Holiday Decor Theme Ideas

plaid holiday decor

Christmas is only about five weeks away! This means it’s time to start decorating the home for your family dinners and holiday parties. If you’re tree is already up and you’re trying to think of new ways to decorate, try one of these favorite holiday decor themes! I used examples from Pinterest below each theme as well. Have ideas of your own? Share your photos or pins in our comments section below!

Rustic Holiday Decor

Classic rustic decor includes vintage designs, burlap, lace, and kraft paper. Try some of these ideas together to create a rustic, chic Christmas decor scheme in your home.

Plaid Holiday Decor

Create a cozy Christmas feeling with red and green plaid. Make sure to use plaid accents instead of going all plaid. Blend solid colors with the plaid to even it out throughout the home. See some adorable holiday plaid decor in the photos below!

Candy Cane Decor

If you’ve always gone traditional Christmas colors (red and green), you can try switching it up with a candy cane theme. Make your main colors white and red, and complement the theme with candy corn and pepperment style accents. See a few examples below.

Sherrie Carter