Boho Chic Patio Decor Ideas

A Boho Chic theme on the patio is simply stunning. It creates a welcoming atmosphere in a uniquely beautiful way. Boho chic styles help bring the indoors to the outdoors, for an incredibly cozy outdoor setting. If you love the idea of a Boho patio, consider the main features which make up this style. Then browse through our favorite Pinterest ideas below and start decorating today!

The Boho patio features vibrant accents, Moroccan designs, and short tables paired with poufs or small ottomans. Artisan afghans, lanterns, succulents, and rustic lighting are key elements of this style as well. Use bright, intricate patterns to bring it all together for a stunning, Pinterest-worthy look!

Bright Mosaic Table

Comfortable, Stylish Seating

Boho Indie Lanterns

Plenty of Vibrant Colors & Rich Designs

Intricate Area Rugs & Throw Pillows

Teal & Gold Hanging Lanterns

Decorative Pillows & Moroccan Lanterns

Scarf Garden Tent

More Hanging Lanterns!

Boho DIY Curtains

Hand Painted Adirondack Chair

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Gorgeous Terrariums & Terrarium Decorating Ideas

Terrariums are opened or sealed glass containers that allow you to create and nourish plant life indoors. This is a great way to brighten up during winter months, improve airflow, and promote positive energy. We have a variety of terrarium bases if you’re up for creating your own living terrarium. However, you can achieve most of these benefits with artificial terrariums. If you’re not much of a green thumb, but still want to vamp up your home with attractive plants and unique decor, you can find a variety of artificial terrariums that complement your home perfectly.


Empty Terrariums

Empty Terrarium

Artificial Terrarium Designs

Artificial Terrarium and Succulent

Terrarium Decorating IdeasTerrarium Decorating Ideas



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3 Tips for Complete Backyard Fire Pit Safety

Have you seen our new patio table fire pits? They’re absolutely stunning, and complete an evening get-together on the patio. First, you can serve dinner at the table, and then later… gather with some friends and make S’mores! What could say “hello, summer” better than one of these bad boys? You may prefer to have a fire dome, separate from the patio area, especially if you have a larger backyard. Fire domes are amazing too, as they bring the feeling of camping right to your home. Whichever way you decide to enjoy a nice summertime fire, remember to be safe! There are a few things you should know before getting started.

Patio Chair & Fire Pit Table Set

Staying Safe Fire Pits, Fire Tables, & Fire Domes

First, be sure you’re using the proper fuel. Pre-fab models, like our Patio Chair & Fire Pit Table Set, will tell you how to fuel the fire. If you’re going with a model that you’ve made on your own, be sure to enlist the help of a professional. Whether you know someone who deals with propane, or have to hire a specialist, it’s important. You need to know what you are doing before you use propane and light that fire!

Secondly, make sure your fire dome or table is on a sturdy, flat surface that’s resistant to flames. Don’t just put it where you think it looks good! You need a flame-retardant surface area, to avoid issues from flying sparks or escaping embers.

Finally, you must practice and enforce safety rules for you and your guests. Nobody should stand too close to the fire, and the fire should never be left alone. These last two points are extremely important when alcohol might be involved. Make sure everyone keeps their distance and admires the fire from a reasonable distance. Don’t let daredevil friends play with the flames or set things on fire (sadly, some people will try).