Colorful Umbrellas for a Cheerful Patio

Bright and large market umbrellas are perfect for the backyard. They exude elegance and serve a purpose. A large, bright market umbrella will not only give your property charm, but it’s extremely helpful on sunny or rainy days. With Spring, comes fresh air, floral scents, and of course… sunny days. For some of us that means a rough sunburn. Even when wearing sunblock, extended exposure to the sun can take its toll on sensitive skin. This is where your market umbrella comes into save the day. The brighter colors won’t attract as much sunlight as brown, black, and navy hues. Then there’s the obvious benefit… the shade. Click on the photo below to browse through bright patio umbrellas of various sizes and styles. Choose one that best fits your yard and enjoy fun-in-the-sun AND a shady place to relax and cool off!



Patio Umbrellas

Making The Most Out Of A Small Bathroom

Interior decor consists of more than just beautifying a room. You need the right colors, fixtures, and lighting to make any room look its best. This is especially true for smaller bathrooms. Counter space, mirrors, and storage can also make a huge difference in how the small (or half) bathroom looks and feels. So, what can you do when your house contains the smallest bathroom in the universe? You can maximize your storage and make the room look bigger with a few design tricks of course!

Create The Illusion of Space & Get Organized

Choose a light or pastel color, as it will make the walls feel larger. Lighting helps because brighter rooms look bigger as well. You can create the illusion of space by keeping visible objects to a minimum. One of my favorite space hacks is the towel rack above the door (you can see an example in the video below). Use fixutures that are even lighter than the walls, and make sure you have a large vanity mirror. You might think a smaller bathroom calls for a smaller mirror, but you’d be wrong. A large mirror reflects space and light, making the room bigger.

As previously mentioned, you want to keep anything non-essential hidden. Pinterest is your best friend here. Watch the video below for a few great ideas on how you can keep your belongings out-of-sight, but easy to obtain. You can do so much with just one cabinet and the back of your door! Check it out and be sure to share any of your favorite ideas in the comments section!

Sherrie Carter

Creating A Unique Patio Decor Theme

Do you dream of life on the beach? Maybe you’re obsessed with nautical designs or rustic themes. Some of us are drawn to Bohemian and Moroccan styles, while others prefer the crisp, modern look. We all have different tastes, and our personality is reflected in our music tastes, clothing style, and home decor. The patio is the most common congregation area during the warmer months, so this is your chance to shine. Sun rooms, decks, and patios are versatile, meaning they’re work with almost any decor theme.

When you choose a theme, you make it easier to shop and blend your decorations together. This doesn’t mean you’re tied down to ONLY that theme though, you could add some modern pieces to a nautical design (etc). This is how you make it uniquely yours. First, start by choosing a theme that represents YOU. Once you get the main design down, add some wall art and maybe a few table toppers that speak to you. No matter what you decide, it will be your own creation… and I have no doubt that it will look amazing. To get you inspired, I’ve created examples of some themes. Browse the photos below and get started on your summer party setting!

Bohemian Patio Decor Theme Ideas Moroccan Patio Decor Theme Ideas contemporary decor themes

Bright & Happy

Yellow and Teal Patio Decor

beach patio theme Rustic and Industrial Patio themes

Nautical Seaside Home Decor