Valentines Day GIFS [Part 1: Singles]

Valentine’s Day can be a little irritating if you’re single, or it can be a fun night out. It all depends on your current mood that day. Yes, I’m currently involved, but I’ve been single many-a-Valentines-Day. I know how this day feels from both ends. Even if you’re completely content being single, it can be difficult to watch happy couples frolic about in front of your face. It’s why they call it “Single Awareness Day”. Here are a few GIFs that perfectly capture what it’s like to be single on Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned for our next post, which covers Valentine’s Day for couples!

You Don’t Need Anyone, You Feel Confident


You’re Making Plans to REMAIN Single


But That Doesn’t Mean You’re Thrilled to Hear What All The Couples Are Doing Tonight…


Even Though You’re Having The Time of Your Life…


Because It Can Get A Little Lonely…


But You Remember That Being Alone is Refreshing


Until You Meet Someone You Can’t Resist


Then You End Up Here


And Then You Experience Valentine’s Day in a Whole New Way

Happy ValenVINE’s Day

If you follow our blog, you know how much I love vine. I love it enough to honor it on the day you should appreciate those you love. Sure I love my family, dog, and boyfriend, but Vines too hold a special place in my heart. They’re hilarious and these people are extremely funny. So here you have it…. my favorite valenVINEs!

There’s nothing wrong with Netflix

Yep. I’ve been there.

A really, really mean (but funny) way to say “no”.

Do NOT try this at home

That’s One Way to Get Married on Valentine’s Day

I’ve never seen anything more true in my entire life

Aw, What A Cute couple

Taking Love Too Far

What’s Wrong with This? We Do It!

The Secret to a Perfect Relationship


Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re single, dating, or married, a Valentine’s Day movie night is the way to go. Curl up with a blanket, a warm drink and a great movie buddy (significant other, pet, or comfy pillow), and watch some of the most emotionally captivating movies ever made. These flicks will leave you with with feel-good tears and good conversation. There are so many great movies out there, but I’ve limited it to some of my favorite go-to movies for date night.

Say Anything

This 80’s classic starring John Cusack is one of the most romantic things I’ve ever seen. Although the plot is pretty straightforward, this movie offers a unique and memorable moment. I’m talking about John Cusack holding a boombox outside his lover’s window after a breakup.

The Silver Linings Playbook

Two people recovering from extreme circumstances meet and develop a strong bond. Snarky remarks and sassy comebacks create hilarious and adorable tension between the two.

The Notebook

Of course this made the list! An old man reads a love story to a woman with dementia. In this story, a young couple fights the odds to be together.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

After a rough breakup, two ex-lovers try to erase eachother from their memories. Upon doing this, they realize they don’t want to erase them at all. Oh, yes… you WILL cry!

Gone with the Wind

If you have half a day to relax on the couch, watch this classic love story of the old south.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

An unnamed narrorator develops a friendship with American Geisha “Holly Golightly”, who is comfortable with her unique lifestyle.

A Walk to Remember

This is an adorable story of a popular guy and a nerdy girl who come together against the odds, with a touching twist.

Sherrie Carter