Halloween Decorating Ideas for Kids Who Scare Easily

Halloween Decorations for Sale

Halloween Decorations for SaleHalloween is one of the most fun holidays, from decorating with spooky items to scaring the Trick-or-Treaters. However, if you have a small child that’s easily scared, you’ll want to wait a few years before busting out the terrifying decor. Sure, you can’t protect your kid from everything, but you can do your part to make him or her feel a little safer at home. When you go places and see scary decorations, you can explain that it’s just fake and fun for the holiday. When you’re at home, you want your child to feel comfortable and happy. Say yes to the happy, cute Halloween decorations and harvest themes. If your kid frightens easily, say no to the skulls and creepy decor. I made a list below that should help in your shopping adventures.

Say YES to

  • Cornstalks and colored corn
  • Smiling scarecrows, happy ghosts, and silly pumpkins
  • Cartoon bats
  • White pumpkins
  • Haybales
  • DIY crafts (kids won’t fear something they create)

Say NO to

  • Skulls and skeletons
  • Mean scarecrows, creepy pumpkins, and creepy ghosts
  • Realistic bats, spiders, birds, and rats
  • Blood and gore
  • Scary carving ideas
  • Terrifying costumes
  • Evil Witches
  • Decor with small pieces a.k.a. choking hazards

Most kids are brave, but the items in the NO list even scare me sometimes. You want to make sure they’re ready before making them deal with that kind of terror in their own home. One of my neighbors has this skeleton that I have to pass every night, and if I were a child I’d be having nightmares about it. It’s okay to dial back the horror until your son or daughter is ready to see it as fun and not terrifying.