Common Post-Christmas Feelings We Experience [.GIFS]

Christmas is over, the decorations are down, and emotions are running wild. We’re feeling relieved, disappointed, happy, frustrated, and excited all at once. We can’t wait until next year, yet we’re enjoying the calm after the shopping/wrapping storm. Personally, I tend to have about 84 different feelings a day following the weeks after Christmas and New Year’s Day. I know plenty of other holiday enthusiasts like me who go through the same thing. Today’s post covers some of the feelings most of us have during this time of year. Let’s laugh it off and look forward to the next holiday while relaxing in some much deserved down time.

Trying to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions


Trying to Eat Healthier Foods


Then You Have to Clean & Put Decorations Away


All The Anticipation & Excitement Has Ended


But Even Though It’s Over, You Know You Had Fun


And You Realize That You’re Done with Excessive Shopping & Wrapping


& The House is Back to “Normal”


& Then You Find The Post-Holiday Sales


So You Stock Up On Decor for Next Year


Sherrie Carter

5 Reasons Christmas Shopping in January is THE BEST

Christmas Central is currently hosting our huge winter clearance sale. We’re not the only ones either! We all know January is a magical time for Christmas clearance sales. Most stores offer major discount on all of your favorite items. In addition to sales, the post-Christmas season offers a multitude of benefits. I personally love Christmas shopping all year long. Here’s why:

  1. SALES! Many stores (including us) offer a wide range of post-Christmas winter clearance sales. You can find beautiful items for next year at a great discounted prices!
  2. TIME! If you start in January, you won’t find yourself rushing out in crowds in late December. The more time you give yourself to get ready, the less stressful it will be.
  3. MONEY! In addition to the usual end of season sales, you can also find great deals throughout the entire year. If you take one year to spend what you normally spend in the three months before Christmas, life will be much easier.
  4. EXCITEMENT! Keep the Christmas spirit alive just a little longer by extending the holiday. Sometimes we feel a little down after the excitement of Christmas is gone. We know we have to wait a full year until it comes back. Shopping in January allows you to build excitement and anticipation over the course of a year instead of just a few months.
  5. GOOD GIFTS! When you start your shopping in January, you give yourself a long time to find that perfect make-them-cry gift. You won’t be searching around stores only getting to browse through what’s left in the store after Black Friday.

5 Reasons it’s OKAY to Think about Christmas in October

Christmas SuppliesYou’ve heard it everywhere. The groans and mumbles about “Christmas decorations before it’s even Halloween”. The complaints about Christmas season are so ubiquitous that the negativity spreads quickly. Every year I hear more people complaining about Christmas. The part that really hits home, is that sometimes it’s kids complaining. Kids are supposed to love Christmas. The problem is, they frequently absorb things from adults.

Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. However, consider the positive sides of thinking about Christmas. If you legitimately aren’t a fan of the holiday, that’s one thing. If your mood is influenced by too many nearby grinches, that’s another.

Personally, I love Christmas. Writing for a company centered on holidays is a dream come true. I could think about Christmas in March and still be content. Maybe I’m an extreme case, but I’m here to remind you of the wonderful things it has to offer. I created a list of reasons it’s OKAY to think about Christmas in October, or even September. Don’t let what “they” say take the magic of Christmas away.


We covered early Christmas shopping in a previous post. You have more time to shop, wrap, decorate, and prepare for Christmas. This is a huge help if you’re normally a procrastinator who ends up stressed in the weeks before Christmas. Preparation also leaves you more time for creative ideas, DIY projects, and perfecting your recipes. Overall, it’s a good idea to get ready for Christmas about two or three months ahead of time.

Excitement and Anticipation

What’s so wrong about being excited for Christmas when it’s still autumn? People are excited about weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other large events. In fact, people anticipate these events about 6-12 months beforehand. My 30th birthday isn’t until July 2016 and I have most of it planned already. Don’t worry. It’s completely normal, and healthy, to excite yourself and kids about Christmas.


As mentioned above, when you have more time to plan and shop, you have more time to relax. Never underestimate the importance of quality alone time during the holidays. You’re frequently hosting family events, shopping in crowds, and taking the kids to holiday activities. You need some YOU time.


Just as negative moods can spread like wildfire, positive feelings are contagious. When you’re happy about the holiday, you’ll share that with friends, kids, and everyone near you. The light inside of you will shine and boost moods. Maybe you won’t convert everyone, but you’ll still add cheer and joy instead of complaints and anger.

Create Traditions

You have the time to create unique, special traditions for your kids to pass down. Taking the kids out to Christmas shop in autumn will not only add to the anticipation, but it will also create a happy memory for them. Each year they’ll look forward to doing something just a little different from most people. They’ll feel special and enjoy the bonding time.

Sherrie Carter