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The Cutest DIY Projects for April

In some areas of the country, it’s STILL snowing. Rest assured though, it will come to an end. As the saying goes, “No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn”. Eventually the snow will stop for good, and we can go full speed ahead into garden and patio season. In the meantime, try some of these adorable DIY crafts that are just perfect for rainy/snowy April. They’ll keep you busy during the chilly days, while reminding you that spring is HERE and is about to take over with sunny days and warmer temperatures. Check out some of the pins below and be sure to send us photos if you try one of these projects!

DIY Paper Leaves

DIY Wall Mobile

Adorable Wreath Ideas

Thumbprint Flower Pots

Fruity Flower Vase

Bird Feeder Biscuits

DIY Terrariums

Sherrie Carter

What it Feels Like When it Snows in Spring

After a few weeks of spring sunshine, and highlighting our spring products, it felt like it was finally here to stay. Unfortunately, I should know better than that. While it’s good to remain positive, it’s hard when we hit with snow in what we thought was an early spring. We know not to complain about the little things in life, but sometimes we just need to vent. Today, that’s me. Before I get you some fun and creative DIY projects or my favorite lanterns, first I need to share what most of us in Buffalo, NY are feeling right now.

But I thought it was over…


You’re kidding right….


Okay so this is really happening…


Well at least it was sunny for a little while…


Okay, stay positive, try not to complain…


I can’t help it…


I’m losing it…


Okay, fine snow is back, and probably here to stay…


So I might as well put on two giant bear blankets…

cold winter snowing in spring

Sherrie Carter