Christmas Date Night Ideas for All Couples

Christmas is such a romantic season. The joy and beauty of winter creates a stunning backdrop for memorable date nights. I’m big on romance in the snow, and I’ll share a few of my bleeding heart ideas. Let’s just hope the S.O. doesn’t read this post before I can surprise him with a few of these sweet ideas!


Ice Skating

Think of all the Christmas movies with enchanting ice skating scenes. Make this beautiful idea become reality with a cute snow outfit, hot chocolate, and lots of kisses!

Make Hot Chocolate (The Good Kind)

Speaking of hot chocolate, you can make the homemade kind. You can do a variety of flavors like peppermint, raspberry, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. The project will be fun and the result will be tasty!

Christmas Movie Night

Take it easy while enjoying each other’s company at home. You both pick your favorite movie and share the happy nostalgic feelings it brings you.

Play in the Snow (Sledding or Snowball Fight)

Playing in the snow is fun, even as an adult. Taking the time to let loose and get cold, wet, and messy brings out the inner children in you. Then you can warm up with that hot chocolate I keep talking about!

Drive Around and Look at Christmas Light Displays

I’ve always done this with my family, and sometimes even alone. There’s something calming and captivating about slowly looking at the effort people put forth in decorating their homes for Christmas.

Visit a Light Festival

Most cities have lighting festivals at parks or schools. Check your community events for any festivals or lighting ceremonies for a gorgeous, romantic night.

Make Christmas Cookies and Listen to Christmas Songs

Make delicious Christmas cookie cutouts for friends and coworkers. You can listen to your favorite Christmas songs while sharing happy holiday memories, and making new memories of course.

Sherrie Carter