Christmas Shopping Help [Part 1 of 2]

Christmas Gift Shopping Help

I consider myself a seasoned-pro when it comes to Christmas shopping. Why the big ego? Because I manage to finish my shopping early, with little stress, and I NAIL IT with gifts every year. I make people cry, laugh, whatever. I’m pretty much Santa’s helper. I should apply for a job at the North Pole; I’m THAT good at Christmas Shopping. Okay, I’ll stop boasting and get to the good part now. This two-post series offers premium shopping and list-building advice. First, I’m going to start with tips on making a list, and later today I’ll post about executing the shopping in an affordable, stress-free manner. Let’s get started.

Making Your Christmas Shopping List

When you’re preparing your shopping list, make sure you’re in relaxing setting, alone, and in comfortable clothing. Get in the holiday mood with a little peppermint hot chocolate or cider. Get out your favorite stationary, and mentally prepare for the task at hand.

  • Write down everyone’s name and write down whether you’re exchanging gifts.
  • Check this list again to make sure you didn’t forget anyone, consult your phone book and Facebook if you must. It might feel a little tacky, but hey, it’s easier and you’re alone so nobody knows. It’s better than forgetting someone because you have a lot friends, relatives, and coworkers to shop for.
  • Compare your list against your budget, make cuts if you have to. If you cut someone, it doesn’t mean you don’t care, it just means that it doesn’t fit your budget. You can always make DIY gifts for these people. You can also work with others on a tight budget and agree to exchange later or not at all. Sometimes that relief is the best gift you can give.
  • Brain storm gift ideas, and dream big. This first part is just a drawing board for ideas. You can always find smaller, more affordable ideas that stem from large ones.
  • Trim the list and separate wish gifts from realistic options.
  • Check the list again to make sure you have everyone included.
  • Find a list template you really like, this will help you stick to the same one instead of losing it or starting over. You can find the perfect list on Pinterest, or here. And here.

Sherrie Carter