6 Reasons People Christmas Shop in Autumn

Autumn Christmas ShoppingThis is it; we’re almost at the three-month mark for Christmas Day. We have 93 days to get all the right gifts planned, purchased, and wrapped. If you’re like most people, you see holiday decorations, hear Christmas music in shopping centers and wonder, “why on earth stores are pushing it so early?”. You might think it’s to get a head start on the busy season, but that’s not entirely true. Most companies want to meet the demands of smart shoppers and early birds. It might be a little surprising, but a wealth of consumers start shopping in late August and finish within a few months.

According to a recent poll conducted by creditcards.com this summer, 32 million adults have already started their gift shopping for Christmas. Moreover, 1 in 4 shoppers predicted they’ll be completely finished before November! Responders to the poll offered a variety of solid reasons for shopping so early. The most common motives included evading the holiday crowds, protecting budgets, and avoiding out-of-stock issues that most last-minute shoppers experience.

Well, as experts in all things holiday, we couldn’t agree more. You can still enjoy the scents and sounds of autumn while preparing for Christmas. Don’t feel as if holiday shopping will detract from the beauty of the harvest season; you can easily make holiday shopping in fall one of your favorite traditions.  It’s all a mindset really – once you discover the benefits of early shopping, it too will become one of your favorite autumn activities.

Below we’ve listed the best reasons to start holiday shopping in September (or sooner)!

Order Holiday Gifts in Autumn


Avoid Stress

Not only do large crowds breed stress, but so does procrastination and searching for a specific item. The saying goes, “if it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done”. Don’t let this be the case when looking for the perfect gift. Too many people miss out “waiting for a good deal”. There’s a variety of sales in the harvest seasons that come close to what holiday deals can offer. Factor in online ordering instead of searching eight or nine stores, and it pays for itself.

Shop through a Vast Selection

While most retail companies do our best to stay in stock, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the demand. Last-minute shoppers often have fewer options from which to choose.

Save Money

Holiday sales are great for hot items and Christmas themed gifts… but think about back-to-school and end-of-summer sales as well. You can find unique, quality items on clearance that you might not even think about during Christmas season. This is especially great if your recipient wants a vacation item or funky school supplies. Bargain shopping is not only fun, but it frees room in your budget to give more gifts AND cooler gifts.

Free Time for Helping Others

Towards the end of the harvest season, you’ll likely be attending many family parties and planning Christmas events. The more time you have on your hands, the better. If you have extra time, you can use it to volunteer to the less fortunate – bringing the true meaning of Christmas into your life.

Get Ahead on Credit Card Bills

A common New Year’s Resolution is to pay off bills accrued during the holiday season. Well, if you start shopping earlier, you can pay them off earlier. This will free you up to start fresh in the new year, instead of having old bills hanging over your head creating stress.

Relax at Home Instead of Fighting in Crowds

Okay, well online shopping does help with this, but many of us still like to visit a few retail stores for holiday shopping. The experience of gift shopping is part of the holidays we love so much, but do we have to share that experience with thousands of other stressed-out shoppers? While everyone is running around in stores doing some last-minute frantic shopping, you can relax and find last-minute online deals from the comfort of your home.

When Do You Shop?

Let us know your favorite time to shop for gifts; we’d love to hear from you. Remember to share your ideas and shopping tips with our other readers.

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