Creative DIY Bookends Your Shelves NEED

Decorative DIY Bookends

For so many of us, reading is a great joy. I love nothing more than to relax with a book in the sunshine! I know E-Books are all the rage right now, but a lot of us reading enthusiasts still like to collect physical books. The house I grew up in has 16 foot ceiling with a bookshelf that goes from my waist all the way up to the ceiling. I’ll admit the top five shelves haven’t been touched since we moved in, I don’t even know what’s up there. However, the bottom half is where it’s at. We have our books organized with gorgeous red marble bookends. I’ve always loved this part of our house… it felt like I lived in Beauty & The Beast or something. Recently, my mom and I discussed making cute themed bookends, especially for our collections like Harry Potter and Steven King Novels. Below you’ll find some of my favorite DIY bookshelf ideas from Pinterest. If we end up making some, I’ll update this post with the results! Do you have any handmade bookends? Send us pictures… we’d love to see what you came up with!

DIY Letter Bookends

DIY Geometric Concrete Bookends

DIY Quotation Mark Bookends

Glass Jar Bookends

Ombre Rock Bookends

Hidden Bookends

Dinosaur Bookends

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