Keep The Patio Cool with Gorgeous Decorative Fans

Hot days are here to stay for a while! For ultimate protection from the heat and sun, professionals say to stay indoors during peak hours (11am-4pm). Yeah, okay. It’s summer, we want to be outside! So, while that may be sound advice, some of us need a way around that unrealistic expectation. Ideal sunscreen for your skin type, adqeuate shade, and a way to keep cool will help with this. When you’re not in the pool, chances are you’re relaxing on the patio. Pair a nice fan with a huge market umbrella, and you have a safe, cool way to enjoy the backyard during the hot days. You don’t need an unsightly box fan or boring umbrella either… check out some of my favorite cooling products below! Just click the photo to learn more about the item that catches your eye!

Decorative Patio Fans

Decorative Patio Fans

Large Standing Floor Fans
Large Standing Floor Fans

Patio Umbrellas

Patio Umbrellas

Outdoor Lanterns & Patio Lighting Ideas

It’s Summer! What are your plans for the porch and patio? Outdoor landscapes take on new personalities each year. For me, adding fresh decor is always exciting.

To help inspire your summer decor ideas, I’ve selected my favorite lights, lanterns, and pool lights for the warm weather. Check some of them out in the photos below, and be sure to leave your thoughts in our comments section!

Outdoor Luminary Lantern
Candle Holders & Jars

Hanging Mosaic Orbs

Multi-Color Glass Mosaic LED Solar Powered Hanging Orb Outdoor Garden Light Leaf Glass Mosaic LED Solar Powered Hanging Orb Outdoor Garden Light Purple Reflections Leaf Glass Mosaic LED Solar Powered Hanging Orb Garden Light


Solar Lights

ant garden statue solar light

Spotlights & Statues

Battery Operated Mosaic Frog Statues with a TimerEco-Friendly Outdoor Warm White LED Garden Lawn Stake Spotlights

Novelty Patio Lights & Lanterns

 string patio lanterns and lights

Pool Lights

Chill Lite Floating Swimming Pool Choose-A-Color Egg-Shaped Light with RemotePurple Battery Operated Fiber Optic Floating Lily Flower Swimming Pool Light


Sherrie Carter

3 Tips for Complete Backyard Fire Pit Safety

Have you seen our new patio table fire pits? They’re absolutely stunning, and complete an evening get-together on the patio. First, you can serve dinner at the table, and then later… gather with some friends and make S’mores! What could say “hello, summer” better than one of these bad boys? You may prefer to have a fire dome, separate from the patio area, especially if you have a larger backyard. Fire domes are amazing too, as they bring the feeling of camping right to your home. Whichever way you decide to enjoy a nice summertime fire, remember to be safe! There are a few things you should know before getting started.

Patio Chair & Fire Pit Table Set

Staying Safe Fire Pits, Fire Tables, & Fire Domes

First, be sure you’re using the proper fuel. Pre-fab models, like our Patio Chair & Fire Pit Table Set, will tell you how to fuel the fire. If you’re going with a model that you’ve made on your own, be sure to enlist the help of a professional. Whether you know someone who deals with propane, or have to hire a specialist, it’s important. You need to know what you are doing before you use propane and light that fire!

Secondly, make sure your fire dome or table is on a sturdy, flat surface that’s resistant to flames. Don’t just put it where you think it looks good! You need a flame-retardant surface area, to avoid issues from flying sparks or escaping embers.

Finally, you must practice and enforce safety rules for you and your guests. Nobody should stand too close to the fire, and the fire should never be left alone. These last two points are extremely important when alcohol might be involved. Make sure everyone keeps their distance and admires the fire from a reasonable distance. Don’t let daredevil friends play with the flames or set things on fire (sadly, some people will try).