Halloween Wedding Ideas: 2017 Inspiration

If you’re hoping for a unique and magical Halloween wedding next year, then right now is the best time to start brainstorming and planning. It takes about one year to get everything planned, organized, and paid for. Inspiration is the best way to get started. First, look through some Halloween wedding ideas to get an idea of what you want. Then, once you have some things in mind, create a realistic list of wants and needs that fit your schedule, venue, budget, and theme. To help with planning, I’ve created a list of affordable, easy ideas that will get your imagination going. Thankfully, this is 2016, and I can use Pinterest to pin some ideas directly to this post!

Spooky Invites and Save the Dates

Set the tone for the event with eerie fonts on black invitations and unique Save the Date notifications. I found a great place you can download free Halloween fonts for exactly this purpose. I also found a cool idea for Ouija board Save the Dates.


Unique Place Holders

Halloween allows you to get creative with your name-card holders. Personally, I adore these white pumpkin & glitter holders from Shelterness.


Halloween Candy Bar

Candy bars are quite popular at weddings, and they’re only getting more common. This is because the guests LOVE them. They make great snacks during cocktail hours and favors at the end of the night. For a Halloween wedding, you can stock up on the traditional candies people give to Trick-or-Treaters!  


Black Bouquets

Unless you’re doing a Halloween wedding theme, black flowers won’t make for a great bouquet. This is your chance to have black flowers look absolutely stunning with your dress and décor.


Eerie Centerpieces

You can get really creative with your centerpieces. This is where you really drive the point home. I like the idea of a skull or pumpkin being the focal point of the table, like in this pin below.


Bloody Cake

Why make a proverbial heart on your wedding cake when you can have an anatomically accurate one? You’ll need an experienced baker for this, but it would be so worth it. Imagine the looks on guests’ faces.


Unconventional Wedding Dress

Since this is an unconventional wedding theme, you’re not limited to the white, cream, or off-white dress colors that a traditional wedding calls for. This is your chance to put yourself in a gorgeous Halloween color. Black makes a great bridesmaid dress color for Halloween weddings, especially when the bride is in purple or red.


Sherrie Carter

4 Old Halloween Traditions Explained

Old Halloween TraditionsHalloween, as we know it today, is very different from when I grew up, and even more different from it’s early days in Ireland and the U.S. Some traditions we have today stem from a much different tradition our ancestors held sacred. Trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples, and candy all have a much more interesting past than I realized. Check out some of these traditions and the story behind them.

Bobbing for Apples

Today, some people will play this as a party game (a very germy party game). We place apples in a barrel of water and award a prize to the first person who gets an apple using only his or her mouth. This idea comes from a game singles used to play in which the winner would be the next one to get married. They didn’t always use barrels however, sometimes they would suspend apples on strings. If you’re going to include this party game, switch it up and try the string method. Not only is it cleaner, but it’s also unique and more difficult to accomplish!


I don’t need to explain this one to you. You know how this game goes. The hours and weather may have changed in the last two decades or so, but the idea is the same. You dress up. You ask for Candy. You feast. In older times, the TRICK part of the Trick-or-Treat was an actual threat that people made good on. Often referred to as “Mischief Night”, homeowners would give candy to prevent pranks and vandalism on their properties. If you go back further than that, people believed that the dead would walk the night in a disguise – begging for food and money. The idea was that if you turned away a spirit, you’d suffer the consequences. Humans would go out in costume to disguse themselves as spirits to avoid contact with them at all.


Not many people have bonfires on Halloween anymore, and if they do it’s most likely to keep warm. In the earlier days of Halloween (or “All Hallows Eve) people would build large fires to divert spirits away from their homes


I haven’t heard of anyone doing this in a long time, but it’s an older Irish tradition. Parents would bake a meal from cabbage, kale, and potatoes. They would hide treats, coins, and prizes in the bottom. This would be a fun tradition to bring back, but the recipe doesn’t sound extremely appetizing, so you could switch it up a bit.

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Impressive Halloween Costumes & Makeup Tutorial Videos

Halloween makeup is a great way to sport a phenomenal, jaw dropping costume without having to purchase an entire new outfit. You may have some of the necessary items on hand already. The only thing you need for a killer makeup tutorial is a little bit of artistic talent and a lot of time. These makeup tutorials set the tone for a memorable costume that’s sure to win in a contest. Not to mention, everyone will love your look and want a photo with whoever (or whatever) they found. Trust me, I found Richard Simmons one night and I’m still happy about it six years later.

Browse the videos below and pick your favorite one for this year! Personally, I love the melted Barbie tutorial, so naturally I put that first.

Melted Barbie


Snapchat Puke

Comic Book Character

Anime Eyes


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