It’s Music in Our Schools Month! Watch: Frank Turner Video


Watching the children become increasingly interested in the varying instruments is incredibly fascinating. This captivating video shows the utter importance of having music in schools. It’s touched me since the very first time I saw it. Not only does this song have a great message for those with a passion, but it also includes a phenomenal sing-along style chorus you can’t help but love. This is the type of song you can sing at the top of your lungs during rush hour, trust me… I know from experience.

Music In Our Schools Month® (MIOSM)

Sherrie Carter

Cute Projects & Crafts for 2016’s Leap Day!

We get an extra day this year! Let’s make the most out of it. If you’re looking to have a leap day party with kids or a classroom, checkout some of these incredibly adorable projects I found on Pinterest. Leap Day punch, snacks, activities await you below. Be sure to share your Leap Day creations with us in the comments section below!

Leap Day Punch

Leap Day Apples

Leap Day Fruit Salad

Leap Day Challenge

Leap Day Word Game

Leap Day Coloring Page

Leap Year Bucket List

Leap Day Party

Leap Day Printables

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9 Fun Ideas for Hosting an Oscar Party

Hosting an Oscar Viewing Party tomorrow? Check out these 9 great ideas to ensure your party is an event everyone remembers. With great food, drinks, decorations, and games, you’re sure to have the time of your life.

Bubbly Cocktails

This is a fancy event! Be sure to offer your guests a variety of bubbly cocktails like Mimosas or Orange-Cherry Champagne Cocktails. You can even get over zealous and offer a bar with a variety of bubbly cocktails!

Invite the Paparazzi

Have a few of your friends help you take photos of guests as they arrive. Have a little fun with this; get up-close-and-personal with your guests… maybe even ask them, “Who are you wearing tonight”?

Place Your Bets

Spice things up by placing bets on the winner of each category. Guests can bet on their own accord or you can offer prizes for the winner with the most correct guesses.

Serve Mouth-Watering Finger Foods

Make things easier on yourself by calling this a pot-luck. Guests can make a variety of dishes, which will help you create a nice spread. Serve whatever main course you desire, but make sure you have a few tasty finger foods while people wait. My personal favorites are Mini Lasagna Bites, Bacon-Wrapped Potatoes, and Fried Mozzarella.

Offer Cute Party Favors

Have cute Oscar themed gifts and props for guests to take home as a memory of this wonderful event!


oscars female statuette party favor oscars male party favor

Don’t Skimp on the Popcorn

If you have an air-popcorn popper, take the time to make a lot of popcorn (and I mean a LOT). The air-popped kind is significantly better in my opinion, so I say go for that. Serve the popcorn in cute popcorn bags or bowls like in the photos below.

popcorn bags party favors

Play Red Carpet Bingo

Use this FREE printable download to play bingo during the Oscars! The download offers pre-made bingo boards and blank ones for the more creative types. Make sure you have fun prizes for a few winners.

Set a Stylin’ Dress Code

When you plan the event, make sure you tell your guests to dress their best for this elegant soiree! You can find some great ideas from POPSUGAR.

Decorate for the Stars

Most importantly, make sure your decorations scream “Red Carpet”. You can find great ideas from this Pinterest board, download a variety of printables, or get inspired from the photos below.

chalkboard movie set director centerpiece

popcorn centerpiece ticket wall plaques

Sherrie Carter