How To Measure & Understand Wreath Sizing

Wreath DepthOnce you determine the size wreath you need, you should understand exactly what the measurements mean and how they apply to your needs. For example, if you need a 24” wreath, you may want to shop for 22” inch wreaths. It all depends on a few factors and how wreaths are properly measured. We’ll cover everything you need to know in the 2 helpful tips below.


The main number you’ll see on wreaths is the diameter. Most wreaths are available in sizes from 10 inches to 72 inches. The size you should look for depends on your setting and how much space you want on either side of the wreath. As stated above, you may want to leave an extra inch or two for sprays and florals that extend beyond the edge. If you’re looking at one of our 24” wreaths, this means it is 24” inches from one end to the other, if measured diagonally.

Wreath Depth

Once you know the diameter, you’ll want to understand the depth of your wreath. This is especially important if you’re displaying the wreath between the inside door and a glass door. Having a wreath with the right depth will prevent a cramped or smashed look. Measure the very front of the wreath to the back, including the base. To be sure, measure the distance between doors to determine how much space you have to work with.



Beautiful Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve is just as special as the morning that follows. While the morning is mostly about the presents, Christmas Eve is usually spent with family sharing and making happy memories. The traditions you start with your kids will hopefully fill them with memories so cherished, they carry them on to their new family as adults. Many of you might recognize these traditions from your own life, and you may even have your own unique Christmas.

New Holiday PJ’s!

Many families do this, including mine. It was always one of my favorite parts of the holiday. Kids unwrap one special gift on Christmas Eve. Some people say the reindeer drop off gifts early because they were planning a route for others. My mom always gave them to us from her and my dad, which I loved. Although I love the idea of reindeer giving gifts, I loved that my parents let us open one of their gifts a night early. Having new Christmas pajamas while you wait for Santa is the best. There’s nothing quite like being cozy AND excited.

Baking Cookies

Santa deserves fresh cookies! Of course if your day is too busy you could make them on the 23rd, but it makes Christmas Eve that much more special.  You can kill a lot of time and curb excitement by baking Santa’s cookies!

Make Reindeer Food

Don’t forget the reindeer! Make a special blend of carrots, celery, and oats for the reindeer. Kids love this! I remember going outside to see crumbs and chewed pieces of celery. As I got older I thought it was my parents doing it, but they told me the real deer and foxes in our area were eating the food!

Christmas Movie Night with Special Hot Cocoa

Pick your favorite holiday movie, make some specially flavored cocoa (white chocolate, peppermint, etc.), and get cozy for special holiday features.

Track Santa before Bed

Visit to track Santa’s whereabouts before putting everyone to bed!

What Are C7 and C9 Christmas Lights?

C7 and C9 Retro Christmas Light Information

C7 and C9 style Christmas lights are the large, traditional lights that you sometimes see on Christmas trees and other outdoor Christmas displays.  They were very popular back in the 1950s.  You might remember them from the Christmas trees of your childhood or your parents may remember them.  C7 or C9 (depending on the size of the bulb) is their technical name.  Contrary to popular myth, they are still easily available and they are the best kind of lights to use for the holidays.


C7 lights were introduced in 1934, by General Electric, while C9 lights were first introduced in 1927 also by General Electric.  C7 Christmas Lights were considered cream-of-the-crop Christmas lights for their day.  Initially, only very rich people were able to afford to buy C7 lights; as they were very expensive. C9 Christmas Lights were designed for outdoor use and GE and other Christmas light manufacturers sponsored neighborhood “decorating with colored light” contests, in an effort to boost sales.  Early versions of the C9 light had a swirl pattern, which was later retired in favor of a smooth look. Both C7 and C9 Christmas Lights have parallel circuits, which meant that if one light went out, the others stayed lit.  After World War II, C7 and C9 Christmas  lights really became popular.  Throughout the 1950s, everyone used them for Christmas lights.

You can shop our site for C7 and C9 Style Christmas Lights.  We carry a large selection of C7 and C9 style Christmas lights online. We carry all your favorite colors on both green and white wire. We also carry these lights in Transparent or Clear and Opaque or Ceramic style. So no matter what style or color you are looking for, you can find it here. We also carry a wide variety of LED C7 and C9 Christmas lights.


C7 Christmas Lights

00 C7 Transparent Red Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs

C7 Christmas Lights

C7 lights use parallel circuits.  That means that if one bulb burns out,the others stay lit!  No more searching for the burnt out bulb.

C7 lights are long-lasting.  You can easily get a good ten years’ use out of a set of C7 lights.  You don’t need to buy new sets every year.  In the long run, that saves you money.

C7 lights are cool-burning, at 5 watts each.  They do not get hot and they are no more dangerous on your tree than the little twinkle lights or LED lights.

They are also energy efficient.  For example, you have a six-foot tree.  Fifty C7 lights will make your tree look bright and festive.  They burn at 5 watts each, so you use a total of 250 watts with the C7 lights.  To achieve the same effect with the little lights, you would need to use at least 500 little lights.  They burn at 1 watt each, so that’s a total of 500 watts; double the wattage you would use with C7 lights.  You save energy with C7 lights.

The sockets of C7 lights have molded clips.  You can clip them to your tree’s branches and they’ll stay put, unlike the little lights, which always slide around.



C9 Christmas Lights

Commercial Length Multi-Color LED Faceted C9 Christmas Lights on Spool 5" Spacing

C9 Christmas Lights

C9 lights use parallel circuits.  That means that if one light goes out, the others stay lit.  No more searching for the burnt-out bulb.

C9 lights are long-lasting.  You can easily get a good five years out of a string of C9 lights.  With the C9 lights, you won’t have to buy new lights every year.  In the long run, that saves you money.

C9 lights burn at 7 watts each.

C9 lights are easy to see from outside.  A tree, bush or holiday display that uses C9 lights is very visible and visible from a great distance.  Used outside, the little twinkle lights are barely visible.

The sockets of C9 lights have molded clips.  You can clip the sockets on to your tree or bush’s branches and they’ll stay put, unlike the little lights, which slide around.

You can connect up to 100 bulbs end to end on a traditional C7 or C9 Christmas Light set, or even more if you used LED C7 or LED C9 lights. Be sure to also check out our spools and replacement lights for even longer runs of C7 and C9 lights.