7 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Skirts for Your Home

Your Christmas tree skirt is the epicenter of your decor. When kids and guests view your home, the first thing they’ll notice is the tree. The skirt, much like the rug in The Big Lebowski, ties the entire room together. It’s important to choose the right one that represents your style and holiday spirit. From elegant and classic designs to cute and whimsical styles, we have it all. I’ve selected a few of my favorite tree skirts that would work for a variety of personalities. View the photos below and click your favorite to learn more. Remember to send us a photo of your completed design if you use one of these tree skirts; we’ll highlight it on our Facebook page!


Cardinal Bird Applique Tree Skirt
Cardinal Bird Applique Tree Skirt

Elegant Gold Trimmed Black Tree Skirt

Elegant Gold Trimmed Black Tree Skirt

Rustic Red and White Tree Skirt

Red and White Tree Skirt


Santa Jacket Tree Skirt

Santa Jacket Tree Skirt


Black and Silver Metallic Tree Skirt
Black and Silver Metallic Tree Skirt

Blue &  White Tree Skirt with Embroidered Snowman

Blue &  White Tree Skirt with Embroidered Snowman

Traditional Santa Belt Buckle Tree Skirt

Traditional Santa Belt Buckle Tree Skirt

Decorating With Christmas Light Projectors

Light projectors work by first selecting a pattern. Most projectors have several cutouts that are inserted into the device to determine the shape of the spot lights that will be projected. It is then set up in the yard facing the house, and shines its lights directly on the front of the house. The most common appearance is spots or snowflakes, so that the device can rotate and give the impression of snowfall.

A quick bit of advice. Due to the nature of how the light is projected, this light can be overpowered if the target house is too bright or light covered, so keep that in mind while you decide how to illuminate your home for the holidays!

Outdoor Static Red & Green Christmas Laser Light Projector with Remote Control

Outdoor LED Christmas Light Projector with Remote Control

Four Ways to Make Your Fireplace Gorgeous

It’s starting to get colder in some areas, so it’s time we discuss the most cozy decorative accent in your home: the fireplace. Your fireplace is the focal point of the room and likely, the whole house. It’s likely where your guests will congregate for most holiday parties. My point? You want it to look as gorgeous as it possibly can. Sure, a traditional fireplace alone is stunning. However, small accessories and decor items can dramatically enhance the beauty of your fireplace. Adding important accents and practical tools will help deliver that cozy, homey feeling we all know and love.

Decorative Screens

Decorative screens, depending on the style you choose, can perfectly complement the room’s decor theme, while protecting everyone from sparks and flames. We offer a variety of designs on the store. To get an idea of the styles you can choose, browse the photos below.

Metal Floral 3 Panel Screen

brown and tan fireplace screen floral

Modern Circular Art Deco Fireplace Screen

modern circular art deco fireplace screen

Aged Black Chestnut and Brown 3-Panel Fireplace Screen

fireplace screen for sale

Firewood Storage

Many people have a plan firewood rack, and some just stack the wood in a corner. Using a highly decorative and unique firewood rack will add character to the otherwise ordinary wood.

firewood storage wood rack

Seasonal Mantle Decor

The mantle is essentially the heart of your home. You’ll want a seasonal mantle scarf, centerpieces, family photos, and unique holiday decor to place on top of it.

seasonal mantle scarf

Wrought Iron Tool Sets

You’ll need to tend the fire with a poker, and you need a way to clean it after each use. Why not do these things high in style? You can find items individually, but we suggest an attractive 5-piece matching set.

wrought iron fireplace tool set

Sherrie Carter