Indoor Christmas Decorating Hints

Christmas VillagesDecorating the interior of a house is a very different prospect than just setting up a tree or creating an outdoor display. In the average house there is a limit to locations that decorations can be placed on without causing disruptions in daily life, and less floor space. Therefore, it is crucial to determine what is available in your house, and working with it to make the best decoration possible.

The most common place to set up a decoration is on the mantelpiece. A fireplace, real or decorative, and a mantel make for an easily decorated area. An undedicated shelf, the mantel is often well decorated by setting it up with garlands and lights. Ribbons and candles are common as well. Set it parallel to the edge of the shelf, and evenly space any standing items. Also, it may be interesting to string lights or extra greenery up and down the sides of the mantel, where it stands almost flush with the wall in most houses. And for a crowning touch, a large wreath that just precisely fits the open wall space above the mantel makes a fine statement.

Open side tables are a good place to set any small figurines and table accents. Be sure to select ones that complement each other. If you have any miniature village settings, like Lemax, which we have a small selection of, this is a good place to set those. Consider framing your set piece with lights or garland. Line the outside of the table with either to border in whatever you may have placed.

For dining tables, a good centerpiece can really make the difference in the Christmas feeling. We have several available, from small table swags to large 4 space candle rings and holders for advent settings. Consider whether you want a smaller one that can be left in place when the table is in use, or a large removable setting for maximum visual impact.

Lights can be tricky to use. Indoors, lights will appear much brighter due to the close quarters. Because of that, although they are certainly usable, it may be wise to be careful about the use of large bulbs or LED lights. Common places for lights are to string them on the mantel piece with the other decorations, on a bannister or room dividing railing, traveling up stairs, or even outlining a door or doorway Other than the suggestions given, there are plenty of ideas that can be used in indoor decorations. The main things to consider are the already existing surroundings, furniture and pre-existing decorations, as well as making sure that any power sources are within reach, and that no hazards are being created. So find what works best for you, and have fun making your Christmas scenery.