Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

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I’ve added 3 More Infectious Halloween Decorations You Must Have! I love Halloween decorations, so when I found these next few items,  I couldn’t let this post go. I decided to update it with a spotlight on three more fantastic Halloween decorations your yard or garden needs to stand out in a unique, scary way!

Posted on 9/29/2015 – 

The exterior of your home represents your style and personality, which is why your holiday decor schemes are so important. You’re not only showing your festive side, you’re showing the curb appeal of your home to neighbors and trick-or-treaters. So many Halloween decorations work and look great, but there are a few unique ideas that will make your home be the one to stand out. Check out our list of Halloween decorations every home needs this year.

Life-Size Skulls & Skeletons

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Create a spooky graveyard or zombie scene with life-size skulls or skeleton figurines. Leave the skulls in your garden area, and position the skeletons so they look like they’re scaling your home to attack! They will probably remind people of this scene from Army of Darkness.

Rusty Barbed Wire Garland

barbed wire halloween decor

Create the eerie look of an abandoned prison or haunted asylum with rusty barbed wire garland. This would be great around lamp posts and any unused structures in your garden. Don’t place this on things you’ll need like the mailbox. It would look sweet, but be mildly irritating.




Black PVC Trees with Orange Lights

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Place these artificial Halloween trees so that they’re visible in the window, or leave them outside in the garden. They’re black with orange lights and perfect for creating a beautiful accent to your scary scenes.




Fabric Porch Banners

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Black and orange are typical Halloween colors, but you can always include purple and green for added accents. Use orange and black banners on the porch for an elegant, yet festive look. These banners are great for indoors as well if you’re hosting a party.




Zombie Gravestones

yard headstone decorations for sale

Complete a zombie theme with zombie gravestones.  Scatter these headstones throughout your front lawn to make it look like an old, creepy cemetery. These would pair well with the life-size skulls we mentioned above.




Decorative Witch Boots

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Use Halloween-themed witch boots on the porch or in your front hall for a cute, yet scary accent in your decorations.




Witch Door or Window Panel


scenic silhouette for Halloween

Cover large windows or your front door with a scenic silhouette. This frightening image will be the first to greet your guests and trick-or-treaters on Halloween!




Black Roses

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Place black Halloween roses in your bushes and throughout the front hall or foyer in your home. These small additions will complement any theme and are hauntingly beautiful.




Candy Corn Lights

candy corn lights

Use candy corn lights instead of traditional orange lights for bushes, lamp posts, and other lighting schemes. The subtle difference creates a fun atmosphere in the midst of frightening decor.




Update – 10/19/2015

Danger Ahead Yard Signs

Danger Ahead Yard SignInvite party guests or trick-or-treaters to your door with ominous Halloween signs along the sidewalk and driveway! “Danger Ahead” warns them they’re not in Kansas anymore.




Bright Orange Pathway Markers

pathway markers for SaleSafety on Halloween night is important. Illuminate your walkways in style with orange pathway lights on lawn stakes,




Creepy Inflatable Eyeball Decorations

inflatable eyeball decorationCreate spooky scenes in trees or bushes with this 12 pack of inflatable 16″ eyeballs. You’re bound to hear at least a few screams as people approach your door.





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