Holiday Lessons We Learn from “Christmas Vacation”

We all know and love “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. To get us in the holiday spirit, I’ve put together another fun .GIF post! These are holiday lessons we learned from Clark Griswold & gang!

Though they smell nice, there’s a downside to real trees


If this is your first time hosting, practice cooking the main course…


Decorating the exterior is hard work, but so worth it when you see it…


Assuming you’ve done it properly…


There’s always one guest…


There Will Be Times You Just Want to Sleep!


And there’s a 2 year period where kids don’t think your Christmas spirit is within reason…


But they’ll come around…


And you’ll all have the BEST Christmas ever….


Hopefully we’ve inspired you to curl up with pajamas and a huge bowl of popcorn for this infamous Christmas movie. If you don’t have time right now and can’t wait, check out this gif. Someone put the entire movie into a quick clip! Thank you, whoever you are!


An Adorable Christmas Tradition to Try

Youtube uploader Nick Confalone really got me in the mood for Christmas morning with this video from Christmas 2010. I’m not sure what the technology will be like once I’m finally ready for kids, but I will absolutely do something like this. I want to thank this uploader for one of the best Christmas traditions I have ever seen. If you have young kids or are planning on babies soon, try this. There’s nothing quite like a Christmas compilation of children growing up right in front of your face.

The children growing up was touching, but a few other things made it incredibly special to me. The changes in the family made it incredibly interesting. It’s literally watching real life happen in just one minute. Their grandma and dog eventually stop showing up, but then a kitten and a significant other are added to the family mix.

See how beautiful it turns out in his video below!

Sherrie Carter

Beautiful Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve is just as special as the morning that follows. While the morning is mostly about the presents, Christmas Eve is usually spent with family sharing and making happy memories. The traditions you start with your kids will hopefully fill them with memories so cherished, they carry them on to their new family as adults. Many of you might recognize these traditions from your own life, and you may even have your own unique Christmas.

New Holiday PJ’s!

Many families do this, including mine. It was always one of my favorite parts of the holiday. Kids unwrap one special gift on Christmas Eve. Some people say the reindeer drop off gifts early because they were planning a route for others. My mom always gave them to us from her and my dad, which I loved. Although I love the idea of reindeer giving gifts, I loved that my parents let us open one of their gifts a night early. Having new Christmas pajamas while you wait for Santa is the best. There’s nothing quite like being cozy AND excited.

Baking Cookies

Santa deserves fresh cookies! Of course if your day is too busy you could make them on the 23rd, but it makes Christmas Eve that much more special.  You can kill a lot of time and curb excitement by baking Santa’s cookies!

Make Reindeer Food

Don’t forget the reindeer! Make a special blend of carrots, celery, and oats for the reindeer. Kids love this! I remember going outside to see crumbs and chewed pieces of celery. As I got older I thought it was my parents doing it, but they told me the real deer and foxes in our area were eating the food!

Christmas Movie Night with Special Hot Cocoa

Pick your favorite holiday movie, make some specially flavored cocoa (white chocolate, peppermint, etc.), and get cozy for special holiday features.

Track Santa before Bed

Visit to track Santa’s whereabouts before putting everyone to bed!