Beautiful & Tasty Recipes for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day are you you’re cooking for one lucky lady or for all the wonderful mothers in your life? Whatever your plans are, I have found some amazing Mother’s Day recipe ideas. These Pinterest ideas are not only delicious, but they’re also beautiful and thoughtful. You’ll find something for everyone in this list… french toast, cheesecake, fruits, chocolates, and so much more. Check them out and if you try any of these, be sure to send us photos of your creation (and mom’s reaction)!

Red Velvet Stuffed French Toast

A Huge Mother’s Day Brunch

Potted Chocolate Cheesecake

Flower Rice Krispie Treats

Tulip Tomatoes

Breakfast Granola Cups

Fancy Fruit Parfaits

Strawberry Roses

Raspberry Sweet Rolls

Caramel Brulee Cheesecake Strawberries

Sherrie Carter

4 Amazing Video Tutorials for DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s day is just a few weeks away and I think we all know the best gifts are ones that speak to your mom’s heart. Find a few sentimental gifts that remind you of her, or her of you, but make sure to include one or two DIY gifts. This will remind her of your younger days, when you made crafts and cards in school. Bonus points if you can recreate something you made during childhood! The goal here is to make her smile, AND make her cry. I found four awesome DIYers with great tutorials for Mother’s Day. Be sure to send us photos of your project AND your mom’s reaction if you make one of these!


DIY Mother’s Day Gifts! ♡ Pinterest Inspired by Karina Garcia

♡DIY GIFTBASKET(for Mothers Day)♡ by Julia Elizabeth

Easy DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day ♥ by Michelle Phan

Sherrie Carter