Halloween Candy Alternatives & Healthy Treats Kids Won’t Hate

Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthy Halloween TreatsIf you want to promote a healthy lifestyle for kids, Halloween is usually a tough day to do it. While I commend your goals, kids simply want candy… and they want the good stuff. However, they’ll obtain the best Halloween candy from several other houses they visit, and you know this. So, your goal is to treat the kids, without adding to their stash of calories and cavities. I get it. You can go about this in a few ways, but remember, some healthy options and candy alternatives will disappoint the kids. If you want to give them something that they’ll actually enjoy, skip the protein bars and toothbrushes and consider one of these ideas below.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are actually decent treats, and kids love them. By Halloween, the pumpkin seeds from carving are already gone and you can hand out flavored or seasoned versions they’ve never had before.

Turkey Jerky

The carnivore kids will LOVE jerky. Turkey jerky, in my opinion, actually tastes better than the beef jerky or “Slim Jim” sticks. They might pick candy over it on Halloween night, but they’ll be excited for the jerky snack for lunch the next day!


While goldfish crackers aren’t candy, they’re still snacks. Most kids love them in their lunches and don’t even realize they’re a somewhat healthy option!

Fake Tattoos & Stickers

Kids will get so much candy that the fake tattoos will stand out and excite them in a different way. Who knew they’d be getting cool things AND candy?

Super High Bouncing Balls

In similar fashion to the point above, kids will be so thrilled to get toys as well as snacks and candy.

Glow Sticks or Glow Necklaces

Kids want glow sticks almost every time it’s dark; they’re cool, attractive, and exciting. The best part is the kids can wear them immediately, and the light will make them a bit safer while Trick-or-Treating.


Raisins are healthy, but most kids like them anyways. They’re sweet and plentiful. One box contains a LOT of raisins, so they’ll feel like they got so much from just one treat. If they fill up on raisins, they’re not filling up on chocolate and sugar.

Food Allergies? No Problem!

There are many great gifts to hand out on Halloween that don’t involve food. Learn more about The Teal Pumpkin Project and become a part of something wonderful!

Sherrie Carter