherrie Carter

Unique, Novelty Christmas Tree Ideas

Our selection of artificial trees is huge, and I mean HUGE. We’ve got everything from fiber optic trees, funky styles, and brightly colored trees. If you’re looking for some extra fun this holiday, go a little unconventional with your Christmas tree this year. We have a variety of options for you to find the perfect little (or big) funky tree for your home. Learn more about the examples below by clicking the photos.

Artificial Fiber Optic Trees

Fiber optic trees look similar to regular trees, except with exquisite lighting styles.

snowflake fiber optic tree     Fiber optic tree for sale


Colorful Trees

We have hundreds of options in almost every color. Browse Pink, Red, Purple, Blue, Silver, Gold, and other colorful trees.

blue christmas tree for sale

Frosted & Snow Flocked

Choose lightly frosted or heavily snow flocked trees for a wintery look in your home.

frosted alpine artificial christmas tree     Heavily Snow Flocked Artificial Tree

Upside-Down Trees

Try something extreme this year! Make guests and kids smile with this unique, reversed Christmas tree.

upside down christmas tree for sale

Whimsical Trees

Add a quirky, happy touch to your décor with one of our other unique, beautiful tree designs.


resting cone glittered table christmas trees        whimsical snowball christmas tree

Sherrie Carter


My 3 Favorite Snow Globes This Year

Snow globes are gorgeous, timeless decorations and gifts. Dating as far back as the 19th century, these elegant glitter domes have been impressing and hypnotizing adults and children for years. The shimmering snowfall is arguably the best part, but the most stunning aesthetics lie in the display inside the blown glass.

It wasn’t until the 1950’s they were available in durable plastic, so these items were highly cherished due to their beauty and fragility. I personally have always loved snow globes. I’d pick them out as a souvenir everywhere I went on vacation. I even have one with a photo slot, so I could be in my own glitter dome!

We have a lot of beautiful snow globes at our store, so this was a difficult top-three list to make. I chose my three favorite Snow Globes from Christmas Central. Click the photos to learn more about each

Snow Globes

Color Changing ”Christmas Bites!” Gingerbread Snow Globe

Make even the biggest scrooges and grinches smile with this cheerful “Bah! Humbug!” snow globe!

Bah Humbug Snow Globe

Santa Building a Snowman Christmas Snow Globe

Add Christmas Cheer with a beautiful musical snow globe featuring Santa building a snowman in his free time! The gorgeous wooden base and intricate detail is amazing.

Santa Claus Vintage Snow Globe

Old World Style Santa Christmas Snow Globe Glitter Dome

This musical snow globe is a stunning glitter dome representing simpler times. Santa with his lantern, staff, and gift sack sit in the globe on a red base with intricate golden designs.

Santa Building a Snowman Christmas Glitterdome

Sherrie Carter

Beautiful & Exciting Christmas Light Displays [Part 2 of 2]

Part Two – Creative Christmas Lighting Ideas

Earlier today I posted a blog highlighting gorgeous outdoor displays from 2014. Make the 2015 list by using some of the ideas below to create stunning aesthetics in your Christmas showcase. Personally, my favorite is the set of Meteor Shower Light Display. I watched that clip, with wide eyes, for about ten times before finishing this post.

Meteor Shower Lights

Twig Lights

A Tree on Fire

Crab Lighting

Crystal Objects

Sherrie Carter

Beautiful & Exciting Christmas Light Displays [Part 1 of 2]

This is a two-part post about outdoor Christmas lights and how gorgeous they can be. The first post will be my highlight of the most intense displays I’ve found. Part two, posting later today, will consist of gorgeous lighting ideas you can do at your home easily!

Part One – The Most Exciting Christmas Displays

One of the best Christmas memories I have is driving around to look at beautiful light displays. My parents always took my sisters and I around town voting on which houses we though did the best. When my sisters had kids, wed all go together, albeit in several cars. Now that we’re all older and the kids are teenagers, we try to make it at least once a year. However, that’s just not enough for me. I like to go several times, becuase it’s one of my happiest memories. This might be the reason I love lights at night time so much. Seriously, I’m not even that mad when I get pulled over because the flashing police lights make me smile. Sick, I know. It’s the truth though. In recent years, whenever I needed a break from shopping or wrapping, I’d drive around and look at lights on a solo adventure. Sure, I loved going with my family, but there’s something emotional and liberating about driving around alone to look at the lights.

I’m excited for Christmas lights already, but not too many are up yet. Post-Thanksgiving is a popular time for Christmas lights to go up. To satisfy my thirst, I went on YouTube and found some awesome displays.

Christmas Can Can

Frozen – Let it Go

A Dubstep Christmas

& My Favorite!

I’m partial to the Pentatonix “Daft Punk Mashups”

Sherrie Carter

5 Gorgeous Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a beautiful welcoming decoration for holiday guests. While natural wreaths are beautiful, it can get pricy replacing them each year. If you’re looking to save money without sacrificing beauty and quality, browse through some of our best artificial holiday wreaths. We have a large selection of pre-lit wreaths for easy decorating. If the fresh pine scent is important for you, try using small pieces of natural garland or evergreen scented candles in the entryway. Both will create the “Christmas smell” upon entering your home. Now, for my favorite wreaths from our shop!

Pre-Lit Vienna Twig Wreath
Twig Artificial Christmas Wreath with Clear Lights - Copy

Pre-Lit Frosted Edina Fir Wreath
Frosted Edina Fir Wreath

Pre-Lit Frosted & Glittered Pine Cone Wreath
Glittered Pine Wreath

Pre-Lit Artificial Poinsettia Christmas Wreath
Artificial Poinsettia Christmas Wreath

Musical Artificial Christmas Wreath with Clear Lights
Musical Artificial Christmas Wreath with Clear Lights - Copy



Did you decorate with one of our wreaths? Send us photos and we’ll highlight the best ones!

Sherrie Carter

Black Friday Shopping Tips – Part Two!

Earlier today, I posted survival tips for Black Friday shopping. The earlier post is there to help you through the physical shopping experience. This next post, is going to help you with the logistics (i.e. finances and scheduling). Good luck today!

  • Prepare for realistic outcomes. Do your homework on sales versus availablity. Be ready for any outcome and have backup plans.
  • Don’t focus only on the deals. Remember, if it’s too busy or if they’re out of stock… Cyber Monday is in just a few days.
  • Compare prices on big items. It may take time to check multiple stores, but competition between companies is good for the consumer!
  • Shop online! Don’t spend your entire budget on Black Friday items. Like I previously stated, Cyber Monday is coming! You never know what you’ll find.
  • Sign up for loyalty programs. List the places you’ll shop and sign up for email programs. I’m sure you’ll get some amazing coupon surprises between today and Christmas.
  • Follow your favorite stores on social media. Check their Facebook pages before heading out. They might have some “Social Media Exclusive” coupons and deals.
  • Don’t always go for the lowest price you can fine, especially with large electronics and expensive equipment. Some stores will make cheaper versions of the same item for Black Friday. Yes, get excited for a sale, but if it seems way too good to be true, it probably is! This is especially true with hot gaming systems (like the PS4), laptops and TV sets.

Sherrie Carter

Interesting Facts about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is Here!

So far, we’ve covered DIY projects, decorating the kids table, gluten-free recipes, delicious no-bake dishes, food messes, and stress-relief! Today’s post will cover some interesting facts to help get the conversation going. Be sure to bookmark our life-saving Thanksgiving posts!

thanksgiving dinner

  • Jingle Bells was originally created as a Thanksgiving song.
  • President Jefferson called the proclamation of Thanksgiving “the most ridiculous idea ever conceived“. Probably because he wasn’t around when people were planking off of roofs and building.
  • The average thanksgiving trip is 214 miles.
  • Thanksgiving always falls between November 22 and November 28 each year.
  • Black Friday became popular a few years ago, but it’s actually been a thing since the 1960s.
  • Each year, Americans consume about 535 lbs. of Turkey!

Sherrie Carter

10 Best Things About Thanksgiving Day! [GIFS]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is the big day. Give yourself a quick break to read this post. You need to relax from all the cooking and planning. I’m here to help you with that. First, take three deep breaths. Seriously, three deep breaths can change everything. If that advice can help my friend on her wedding day, I assure you it will help on Thanksgiving! Now, follow along as I highlight the 10 BEST things about Thanksgiving Dinner! Once you’re in a good mood, you’re free to get back to that cooking and hosting!

Shameless, Guilt-Free Binge Eating



Plenty of Options, You’ll Find Something You Love



The Family is Actually Sitting Down and Enjoying a Nice Meal



Ummm… Desserts…. Pie…



The Wine Giggles



Stuffing is a Thing… A Delicious, Delicious Thing.






Enjoying the Holiday Decor



Appreciating Life



It’s Officially Christmas Season Now, Get Those Lights Up!


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