The Significance of Holiday Office Decor

White Pumpkin DecorationsUnfortunately, not every office and commercial building puts forth adequate effort creating a calming, uplifting environment for employees and clients. The common idea is that time is “wasted” spent decorating when employees could be completing more important tasks. However, nothing is as important as boosting morale among your staff and offering an aesthetically pleasing environment.

VIBE and CBE have both run multiple studies showing the significance of quality lighting, plantscaping, and seasonal decorating in offices. These studies covered everything from multiple monitors to wall decor, and putting in the extra effort won by a longshot.

Reduce Negative Energy

When we view something unattractive in a building, we may not realize it but it attaches negative energy to our bodies. Over longer periods, we subconsciously get more and more frustrated each time we see the same thing that hasn’t been decorated or repaired. Plain walls, large dents, and broken planters are great examples of these negativity breeders. Some management teams might not see them as a big deal but they are, because they’re unknowingly upsetting employees and killing morale. You may not have the time or resources to make the office perfect, but patchwork and quality seasonal decor can offset this… which brings us to the next point.

Boost Productivity

Employees wish to be taken seriously and to work in a professional atmosphere. An attractive structure and classy decor will boost pride, making your staff feel excited about coming into the office. With an attractive office and in-season decor, you’re sure to have fewer tardy and negative employees.

Impress Visitors and Potential Clients

Regardless of your industry, it’s likely that you’ll have visitors or business venture meetings at your office. When this happens, you want to be ready to impress. You may end up with a special visitor on short notice, and you’ll have timely, attractive office space to share.

Office Decorating Ideas for Harvest Season

So, with that information seeping into the mind, you might be ready to decorate. What are some ways you can add to the aesthetics of your office for the season? It’s all about the accents. Change the color scheme of your planters, add attractive wall décor, and don’t forget to hang a wreath, cornstalk, or door swag in your entryway. Add small features like pumpkin, corn, and scarecrow figurines… and you’ve dramatically improved the office’s appeal. Make sure to add some personal touches with employee names and industry themed items.

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