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I originally posted this in early October, as tasks to complete in October. It’s now November! If you haven’t completed these tasks, create a to-do list and get going. Following this guide and having these things done at least 2 weeks before Thanksgiving will make your life much easier. There’s still time to get a head start, so I updated this post to motivate you to get movie. My holiday planning and shopping is almost done, and I cannot WAIT to relax during the month before Christmas!

Originally Posted on October 4, 2015

fall-447751_1280People often wonder why some of us start thinking about Christmas before it’s even Halloween. The answer is simple. Holidays sneak up on us much quicker than we realize. How many people do you know spend most of December in a rush-induced stress? Are you one of them? It’s completely normal. However, Halloween requires significantly less preparation than Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sure, you have to decorate and possibly host a party, but you probably won’t be cooking for hours, stringing holiday lights, and entertaining in-laws. Halloween is fun, but it’s also much easier. This means that October is the ideal month to get some of your holiday tasks completed. Moreover, you can plan your Halloween decor so that most items will streamline into Thanksgiving seamlessly.

Browse through our list below and try to get as many of these tasks done before November 1, 2015. You’ll thank us come holiday season when you realize how much more time you have to perfect, finalize, and relax.

Set Expectations & Create a Timeline

Be realistic with your schedule. Determine your free time and select which task(s) you can complete each free day you have. This will help you stay in line with your goals and avoid overwhelming yourself.

Grocery Shop for Some Items

Purchase non-perishable essentials for holiday parties, Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas meals. This will minimize your time in the grocery store, especially on the busy days. Purchase the perishable items about one or two days before your event, and you’ll have more free time for finishing touches.

Complete at Least 50% of Gift Shopping

We covered the benefits of early Christmas shopping last month. If you haven’t read it, be sure to check it out before hitting up the stores. If you’re not prepared to complete your shopping in October, try to get at least half of it done. When you have fewer places to go during the busy season, it relieves stress and saves time for more important tasks.

Deep Clean the House

If you’re having guests over, you’ll want the house to look its best. You’ll still need to clean and dust before your guests arrive, but if you deep clean each room at the beginning of October and again in early November, it will help a lot. When it comes time to decorate and clean for holiday parties, you’ll be surprised and how quick and easy it is.

Purchase Craft Supplies for Upcoming DIY projects

Do you plan to make any decorations this season? Purchase your craft supplies now and avoid headaches later. Create a list of things you’d like to make. Then, narrow it down to what you’re actually going to make and create a shopping list.

Launder All Linens

Wash all napkins, curtains, tablecloths and other linens. This will minimize the loads you have to do before the big dinner. Store them in a location where they will not collect dust or debris. Trust us, when you don’t have to worry about laundry before cooking a Thanksgiving meal, it feels like Christmas morning.

Prep and Organize Christmas Decorations

Most people decorate on or after Thanksgiving Day. Determine your decor scheme and check all products for damage. It’s better to run to the store today to replace Christmas lights than it will be on Black Friday.

Take Family Photos

It’s much easier to book an appointment with a family portrait photographer now than the holidays. This also ensures you’ll have your photos with enough time to send out wonderful Christmas cards.


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