10 Harvest Décor Items We Are Thankful For

At Christmas Central, we’re all about family, friends, and our local community in Western New York. However, we also love holiday decorations. Of all the harvest décor items we offer, we’ve decided to highlight ten special ones we’re thankful to have. Not only do we love seeing these items around in the office and on our website, but we’re extremely proud to share these adorable items with our customers. Remember to share your opinions and favorite harvest items in our comments section when you’re done reading! Happy shopping!

Turkey Table Decor for SaleThe Table Top Turkey Decoration

This intricately designed turkey makes a great centerpiece for seasonal dinners and family parties around Thanksgiving.




Harvest Pumpkin for Sale OnlineThe “Welcome Harvest” Pumpkin

This beautifully painted pumpkin offers and adorable welcoming to your home during the harvest season.



Light Up Window TurkeyThe Outdoor LED Turkey

This window silhouette lights up in a variety of colors. This is a great addition to any outdoor harvest décor theme.




Berry and Maple Leaf GarlandThe Gorgeous Autumn Blessings Garland

This elegant 9’ garland perfectly represents the harvest season, and pairs wonderfully with the Thanksgiving wreath pictured below.




TThanksgiving Berry Wreathhe Autumn Blessings Maple Leaf and Berry Thanksgiving Wreath

The 24’’ wreath is perfect for indoor or outdoor décor. Some leaves feature phrases like “Autumn Blessings”, “Give Thanks”, or “Thanksgiving”.




Driftwood Pumpkin for SaleThe Stunning Driftwood Pumpkin Accents 

This set of two gorgeous Thanksgiving pumpkins, with the unique driftwood look, is ideal for homes with rustic décor themes.




TLED Harvest Candle Holderhe Harvest LED Candle Holder

The 12.5” metal pumpkin hanging candle holder comes with autumn colored accents, mini pumpkins, and a flameless LED candle.




Autumn Wall Plaque for Sale The “Thanks” and “Tradition” Wall Plaques Set

These decorative wall plaques will give any living or dining room a cozy, homey feeling. The red and white wooden blocks feature text art, centered on the ideas of giving thanks and family tradition.



unique cornucopia for saleThe Open Top Cornucopia

Different from most cornucopias, this particular one is open at the top. It makes a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner and is sure to gather attention and praise from guests.



THarvest Pumpkin Window Decorationhe “Give Thanks” Lit Pumpkin

This 16’’ light up pumpkin silhouette displays “Give Thanks” in elegant writing.

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The Ten Best Tweets About Last Night’s #SuperBloodMoon

Twitter is one of the best places to catch up on current events and the latest hot stories. Today it’s swarming with stunning photography and witty comments about last night’s “super blood moon”. From Armageddon to disasters, and from spiritual awakenings to astrology, there are many opinions and theories on this beautiful lunar event. Maybe it means nothing, or maybe it means everything… it’s difficult for any of us to tell really. Rest assured, NASA promises us that the world isn’t ending in the foreseeable future. So that’s a relief. More than any theories or opinions, people are tweeting captivating photos and comical one-liners. View our local images below, followed by the 10 best tweets we saw this morning.

Located in Western New York, we had quite the view. Here’s a view from Buffalo, NY around 8:55-9:00 pm (est).


This next one is a shot of the moon peaking in the City of Tonawanda, NY around 10:40 pm (est.)

supermoon 2

A beautiful, moving experience, many people stepped outside to get a good view. However, some people had to work and others simply forgot. If you missed this captivating event last night, or if you just can’t get enough, check out the best tweets we found under the hashtag #SuperBloodMoon.

The Super Moon Death Star

Super Blood Moon Time Lapse Photos



An Amazing Sky View

Super Blood Moon Over Major Landmarks


This Guy Really Hates Laundry


Shot from Myersville, MD (John Duke)

Cloudy Blood Red Shot

The Exploding Vine


Maybe She’s Kidding?


If you caught any stunning images or made any hilarious jokes on twitter, share them in our comments section below. We’d love to read more thoughts and theories on the super blood moon.

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6 Things to Know about Pumpkins for Halloween & Thanksgiving

White Pumpkin DecorationsPumpkins, along with cornstalks and scarecrows are staples for harvest decorating. They’re also interchangeable for Halloween and Thanksgiving. There are a few tips and tricks for decorating with pumpkins during this time, and a few things you should know to get the most out of your seasonal purchases.

Purchase Local Pumpkins

Rather than going to a grocery or chain department store, opt for local farmer’s markets or cider mills. These places will have fresh pumpkins that haven’t been shipped or damaged. While they have a tough exterior, they’re still fragile and susceptible to damage if they’re not stored properly or in the ideal temperature.

Choose the Right Pumpkin

While looking for the biggest pumpkin is a common goal, make sure you have a few addition prerequisites for yours. Make sure the pumpkin has flat bottom and stands upright on its own. Moreover, check for any soft spots or dark blemishes. These could be the sign of an older or compromised pumpkin.

Buy a Few Extra

Aside from carving, you’ll want to make some delicious pumpkin flavored meals and treats. You can only do so much with the pulp and seeds. For puree, you’ll need the flesh of the pumpkin, so be sure to stock up. We recently posted 7 Tasty Ways to Eat Pumpkin from Halloween to Thanksgiving, so remember to check that out!

Vary Colors

You can find white and green pumpkins, and even some painted ones at local markets. Pick up a variety of colors and sizes to add to your curb appeal!

Don’t Carve Too Early

Too many people carve their pumpkins just a little too early. You can tell by the state of their pumpkins on Halloween. They only stay fresh for a few days after carving, so October 29th and 30th are ideal days for this. This is another great reason to grab a few extras; you’ll want some uncarved pumpkins after Halloween for the rest of harvest season.

Watch for Myths about Preserving Pumpkins

Some people say hairspray or Vaseline will keep the pumpkin fresh after carving. In most cases, this does nothing. Many homeowners we know use just a little bit of bleach, and for some reason it actually works. Before adding anything to your pumpkin, research your options thoroughly.


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7 Tasty Ways to Eat Pumpkin This Season

Harvest Pumpkin for Sale OnlineIf you have a large family, chances are you’ll end up with a lot of pumpkins this year. You’ll carve most of them, but you’ll also have extras for decorating. To get the most out of your pumpkins this season, make sure you keep and store the innards. The pumpkins you carve for Halloween will supply you with enough pumpkin to create a variety of meals and treats for the season. The decorative pumpkins will work all the way up until Thanksgiving, which is when most people decorate for Christmas. You can use those for pumpkin pie for the big day. So, post-Halloween and pre-thanksgiving, you’ll have more pumpkin than you know what to do with. Instead of wasting a quality ingredient, read our list of ways you can eat pumpkin this season.

Delicious Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin Seeds

Most people make these on Halloween as they’re carving the pumpkins. Simply soak and clean the seeds, and then bake them. The whole house will smell of pumpkin before offering a tasty and festive treat

Pumpkin Puree

You’ll need this puree for almost everything in our list below. You’ll also have to do this with a fresh, uncarved pumpkin. Remove the innards and the seeds. Cut the pumpkin into quarters, assuming its less than 12 inches across. Bake the pumpkin for 80-90 minutes depending on the size, at 350 degrees. After it’s cooled, puree the pumpkin in a food processor. Save the seeds and discard the rest.

Pumpkin Ice Cream

For those who love homemade ice cream, this is for you. You can use Perry’s vanilla ice cream if you’re not familiar with making your own. Simply add 1 cup of canned pumpkin or homemade puree and 1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. Mix well and freeze.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese

Add two tablespoons of,  ½ a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice, and ½ cup of your pumpkin puree for every 8 oz. of Philadelphia cream cheese.  Mix well and you’re done. It’s that easy!

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Using a blender, mix ½ cup of ice, ½ cup of vanilla yogurt, ¼ teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice and ¼ a cup of homemade pumpkin puree. Some people add a tsp of honey or a half a banana for extra flavor.

Pumpkin Pasta Sauce

Sautee a few cloves of garlic, half an onion, and 1-2 cups of homemade pumpkin puree in a large skillet. Season with minced rosemary and serve over penne pasta.

Pumpkin Pie

Made from  scratch, pumpkin pie is phenomenal. Try a family recipe or use one from allrecipes.com or marthastewart.com. Both of these websites have great reviews from happy readers. In fact, miss Martha uploaded a helpful video on How to Bake Pumpkin Pie.

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A Couple’s Touching Story on Early Christmas Shopping [VIDEO]

Today’s blog post is unlike the others, as I’m not here with decorating tips or party advice, although I love those posts. I’m writing to your hearts today. So get the tissues and get ready to feel.

Comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is known for pulling a little too tightly at our heartstrings, and he’s done it again today. While recognizing a couple from Knoxville, he gives them recognition for working so hard. In a later interview, the couple reveals a touching story that highlights one of the most beautiful parts of Christmas.

I was in my blogging zone, doing research on current holiday shopping trends, and… I found this highlight from a recent show.  At first, I enjoyed the story as it ties in with our recent post about holiday shopping early. As the interview progresses, Jerry Robertson reveals a bittersweet story.

Human psychology causes parents to work hard on giving their children a better life than they had. It’s how we progress, and it’s why every generation advances. That’s exactly what the Robertson’s did. In the interview, they mentioned that they grew up in poor families, without much of a Christmas. My heart sank when I heard this. Maybe it’s because I love Christmas and want the best for everyone, or maybe I’m overly empathetic. I mean, the thought of children not having a wonderful Christmas just slays me… even more so when they’re wonderful, giving people. Everyone deserves a happy holiday.  I truly felt for these people and knew tears were imminent. What they said next caused me to cry and write this post commending them on what they’ve done.

Jerry and Sheila Robinson spend the entire year making sure Christmas happens for their family. The first impression of the show’s clip is that these two have their holiday shopping and wrapping completely done already. While that’s amazing in itself, as it’s not even October, their reasoning is what really hits you “right in the feels“. They begin shopping on December 26th every year, evading crowds and getting great deals. This couple will continuously shop throughout the year, ensuring they can give their kids a great Christmas with a variety of gifts they really want. The Robertson’s are truly wonderful people, as they spend all year putting in an extensive effort and serious planning to ensure this happens no matter what. Their children are their priority, and that is madly endearing.

“We both grew up in poor families, to be honest,” explained Jerry Robinson, “And we didn’t have very big Christmases. So we spoiled our kids and our grandkids with humongous Christmases. That’s what we do.” [Read more wate.com]

To me, our staff, and likely most of our customers, Christmas is about love, selflessness, and pure joy. Ensuring everyone has a memorable, happy holiday is what we’re all about. This interview encapsulates all of that and so much more. You can see from this conversation that they are truly happy and thoughtful people… our favorite breed of humans.

I’ve included the interview below if you’d like to see it (and cry) for yourself. It’s all so very touching.

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10 Scary Books and Movies to Enjoy in October

Scary Halloween CornstalkAs we approach Halloween and harvest season, some of us will be after the thrill of fear. Humans need fear, which is probably why most of us love visiting haunted houses and listening to ghost stories during the scary season. Why wait for group outings or date nights to get a little scared? Get into the mood on your own by watching movies or reading from our list below.

We’ve come up with a list of scary film adaptations from horror novels. You won’t be surprised to find Stephen King appearing a few times on our list, but are we wrong? King is highly regarded as the best horror fiction writer for a reason… he knows how to really freak out his readers. So give it a go, turn out the lights and read or watch these titles before Halloween.

The Woman in Black

Original Book Author: Susan Hill
Film Adaptation Star: Daniel Radcliffe
Brief Synopsis: This novel is about a woman who haunts an English town. After she appears, children seem to unfortunately pass away.
Creepy Quote: “Have you seen her? The Woman in Black? She once lost a boy, and now she’s come back. Our parents all worry, they make such a fuss: For if she can’t find him, she’ll take one of us.”

The Shining

Original Book Author:  Stephen King
Film Adaptation Star:  Jack Nicholson
Brief Synopsis: Jack Torrance stays in an isolated hotel to combat his writer’s block. His son Danny experiences psychic visions as Jack slowly turns homicidal.
Creepy Quote: “Come play with us Danny. Forever… and ever… and ever.”


Original Book Author: Stephen King
Film Adaptation Star: Kathy Bates
Brief Synopsis:  Former nurse Annie Wilkes is an author’s biggest fan. After rescuing him from an accident, she takes care of him. However, things take a turn for the worst as the story progresses.
Creepy Quote: “And don’t even think about anybody coming for you. Not the doctors, not your agent, not your family. ‘Cause I never called them. Nobody knows you’re here. You better hope nothing happens to me. Because if I die… you die.”

American Psycho

Original Book Author: Bret Easton Ellis
Film Adaptation Star: Christian Bale
Brief Synopsis: The story is a first-person narrative through the mind of a psychotic, young businessman. Following the life of Patrick Bateman, terror will ensue.
Creepy Quote: “I don’t want to get you drunk, but, ah, that’s a very fine Chardonnay you’re not drinking.”

The Interview with the Vampire

Original Book Author:  Anne Rice
Film Adaptation Star: Brad Pitt
Brief Synopsis: The first book in “The Vampire Chronicles” series, it centers on the vampire Louis who reveals his live story to a reporter. Turned by the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt, he reveals he has trouble with vampirism.
Creepy Quote: “Evil is always possible. And goodness is eternally difficult.”


Original Book Author: Stephen King
Film Adaptation Star: Richard Thomas
Brief Synopsis: A young child is drawn to “Pennywise the Dancing Clown”. Pennywise soon reveals that he’s not as friendly as Bill once thought, leading him to become an outcast in his adult life. Bill congregates with a group of people who have also experienced the horror of Pennywise.
Creepy Quote: “We lie best when we lie to ourselves”

The Exorcist

Original Book Author: William Peter Blatty
Film Adaptation Star: Linda Blair
Brief Synopsis: Considered one of the most terrifying books and movies of its time, “The Exorcist” is a must read for Halloween. It follows the life of a possessed young girl.
Creepy Quote: “The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us; but he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. His attack is psychological, Damien. And powerful”

The Amityville Horror

Original Book Author: Jay Anson
Film Adaptation Star: James Brolin
Brief Synopsis: Especially creepy because it’s supposedly based on a true story, this novel is about a house on Ocean Avenue. The six-bedroom house was a great buy for a young family. However, this family quickly learns of the house’s dark past.
Creepy Quote: “I wanna go home. Mommy, I wanna go home”.


Original Book Author: Stephen King
Film Adaptation Star: Sissy Spacek
Brief Synopsis: Carrie is an abused and bullied teenager with telekinetic powers. As the story goes on, you learn that she uses these powers to get revenge on those who have hurt her.
Creepy Quote: “They were trying to run, trying to hide. But the rock would not hide them; the dead tree gave no shelter”

The Haunting of Hill House

Original Book Author: Shirley Jackson
Film Adaptation Star: Julie  Harris
Brief Synopsis: This horror story follows four seekers that enter “Hill House”, an abandoned home known for its terror. At first they seem confident with the experience, but quickly fall to fear as the house gains power.
Creepy Quote: “Am I walking toward something I should be running away from?”


Any and all of these books are sure to get you in the mood for the spooky season. Just remember that it’s fiction and you can turn on the lights at any time. Happy Haunting!

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6 Recipes to Perfect by Thanksgiving: Start Practicing Now!

Turkey Table Decor for SaleIf this is your first time hosting Thanksgiving, don’t let the big day be your first attempt. Spend the next few weeks prepping the best meals and treats for your dinner. You may have some dishes that you’ve perfected over the years, and it’s great to include those too. The key to any great party is the food. For holiday parties, weddings, and corporate events, the number one thing guests remember is the food… so make sure you nail it.

Pinterestfail.com is a hilarious website that documents failed attempts at making recipes found on Pinterest. This is a great resource because the submissions usually mention what went wrong and how to actually get it right. Use this to your advantage, and help others. If you make mistakes, upload your failed photo and let readers know what happened. In doing this, you’ll educate others and receive helpful tips from Thanksgiving dinner gurus.

So what are the most important foods to perfect for a phenomenal Thanksgiving dinner? Read our list of staples below, find your favorite recipe, and get going while you still have time to make it memorable. Once you get it down, share your photos and experiences with us on our Facebook Page… we’d love to know how it went!

The Turkey (obviously)

A full turkey can be expensive, so you may only want to practice this once before Thanksgiving, but you still need to practice. Enlist the help of someone you know who can cook a BOMB turkey. Have them walk you through it for your first time.

Try Varying Stuffing Recipes

When you think about it all stuffing seems the same, but it’s not… is it? Some recipes have cranberries, some have celery, some have both, and some have neither. Be adventurous with your stuffing trials. Attempt several variations and even add in some of your own touches. Once you get it exactly to your liking, chances are your guests will try a stuffing like none other. Go ahead and try some of Rachel Ray’s Stuffing Secrets!

Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pecan Pie, and Pumpkin Pie

The dessert is what truly complements the meal. After you serve your guests a large dinner, you’ll need to entice them to continue to eat… because that’s half of what Thanksgiving is all about. Comedian Louis C.K. says, “The meal is not over when I’m full, it’s over when I hate myself”. So, keep feeding your guests after they’re full. These three desserts are a bit difficult to master when baking from scratch, but they will absolutely knock everyone’s socks right off. Pants will need to be unbuttoned.

Handmade Dinner Rolls

Honestly, most people purchase premade dinner rolls and consider them a small accent of the meal. This isn’t a terrible plan, but homemade dinner rolls will always trump the store brand. The rolls, when baked to perfection, are ideal with both hors d’oeuvres and dinner. Cooking Classy has a great one-hour recipe for light and fluffy dinner rolls.

Green Bean Casserole

A staple in most homes during the holidays, green bean casserole is delicious. Much like stuffing, there are several ways to prepare it. Try a few recipes you can find on allrecipes.com and practice making each dish in your own unique way. Having the green bean casserole that stands out is important.

Fresh Ground Coffee

When the party winds down, it’s polite to offer coffee. While your satisfied and stuffed guests will appreciate just about any coffee, wow them with the good stuff. Try a fresh-ground blend from Trader Joe’s or another local store that offers fresh coffee beans for sale. A great trick is to add just a dash of salt, mixed in with grounds in the filter. The salt will not only purify the complete flavor of the coffee, but it actually makes a better sweetener than sugar. Your guests might not realize that it’s salt, but they will be wondering what makes it so great.

Practice makes perfect and with the right effort, guests will leave complimenting your cooking and coffee making skills.

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The Significance of Holiday Office Decor

White Pumpkin DecorationsUnfortunately, not every office and commercial building puts forth adequate effort creating a calming, uplifting environment for employees and clients. The common idea is that time is “wasted” spent decorating when employees could be completing more important tasks. However, nothing is as important as boosting morale among your staff and offering an aesthetically pleasing environment.

VIBE and CBE have both run multiple studies showing the significance of quality lighting, plantscaping, and seasonal decorating in offices. These studies covered everything from multiple monitors to wall decor, and putting in the extra effort won by a longshot.

Reduce Negative Energy

When we view something unattractive in a building, we may not realize it but it attaches negative energy to our bodies. Over longer periods, we subconsciously get more and more frustrated each time we see the same thing that hasn’t been decorated or repaired. Plain walls, large dents, and broken planters are great examples of these negativity breeders. Some management teams might not see them as a big deal but they are, because they’re unknowingly upsetting employees and killing morale. You may not have the time or resources to make the office perfect, but patchwork and quality seasonal decor can offset this… which brings us to the next point.

Boost Productivity

Employees wish to be taken seriously and to work in a professional atmosphere. An attractive structure and classy decor will boost pride, making your staff feel excited about coming into the office. With an attractive office and in-season decor, you’re sure to have fewer tardy and negative employees.

Impress Visitors and Potential Clients

Regardless of your industry, it’s likely that you’ll have visitors or business venture meetings at your office. When this happens, you want to be ready to impress. You may end up with a special visitor on short notice, and you’ll have timely, attractive office space to share.

Office Decorating Ideas for Harvest Season

So, with that information seeping into the mind, you might be ready to decorate. What are some ways you can add to the aesthetics of your office for the season? It’s all about the accents. Change the color scheme of your planters, add attractive wall décor, and don’t forget to hang a wreath, cornstalk, or door swag in your entryway. Add small features like pumpkin, corn, and scarecrow figurines… and you’ve dramatically improved the office’s appeal. Make sure to add some personal touches with employee names and industry themed items.

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Funny Halloween Costumes for Singles, Couples, or Groups

Halloween Costume for SaleWe recently posted about throwing the Halloween Party that your friends are sure to remember. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the best blog post ever… you may want to give it a read before getting ready for your fiesta – because we tossed out some great ideas. You know what goes perfectly with our big blog ego and your killer Halloween party? A new post about unique and funny Halloween costumes! So here it comes, ladies and gents.

What’s a Great Way to Impress Guests? A Costume Contest! 2015 has been filled with plenty of comical pop-culture costume inspirations, so you’re bound to see some great outfits.  Before you choose your “Ghostess with the Mostest” outfit or send out announcements, check out our list of costume ideas. Albeit, it would be a little weird for you to win the contest at your own party, but you can still have fun participating and making your guests laugh. You could also share this list of ideas in your invite, to raise the stakes a bit. Have a “Funniest Costume Sash” ready and be sure to have a good prize to motivate your guests!

On Your Own? Try these fun ideas!


What to Wear: Simply wear all green and attach several purple balloons to yourself.
What to Do: Make “grape” puns as often as you can (man, this sure is a grape party!).

Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show

What to Wear: You can purchase this online or use a generic clown costume for the body. If you choose to paint your face like Twisty’s face… props to you.
What to Do: Say nothing, but wind toys up and hand them to people. Your friends won’t sleep, and they may never speak to you again, but it will be worth it for the laugh.


What to Wear: Anything you want, and a backward blonde wig.
What to Do: Say nothing, act the weirdest you have in your entire life.

SIMS Character

What to Wear: Anything you want, but with a cardboard diamond above your head.
What to Do: Speak in Gibberish and shout at food until someone tells you to eat (same goes for the bathroom).

The Party Animal

What to Wear: An animal costume with a T-Shirt that says “Party Animal” (or purchase this costume online).
What to Do: Try not to speak in English, but rather party your heart out and make noises representing the animal you chose.

Dressing Up with Your BFF or Significant Other?

Black Swan

What to Wear:  One person dresses as the white swan, the other goes as the black swan.
What to Do: Prance around and fake fight for the night.

Go as Each Other (Significant Other or Best Friend)

What to Wear: You’re dressing as each other in this scenario, so get ready together.
What to Do: Behave like the other person all night until you forget who is who.

Wilson & Chuck Noland from Cast Away

What to Wear: One will need a white outfit with the bloody handprint of Wilson’s face painted on it. The other will need a beard and a loincloth. Carry around an ice skate for extra humor.
What to Do:  If you’re Wilson…do not speak; just give “Chuck” judgmental looks all night. If you’re Chuck, scream, “Wilson!!!” as many times as you can before you’re asked to stop.

Going as a Group?

The Four Seasons

What to Wear: Each person dresses in their own vision of one of the four seasons.
What to Do: Each person should make puns and jokes relating to the season he or she represents.

Rock Paper & Scissors

What to Wear: Simply enough, you’ll need three people for this. One is rock, the next is paper, and third is obviously scissors.
What to Do: When it comes to making any decisions, using the bathroom, or getting food… solve all disputes with a life-size game of RPS.


Have another great idea you want to share? Post it in the comments section below!

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25 Songs to Celebrate the First Day of Autumn

Playlist Fall 2015

Last night the autumn equinox began, commencing: sweater weather! The fall leaf scents and pumpkin flavors have already taken over, but today it’s official. Cooler, rainy days and the “back-to-school” feelings fill us with so many happy memories. Almost everyone can agree that autumn is a stunning and heartwarming season, despite the ubiquitous rain and foliage death. Perhaps this is because it reminds us of going back to school, Halloween, and other events that breed wonderful reminiscences for us.

Along with the sights and scents of autumn, music adds to the beauty and pleasant nostalgia of the season. Certain songs can take you back, some excite your heart as you hear them for the first time, and others will put you in a peaceful mood. Most of us love autumn because it represents the beginning of the end of the year, and a period of relaxation. Working on research papers, holiday projects, or tasks in a home office can be quite soothing… with the right tunes. Brew your favorite tea or warm up cider, start our playlist, and relax while you focus on your to-do list.

We’ve put together 25 songs that are just as beautiful as the season itself. Go ahead, give it a listen and give in to the happy comfort of fall 2015. Have suggestions for our playlist? Leave your favorite autumn songs in the comments below and we’ll add the best ones!


Not a Spotify User? Here’s a List of the Songs We Added!

Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheeran

November Rain – Guns N’ Roses

Dog Days are Over – Florence & The Machine

Wake Me up When September Ends – Green Day

Autumn Leaves – Chris Brown

These Days – The Black Keys

My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion – The Flaming Lips

Electric Feel – MGMT

Black & Gold – The Pitchforks

Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd

Your Song – Ellie Goulding

Autumn Shade – The Vines

Dead Sea – The Lumineers

Skeletons (Halloween Remix) – This Century

Love Vigilantes – Iron & Wine

Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

Round Here – Counting Crows

Cough Syrup – Young the Giant

Summer Skin – Death Cab for Cutie

Fast Car – Tracy Chapman

California Dreamin’ – The Mamas & The Papas

Autumn in New York – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Change – Blind Melon

High and Dry – Radiohead

Buckets of Rain – Bob Dylan

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