Decorating With Succulent Gardens

Succulents and Cacti are captivating and beautiful. Their beauty and character has made them a huge trend for 2016, especially in homes that have a southwestern or rustic theme. These plants, whether natural or artificial, add charm, positive energy, and cheerful greenery to any setting. Their unique aesthetics are not only pleasing, but they also serve a purpose. Succulent and cactus gardens invoke a welcoming and serene mood, creating the perfect atmosphere for a patio or living room. In the photo below you’ll find some of my favorite succulents. Visit our site to shop for beautiful succulent plants, gardens, and even our succulent wreath!

Succulent Gardens

Decorative Planters: Whites, Blues, & Teals

It’s Monday… Cheer up!

Maybe #MondayBlues is about more than just “a case of the Monday’s”. It can also be positive, if you let it Today, I’m doing just that. I’m using #MondayBlues in an odd way. I’m highlighting my favorite planters in shades of blue, teal, and white. There’s something calming about cool blue ceramic vases. Pair one of these bad boys with a bright greenery or vibrant flowers, and you’ve got an essential decor piece. If you go with a bigger vase, it would make a great focal point on a porch or patio.

Click the photo below to browse through our entire selection of beautiful garden planters in shades of blue, teal, and white. Join in on the fun! Head to our Facebook Page, and share photos of your favorite home decor items in shades of blue!


Decorative Planters

Colorful Umbrellas for a Cheerful Patio

Bright and large market umbrellas are perfect for the backyard. They exude elegance and serve a purpose. A large, bright market umbrella will not only give your property charm, but it’s extremely helpful on sunny or rainy days. With Spring, comes fresh air, floral scents, and of course… sunny days. For some of us that means a rough sunburn. Even when wearing sunblock, extended exposure to the sun can take its toll on sensitive skin. This is where your market umbrella comes into save the day. The brighter colors won’t attract as much sunlight as brown, black, and navy hues. Then there’s the obvious benefit… the shade. Click on the photo below to browse through bright patio umbrellas of various sizes and styles. Choose one that best fits your yard and enjoy fun-in-the-sun AND a shady place to relax and cool off!



Patio Umbrellas