5 Helpful Tips for Throwing a Successful Super Bowl Party

If you are planning a Super Bowl party, you are not alone. Many people will be doing the same thing over the next week. With impeccable planning, your party will be a guaranteed success. If that you are planning the party at your home, here are 5 tips that you can use to have an awesome Super Bowl party.


1. Determine Who to Invite and the Number of Guests to Invite

Knowing who you’re going to invite plays a big role in how well the party will turn out. It’s great to invite your friends and family, but be conscious of who you do invite to avoid any arguments that can arise from controversial topics. General team rivalry is ok, but bad blood between individuals or general disrespectfulness will bring down the party. Inviting just the right number of guests is vital to the success of the party. Once you have your final numbers, be sure to grab enough food and drinks to keep your guests full.


2. Food Preparation


After you have made your guest list, now you will need to decide what is on the menu. Having pizza and chicken wings is a staple at many parties for the big game. If this is what you are also planning, be sure to order ahead of time, the last thing you would want is for the pizza parlor to be sold out before you put your order in.

On the off chance that you don’t want to serve pizza and wings. You can always cook hot dogs and hamburgers, and make the day into a cook out tailgate style.

There always has to be more than just the main dish for the party. Offer to your guest’s shareable snacks like nachos and cheese, veggie platter, cheese and cracker platter, or the classic chips and dip. You can also kindly ask guests to bring a dish to pass around. As a kind gesture, please be considerate to anyone who has any food allergies or different lifestyle eating habits and have available food that they will enjoy as well.

Having ample things to drink is also important. You can have water, juice or pop; and alcohol if your guests will be 21+. You can also ask guests to bring beverages to share.


3. Decorations


Whether or not your favorite team made it to the Super Bowl, you can still decorate your home with fun and festive football decor. Bring out the football shaped party dish, put up your football streamers or garland, and get out the football coasters. Let your guests know they are in for a good time when they enter your home. Now, if by chance that your team did make it to the Super Bowl, feel free to go all out with themed decor and represent your favorite team.

Looking for decorations? Click on the link below and check out some of the fun football party decor.

Football Party Decorations


4. Party Clean Up

For any good party, there is an equally good after party mess to clean up. Make sure you have enough cleaning supplies to take care of party messes, whether it is during or after the party. Ask if any close friends will help stay a few minutes after the party to help you clean up afterward.


5. Expect the Unexpected


Even the most successful parties have a few hiccups. Be prepared to handle small issues that may arise. Like a spill in the kitchen, or running out of chip dip.


I hope you find these tips helpful when it comes time to plan your party. Just remember to plan accordingly and always have fun.

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