Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolution IdeasSticking to your New Year’s resolutions is always easier said than done. Fortunately, there are a few tips to staying on course or getting back on track. We all have weak moments; it’s what makes us human. It’s important that we don’t let it completely ruin the plans for ourselves. The main reason we quit something is that our subconscious mind and our conscious selves are not in agreement. You want to make a change, so your conscious mind creates a set of standards for your behavior. Then your subconscious comes in, and finds ways to disobey the conscious mind. Our brains are incredibly powerful. We have to find a way to get both parts of our mind to agree that this change is going to happen. I’ve created a list of tips that have helped me stick to plans in the past. I used to be very wishy-washy when it came to saving money or losing weight. After figuring out the four points below, it got a lot easier. I hope they help you as much as they helped me. Good Luck & Happy New Year!

Make a Commitment

Make yourself and your future a priority in your mind. Make a vow to yourself that you want things to be better, and the only way it can happen is if you accept the new changes. Whatever your resolution is, this should work. You have to treat yourself the way you’d treat a friend or family member. If you wouldn’t break a promise to someone you care about, you shouldn’t break a promise to yourself either. This mindset will help you stick to your plan, but it will also improve your mood and help you love yourself just a little more.

Write it Down

We tend to remember things and stick to plans better when they’re written down; it’s just how we’re made. If you’re trying to lose weight or save money, you’ll see your progress over time. Doing this will help motivate you to continue, because the results feel rewarding. Even if your resolution is different, writing it down will help because you’re pushing it into both your conscious mind and subconscious mind each time you write and read it. This is pretty much how I get everything done.

Create a Support System

Ask friends and family to help out with your goal. Ask someone you trust to give you tough love when you feel you may falter. I cannot stress the importance of having moral support. It’s like having a spotter when bench pressing.

Hold Yourself Accountable & Don’t Quit

Mistakes happen, we’re only human. Remember that each decision is yours and yours alone. Do not place blame elsewhere. While you should take responsibility for the mistake, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Just understand that we mess up sometimes, and learn from it. Don’t let it derail you or cause you to quit. The most common example of this is when someone on a diet has a candy bar. What do they say next? Something like: “this turned into a cheat day now”. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have that one snack and decide it was a cheating moment. You don’t have to throw away an entire day of your resolution for one mistake.

Sherrie Carter

Common Post-Christmas Feelings We Experience [.GIFS]

Christmas is over, the decorations are down, and emotions are running wild. We’re feeling relieved, disappointed, happy, frustrated, and excited all at once. We can’t wait until next year, yet we’re enjoying the calm after the shopping/wrapping storm. Personally, I tend to have about 84 different feelings a day following the weeks after Christmas and New Year’s Day. I know plenty of other holiday enthusiasts like me who go through the same thing. Today’s post covers some of the feelings most of us have during this time of year. Let’s laugh it off and look forward to the next holiday while relaxing in some much deserved down time.

Trying to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions


Trying to Eat Healthier Foods


Then You Have to Clean & Put Decorations Away


All The Anticipation & Excitement Has Ended


But Even Though It’s Over, You Know You Had Fun


And You Realize That You’re Done with Excessive Shopping & Wrapping


& The House is Back to “Normal”


& Then You Find The Post-Holiday Sales


So You Stock Up On Decor for Next Year


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Starting The New Year Happy and Healthy

We’re into a new year now. Happy 2017! If you’re not the resolution type, that’s okay. You don’t have to make a huge change or go on a “diet” just because it became January. However, a new year does resemble a fresh start. You can make a few small changes slowly over the next year. These changes will dramatically improve your health and mood. Trust me, I know from experience. After a few months of small changes, I began to feel much better all around.

Purge Unused Clothing & Unwanted Items

Unused and undesirable items collect the negative energy you emit when looking at them. It’s true; it’s one of the main theories behind Feng Shui and other beliefs. From the way your furniture is placed to the color of your walls, everything is crucial. Purge clothing you won’t wear and items you don’t use to promote positive energy for the New Year. The extra space will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Make a Commitment to Exercise Regularly

Even if you’re not interested in going to the gym every single day, make it a point to be active for at least an hour. When we’re up and moving, we create positive energy in our bodies. Not only will it help keep you in shape, but it will also boost your mood. You don’t have to do anything rigorous if you’re just not into that lifestyle, but even going for a walk is good for you. Get up and do something for at least an hour. After a few weeks, you won’t be able to imagine your life any other way.

Choose Healthier Meals/ Eat Out Less Often

Don’t consider this a “diet”. Diets often fail because people have a mindset of “I can’t eat this, this, and this for the next four months”. Make yourself realize that you have to spend most of your life making good food choices. If you want to live a long, healthy life, you can’t eat garbage every single day. However, we’re only human and sometimes we need that cheesecake stacker from Checkers/Rallys. Sometimes you just want to go out for a burger and a beer. When you teach yourself that it’s a once-in-a-while treat, you end up eating healthier for the rest of your life. Plus, you’ll enjoy that burger more. I usually stick to a healthy meal plan for 5 weekdays. I give myself a little more freedom on the weekends, because that’s “me time”. As long as you eat right MOST of the time, you CAN have that candy bar. You CAN have pizza. You just can’t feed yourself food like that all the time. Once you accept this, making better choices will be easier.

Drink More Water

Most of us don’t get nearly enough water. Dehydration can take it’s toll in a variety of ways. From mood swings to nasuea, dehydration will get to you. Make sure you have several 8oz glasses of water each day. This is not a myth, it’s proven to help promote good moods, productivity, and weight loss.

Take The Right Vitamins

If you lack iron, vitamin D, or another crucial element, make sure you’re taking supplements to adjust. We need the right levels of amino acids and vitamins to maintain a healthy, happy life. Talk to your doctor to see which vitamins would be good for you to take. Everyone can benefit from fish oil and a daily multivitamin, so consider starting with those.

Take a Few Minutes for Some “You Time”

Earlier I mentioned that weekends are “me” time. It’s important that you give yourself time to relax and do the things you want to do. For one day (or both) allow yourself to live without the restrictions of schedules, diet, and work. Sundays work for me, but everyone is different. Pick a day that is YOUR day, and spend that time pleasing yourself and not others. For the most part, we care about our family, freinds, and job. So we spend our time making others happy. It’s important to be a little (emphasis on a little) selfish once in a while. You must care for yourself as you care for others.

Make Time for People

Similar to the point above, you have to find time for the people you care about. Too often we cancel or flake on plans because we’re busy, broke, or whatever. Love is an important part of life and without it, days have a little less color in them. Make a point to see the people who make you smile. Even if you just have a lazy movie night.

Take a Technology Break

Our phones and computers can stress us out like never before. They’re our metaphorical leashes. Yes you need them for an emergency, yes things are important. However, for a little while, the world will go on in your absence. Most things CAN wait. I usually put up a status that says “taking a technology break for a little while, I’m not ignoring anyone. I’ll respond tomorrow”. Most of the time people will respect that and I’ll have maybe, one message by the time I check my phone.