10 Ways to Have Fun with Snow

There’s a period in winter, when the snow first falls, that we all love. It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for, beautiful, fun fluffy snow. After a few months of it, the novelty wears off and all we see is a freezing cold obstacle between ourselves and our cars. We think of the brown slush from tow trucks, and not the beautiful glitter in the fresh piles of snow. Well, there’s nothing we can do about the snow until late spring (at least here in WNY). OR IS THERE? Instead of seeing the frozen car, let’s find the fun. It’s my personal goal to enjoy the snow the entire season this year. Here are some ways I plan to keep enjoying the snow, try them for yourselves!

Host a Giant Snowball War

Build barrier walls with snow; this works best in a field or a large backyard. Invite a lot of friends and divide into teams. Keep the fun going by making hot chocolate to warm up and reminisce at the end of the game.

Make an Upside Down Snowman

Do this the same way you’d make a traditional snowman, except build the face on the bottom. For this to work, the three snowballs will need to be close in size. If you make the head small, your snowman might not stand properly. Some people make a small head, and will build support for it behind the snowman. Do whichever looks better on your lawn.

Drink Hot Chocolate & Walk to View Holiday Lights

Many people keep their Christmas lights up from November-January. There should be one snowy, yet comfortable, day you can head out with homemade cocoa and look at the pretty lights.

Build an Ice Fort

Make a big Igloo, or your own fort. If you have a lot of time, make several rooms and a wall fridge for drinks. If your fort is cool enough, have a party outside!

Color Snow

Try one of the many great ideas on Pinterest

Make Water Globes

Another great Pinterest idea I want to try!

Make a Snow Slide

If you have room in your yard, build a large wall of snow and slowly angle it downward. Create a small space for sliding and add water so it freezes and smoothes. I cannot promise this is safe, only that it sounds fun. I’m going to try it, so I’ll update with a safety rating once it snows.

Make Snow Creations (Besides Snowmen)

I need to make a snow shark, a snow bird, or a snow dog. I love this shark!

Go Extreme Sledding

Find a large hill in your area and use a metal sled (don’t pull a Clark Griswold and spray it down though). Most areas will have sledding highlights on the community pages.

Make Snow Angels

Simple and Traditional, this is my favorite thing to do in winter. It brings out your inner child and leaves beautiful creations in your yard.

Sherrie Carter

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