The Beauty of Christmas Nativity Scenes

Nativity scenes date back to 1223, when St. Francis of Assisi created a living display. This creation retold the birth of Jesus on what we know now as Christmas Day. Since then, nativity scenes have been an extremely important holiday tradition in Christian homes.

I remember our nativity scene like it’s in front of me right now. Though I didn’t understand it until I was older, I always loved it. There was a magnetic beauty about it which led to my obsession with the display. This fascination landed me the honor of setting up each year. We had lambs, angels, wise men, and of course, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. One year we made lamb ornaments at school and my mom let me put mine in the stable, and oh man was I proud.

Each beautifully constructed piece of your nativity set can be a happy memory for the whole family. Give your kids a wonderful experience by letting them help create the nativity scene each year. At our online shop, we carry pre-fabricated nativity sets, as well as individual pieces for creating your own. Check out some of our best items below and click the photo to learn more about each item.

When you get your nativity set ready for viewing, send us a photo and we’ll highlight our favorites!

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