Finding the Perfect Christmas Stocking

Christmas stockings are a wonderful tradition, each stocking should represent who it is for. Some families have matching stockings, which is utterly adorable. Others have themes. I always had my own unique stocking, but it always fit into a theme with my sisters. One year, we all had Trollz stockings and we LOVED them. Keep in mind, I grew up in the 90’s so Trollz were all the rage, okay?

Last year, my sister made personalized stockings for the entire family. Mine was a beautiful hand-stitched stocking with a gorgeous picture of the universe on it. My nephew had a broken bone at the time, so she made his in the shape of a cast and it was hilarious. The thought and effort that went into getting us stockings that matched our personality was amazing. We were all blown away.

You can have the same reaction this year! Consider some DIY options that represent the individual you’re making a stocking for. If you don’t have time for DIY stockings, browse through some of our themed stockings below! You’re sure to find something perfect! Click the photos to learn more or browse other stockings like these!

Casino Style

casino heart card christmas stocking red and black casino stocking for sale


camo stocking for sale US Army stocking for Sale


Western Cowboy Stocking cowboy christmas stocking


princess pink stocking princess crown stocking

TV & Movie Lovers

Game of Thrones!Game of Thrones HBO Stocking

Family Guy!
family guy christmas stocking

Rudolph!rudolph Christmas stocking
Christmas Vacation!
National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Stocking



pink metallic christmas stocking red metallic stocking blue metallic stocking

green metallic stocking royal blue metallic christmas stocking yellow metallic stocking
Sherrie Carter

How to Shape Artificial Christmas Garland

How to Shape Artificial Christmas GarlandsGet the most out of your artificial Christmas garland. The fluffing and shaping of your new garland makes a dramatic difference in the look and feel of your décor. Follow our quick guide below to take your garland from ordinary to extraordinary with ease!


  • Carefully unpack garland from the protective packaging


  • Place the garland on a flat scratch resistant surface and straighten to full length


  • Plug the light cord lead into an UL approved extension cord, at least 6′ long


  • The best look will be achieved by shaping the garland while lit


  • Start from either end and randomly fan each branch toward the center and consistently toward one end


  • Apply this technique to the entire garland to attain fullness and best look


  • Hang the garland in the desired location and adjust the foliage into its final arrangement

Winter Collection Spotlight: Luxury Lodge

This culmination of golds and whites paired with animal ornaments and decorations invokes the cozy elegance of a rustic holiday lodge. If your style includes luxurious country styles, any item from this collection will look great in your home. We have a large selection of stunning items in this collection, but I’ve highlighted some of my personal favorites in the photos below. Click the picture to learn more about the item, or click here to view the whole collection of Luxury Lodge items.

Glass Gold & Silver Tree Candle Holder

gold and silver Tree Candle Holder

Gold Chevron Print Square Decorative Throw Pillow
Gold Chevron Print Square Decorative Throw Pillow

Glitter Deer Head Wreath Ornament
Champagne Glitter Deer Head Ornament

Glittered Standing Buck Reindeer Christmas Figure
white glittered buck ornament

Sugar Maple Leaf Ornament
Bronze Sugar Leaf Ornament

Sherrie Carter