The Best Autumn & Winter Candles for Thanksgiving

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As we approach Thanksgiving, the temperatures are cooling and we’re getting a little excited for Christmas too. Late autumn candle scents are great for Thanksgiving prep, but you may want to include some popular winter scents on the night of Thanksgiving Dinner. I’ve updated this post with three new candle scents; scroll down to check them out!

Originally Posted 10/3/2015

We’re named for our favorite holiday, but we actually carry home décor and scented candles for every season! For the purposes of this post, you can think of us as Christmas SCENTral. Oh yes, we went there, because we are hilarious. We carry a variety of candles, but a select few are ideal for creating the cozy autumn feeling in your home. Bring the scents and feelings of fall with candles from our list below!

 Pumpkin Pie (Obviously)

It’s just not autumn without pumpkin… EVERYTHING. You surely can’t bake pumpkin every day, as much as you’d like to. Fill your home with pumpkin scents with one of our two choices below.

Pumpkin Pie Jar Candle

Pumpkin Pie Candle


Cinnamon or Apple

Cinnamon and apple scents are staples for autumn. Each candle smells wonderful on its own, but you can pair them together for a delicious cider scent.

Apple Orchard


apple orchard


cinnamon autumn candle


Cranberry or Falling Leaves

Falling leaves will bring the outdoor scents indoors, without all that cool weather. Our cranberry candle is perfect to burn with Falling Leaves or on its own for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Cranberry Cosmopolitan

autumn cranberry candle

Falling Leaves

autumn leaves candle

Maple Butterscotch or Vanilla

Our Maple Butterscotch and Vanilla candles are ideal for the morning. Burning them together will create a “breakfast in fall” atmosphere. The Vanilla candle is versatile and will mix well with almost any other scent you have.

Maple Butterscotch

maple autumn candle


vanilla candle for sale

Update: Late Autumn & Winter Scents

Winter Woods
Fill your home with the festive scent of real pine trees and crisp snow with the Winter Woods Candle!

winter woods pine candle

Fine Merlot
Create a cozy feel in your home during Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with the luxurious Fine Merlot Candle.

fine merlot holiday candle

Holiday Sparkle
The Holiday Sparkle candle creates a beautiful scent by blending traditional pine and patchouli.

pine and patchouli


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