Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolution IdeasSticking to your New Year’s resolutions is always easier said than done. Fortunately, there are a few tips to staying on course or getting back on track. We all have weak moments; it’s what makes us human. It’s important that we don’t let it completely ruin the plans for ourselves. The main reason we quit something is that our subconscious mind and our conscious selves are not in agreement. You want to make a change, so your conscious mind creates a set of standards for your behavior. Then your subconscious comes in, and finds ways to disobey the conscious mind. Our brains are incredibly powerful. We have to find a way to get both parts of our mind to agree that this change is going to happen. I’ve created a list of tips that have helped me stick to plans in the past. I used to be very wishy-washy when it came to saving money or losing weight. After figuring out the four points below, it got a lot easier. I hope they help you as much as they helped me. Good Luck & Happy New Year!

Make a Commitment

Make yourself and your future a priority in your mind. Make a vow to yourself that you want things to be better, and the only way it can happen is if you accept the new changes. Whatever your resolution is, this should work. You have to treat yourself the way you’d treat a friend or family member. If you wouldn’t break a promise to someone you care about, you shouldn’t break a promise to yourself either. This mindset will help you stick to your plan, but it will also improve your mood and help you love yourself just a little more.

Write it Down

We tend to remember things and stick to plans better when they’re written down; it’s just how we’re made. If you’re trying to lose weight or save money, you’ll see your progress over time. Doing this will help motivate you to continue, because the results feel rewarding. Even if your resolution is different, writing it down will help because you’re pushing it into both your conscious mind and subconscious mind each time you write and read it. This is pretty much how I get everything done.

Create a Support System

Ask friends and family to help out with your goal. Ask someone you trust to give you tough love when you feel you may falter. I cannot stress the importance of having moral support. It’s like having a spotter when bench pressing.

Hold Yourself Accountable & Don’t Quit

Mistakes happen, we’re only human. Remember that each decision is yours and yours alone. Do not place blame elsewhere. While you should take responsibility for the mistake, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Just understand that we mess up sometimes, and learn from it. Don’t let it derail you or cause you to quit. The most common example of this is when someone on a diet has a candy bar. What do they say next? Something like: “this turned into a cheat day now”. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have that one snack and decide it was a cheating moment. You don’t have to throw away an entire day of your resolution for one mistake.

Sherrie Carter

Important Information for Removing Christmas Decorations

Most people will do their Christmas cleanup in the two weeks following New Year’s Day. Others will wait until the next decorating occasion, which is Valentine’s Day. This means almost all decorations are down by the end of January. January 31st is a great deadline to set, but things can derail our plans. If you have your lights up past January, that’s understandable, but don’t plug them in. While they look nice, you’ll be increasing your energy costs when the decor is out of season. We’ve all driven past a house in April wondering why the Christmas lights are on. If it were up to me, I’d have everyone leave their lights up all year. However, seasons are special to us because they’re here for a limited time.

Tips for Removing & Storing Christmas Decorations

  • Start with the yard art. These items are usually bigger and more difficult to put away. Once you get this done, the worst struggle is over
  • Use vacuum seal bags or suitcases to keep holiday linens safe and away from potential water damage
  • Use an ornament storage box, or plastic party cups to separate and store all ornaments and small decorations individually
  • Unplug EVERYTHING before removing decorations. Double check to be on the safe side
  • Try to get your decorations into storage by 1/31. That date isn’t worth your safety however; it’s more of a guideline. Wait until there’s a dry, sunny day. Poor weather will add too many risks in the cleanup process. You can be out of season for a few days if it means avoiding hazards.

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

New Year’s Eve is fun for all ages. Many people treat this as a special occasion to let loose and have a little fun. Whether you’re young and single, or older with kids, there’s always time for a little fun, and that’s okay. Getting a little rowdy once in a while is good for the soul. We can’t be serious, responsible, mature adults every day or we’d get bored. However, you have to remember that serious, responsible, mature behavior usually leaves you in a better place. So, go out, and have fun, but keep a few responsible safety tips in mind. Don’t just read this and think “oh, okay”. Read these, and reflect on the serious risks involved on NYE. You’ll quickly understand the importance of safety first.

Watch Your Drink

While this is a rule I’ve followed strictly since I turned 21, it’s especially important on NYE. Most bars are busy so people with nefarious intentions can get away with a lot more. Go out, have fun, just make sure your drink never leaves your hand.

Do Not Drink and Drive – AT ALL

Some people can have three drinks and feel fine. You may be below the drinking limit, and feel fine, but it’s not worth the risk on this night. Not everyone will abide to this rule, and that’s why you need to be extra alert and careful. Other drivers could be intoxicated, therefore making irresponsible decisions. Even if you’re not at that level, your reaction time is slowed. You need to be your best self when driving on NYE. Plus, cops are out for blood on this holiday. It’s not worth it.

Don’t Carry Too Much Cash

Even people who live in nice areas can fall victim to pick-pocketing and robbery. If that’s not enough, you could end up drinking too much and losing cash. Trust me, I’ve been there. There’s nothing worse than robbing yourself! Most places take credit cards, and if not, it’s worth the ATM fee to keep your funds safe. Just remember, close out your tab and get your card back before leaving. I’ve done that one too. Not fun.

Seriously, Be Careful with Champagne

The cork is a projectile under pressure. I need not explain. Make sure whoever opens the champagne is experienced with how to do it. A cork through a chandelier or a face will surely ruin any holiday.

Consider Pets & Children

If you’re hosting a party where pets and children are around, you probably already have a set of rules in place for your guests. However, you must also think about firework noises, the champagne cork pop, and other things that might scare pets and small children. If the kids are too young to have fun, consider hiring a babysitter. The same thing goes for pets. If your cat or dog freaks out at loud noises and strangers, place him or her in a comfortable, quiet room with a few toys. Check on your pet often to make sure he or she is calm and feels safe. If your pet is extremely sensitive to loud noises, consider a pet-sitter or hosting the party away from home.

Sherrie Carter