Pet Costumes for Cute Christmas Spirit

Small Dog Reindeer Costume

We love our pets and we love to treat them like part of the family, because that’s exactly what they are. They’re one of us! We dress up for Christmas, and so do they (assuming they like it). Personally, I love dressing our little Bichon Frise up for the holidays. My mom recently got her a little reindeer costume and it is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. There’s something about making pets look like other animals or characters that’s just so endearing. Honestly, I’d love to see Penny (pictured right) in all of the costumes we have at our store. In due time, Penny… just wait. (Update: Penny now has a Santa costume, photo added!)

Small Dog Reindeer CostumeSanta Dog Photo


In the spirit of the holidays and loving animals, I opted for a post on adorable pet costumes! If your pet is on board with the whole costume adventure, check out some of our festive costumes for dogs of all sizes (and maybe even some large cats). Click the photos to learn more. As always, we’d love to see your pet photos for the holidays. Send us your pictures on Facebook and we’ll highlight our favorites!

Glittered Reindeer Antlers Dog Headband

glittered reindeer headband

Green Glittered Animal Elf Hat green dog elf hat

Santa Claus Suit for Small Dog or Large Catsmall santa outfit
Santa Claws Holiday Dog Costume Santa Dog Costume Brown

“I’ve Been A Good Dog” Blue Pet Bandannadog blue christmas scarf

Sherrie Carter