Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

Christmas Decoration Storage

Well, the season is over. Christmas is done, and New Year’s has come and passed. By this point, you are probably looking to put it all away, to pack up the decorations and various pieces of your Christmas and store them for another year. Some quick tips on storing items follow.

Christmas Wreath Storage

First to look at are the wreaths. The main thing for wreaths is that they need to keep their shape. Therefore, they need to be stored in a container or box that will not put any pressure on the frame. Also, there is the matter of where to place them. Placing them on end is a bit unwieldy, and placing them flat is only ok if nothing else will be placed on top of them, which may be a hardship for storage space depending on the wreath size. Another possibility is storing the wreath in a bag to protect it from the elements, and then simply hanging it on the wall of your storage space. This takes up the least space and is also good for not overtly warping or changing the shape of the wreath.

Christmas Tree Storage

Christmas trees themselves are often one of the trickiest items to store. Although many people try to keep the cardboard box the tree originally came in, this carries a certain risk. While it is well suited to the size of the tree in question, having once contained it, cardboard isn’t the longest lasting of materials. The box is likely to slowly deteriorate, slowly exposing the tree to the elements and anything else that might damage it, such as insects. As an alternative, we offer heavy duty Christmas tree storage bags for sale that are much more durable and reliable. If your tree has hinged branches, you want to first compress the flared branches back into a narrow configuration and then fold them up, starting from the top, to get it into the thinnest possible shape to put away. Trees with removable branches should be stacked in storage with the largest branches on the bottom so as to make as much use of the space as possible. Finally, whether in box or bag, the tree should be laid flat in storage, rather than on its end, so as to not shift the materials inside too much. Flocked trees should not be stored in hot conditions as it may cause yellowing of the flocking.

Christmas Ornament Storage

Ornaments and other small figurines should be stored in safe boxes. We have ornament boxes available for sale that allow them to be individually compartmentalized for maximum safety. But if you do not wish to use one of these containers, there are other options. Use a box that is filled with shredded newspaper or other soft filler to keep the ornaments from colliding with each other. Make sure that any boxes or other storage that will be placed on top of this box is not at risk of buckling the sides and crushing it.

Christmas Light Storage

Lights are a trickier subject when it comes to storage. Although they are relatively resilient except to crushing and can be stored in very small containers, this leads to the inevitable massive tangle that they will become by the next time you attempt to retrieve them. The problem lies with the long thin wires. Being so flexible, even if they are hardly moved there will be some shifting and repositioning, and to put it simply, it is so much easier for wires to become tangled than untangled by chance, sot the snarl rapidly is formed. There are ways around this, however. First, you never want to store multiple strings in a single bundle. The multiple strings are a perfect environment for snarls and knots. A few tricks suggested are as follows. Thread the lights through empty wrapping paper tubes. Wrap them around large squares of cardboard to keep them immobile. Within the box, place each set of lights in its own plastic bag. Any of these options will do a lot to keep your lights well organized and make the next time you need them a much simpler exercise.

In all examples of storage, an ounce of organization will go a great distance to improving the situation. The bags and boxes that Christmas Central offers are a good way to introduce a bit more of said organization into the situation, but many alternate options exist. Find the ones best for you today.


How to Shape Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Shape Artificial Christmas WreathsWreaths from Christmas Central on occasion cause some confusion with customers, as they are shipped in a tightly bound and packed state that makes them appear smaller than they actually are. It is unfortunate, but many concerned customers call in to this company unnecessarily, believing that they have been sent the wrong item, when this is not the case. The wreaths need to be shaped, expanded, and fluffed out to reach their full measured size, which is determined by measuring from outer tip to tip. To help you get the most out of  your new wreath, follow our simple shaping steps before displaying. We’re sure you’ll love your wreath once it’s properly fluffed and ready to brighten your home!

The simple steps are as follows:

Carefully unpack the wreath and place on a flat scratch resistant surface.
Plug the light cord lead into an UL approved extension cord, at least 6′ long.
Plug the extension cord into any convenient 110v standard floor or wall outlet, the best look will be achieved by shaping the wreath while lit.
Form either hand into a claw or comb shape.
Hold the wreath ring and slowly move it in a circular direction as you draw your clawed hand through the branches while going against the grain.
Apply this technique several times to attain fullness and best look.
Hang the wreath in the desired location and adjust the foliage into its final arrangement.
Be sure to confirm the appearance of your wreath matches your needs for it.

10 Ways to Have Fun with Snow

There’s a period in winter, when the snow first falls, that we all love. It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for, beautiful, fun fluffy snow. After a few months of it, the novelty wears off and all we see is a freezing cold obstacle between ourselves and our cars. We think of the brown slush from tow trucks, and not the beautiful glitter in the fresh piles of snow. Well, there’s nothing we can do about the snow until late spring (at least here in WNY). OR IS THERE? Instead of seeing the frozen car, let’s find the fun. It’s my personal goal to enjoy the snow the entire season this year. Here are some ways I plan to keep enjoying the snow, try them for yourselves!

Host a Giant Snowball War

Build barrier walls with snow; this works best in a field or a large backyard. Invite a lot of friends and divide into teams. Keep the fun going by making hot chocolate to warm up and reminisce at the end of the game.

Make an Upside Down Snowman

Do this the same way you’d make a traditional snowman, except build the face on the bottom. For this to work, the three snowballs will need to be close in size. If you make the head small, your snowman might not stand properly. Some people make a small head, and will build support for it behind the snowman. Do whichever looks better on your lawn.

Drink Hot Chocolate & Walk to View Holiday Lights

Many people keep their Christmas lights up from November-January. There should be one snowy, yet comfortable, day you can head out with homemade cocoa and look at the pretty lights.

Build an Ice Fort

Make a big Igloo, or your own fort. If you have a lot of time, make several rooms and a wall fridge for drinks. If your fort is cool enough, have a party outside!

Color Snow

Try one of the many great ideas on Pinterest

Make Water Globes

Another great Pinterest idea I want to try!

Make a Snow Slide

If you have room in your yard, build a large wall of snow and slowly angle it downward. Create a small space for sliding and add water so it freezes and smoothes. I cannot promise this is safe, only that it sounds fun. I’m going to try it, so I’ll update with a safety rating once it snows.

Make Snow Creations (Besides Snowmen)

I need to make a snow shark, a snow bird, or a snow dog. I love this shark!

Go Extreme Sledding

Find a large hill in your area and use a metal sled (don’t pull a Clark Griswold and spray it down though). Most areas will have sledding highlights on the community pages.

Make Snow Angels

Simple and Traditional, this is my favorite thing to do in winter. It brings out your inner child and leaves beautiful creations in your yard.

Sherrie Carter