Winter Collection Spotlight: Luxury Lodge

This culmination of golds and whites paired with animal ornaments and decorations invokes the cozy elegance of a rustic holiday lodge. If your style includes luxurious country styles, any item from this collection will look great in your home. We have a large selection of stunning items in this collection, but I’ve highlighted some of my personal favorites in the photos below. Click the picture to learn more about the item, or click here to view the whole collection of Luxury Lodge items.

Glass Gold & Silver Tree Candle Holder

gold and silver Tree Candle Holder

Gold Chevron Print Square Decorative Throw Pillow
Gold Chevron Print Square Decorative Throw Pillow

Glitter Deer Head Wreath Ornament
Champagne Glitter Deer Head Ornament

Glittered Standing Buck Reindeer Christmas Figure
white glittered buck ornament

Sugar Maple Leaf Ornament
Bronze Sugar Leaf Ornament

Sherrie Carter

Holiday Lessons We Learn from “Christmas Vacation”

We all know and love “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. To get us in the holiday spirit, I’ve put together another fun .GIF post! These are holiday lessons we learned from Clark Griswold & gang!

Though they smell nice, there’s a downside to real trees


If this is your first time hosting, practice cooking the main course…


Decorating the exterior is hard work, but so worth it when you see it…


Assuming you’ve done it properly…


There’s always one guest…


There Will Be Times You Just Want to Sleep!


And there’s a 2 year period where kids don’t think your Christmas spirit is within reason…


But they’ll come around…


And you’ll all have the BEST Christmas ever….


Hopefully we’ve inspired you to curl up with pajamas and a huge bowl of popcorn for this infamous Christmas movie. If you don’t have time right now and can’t wait, check out this gif. Someone put the entire movie into a quick clip! Thank you, whoever you are!


How To Measure & Understand Wreath Sizing

Wreath DepthOnce you determine the size wreath you need, you should understand exactly what the measurements mean and how they apply to your needs. For example, if you need a 24” wreath, you may want to shop for 22” inch wreaths. It all depends on a few factors and how wreaths are properly measured. We’ll cover everything you need to know in the 2 helpful tips below.


The main number you’ll see on wreaths is the diameter. Most wreaths are available in sizes from 10 inches to 72 inches. The size you should look for depends on your setting and how much space you want on either side of the wreath. As stated above, you may want to leave an extra inch or two for sprays and florals that extend beyond the edge. If you’re looking at one of our 24” wreaths, this means it is 24” inches from one end to the other, if measured diagonally.

Wreath Depth

Once you know the diameter, you’ll want to understand the depth of your wreath. This is especially important if you’re displaying the wreath between the inside door and a glass door. Having a wreath with the right depth will prevent a cramped or smashed look. Measure the very front of the wreath to the back, including the base. To be sure, measure the distance between doors to determine how much space you have to work with.