Spring & Holiday Wreath Tutorials [Wreath Clearance Sale]

It’s here! This morning kicks off our Wreath portion of our huge winter clearance sale. From now until January 23rd, save 35-80% our favorite wreaths! Inspired by this sale, I’ve created a collection of spring and holiday wreath tutorials. Go full DIY, or use one of our wreaths as a base… whatever works best for you. View examples of wreaths below, followed by some wonderful tutorials I found on Pinterest. Click “Winter Clearance” above to view all items on sale! To learn more about one of the wreaths I suggested, simply click the photo for info and pricing. Be sure to send us photos of your spring and holiday wreaths; we’d love to see what you can create!

Traditional Pine, Twig or Colored Wreaths

Artificial Traditional Pine WreathsWhite and Brown Artificial Twig Wreath Red Pine Wreath

Artificial Fir Purple Wreath pink artificial fir wreath artificial spring lime green fir wreath

Mardi Gras Wreath Tutorial

Valentine’s Day Wreath Tutorial

Football Wreath Tutorial

Spring Wreath Tutorial

St. Patricks Day Wreath Guide

Easter Wreath Tutorial

Memorial Day Wreath Tutorial

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DIY Home Organization Projects

Keeping your home organized and creatively decorate is one major way to increase happiness. Clutter and unattractive items harness the negative energy you emit when looking at them. Having a disorganized junk drawer or closet is completely normal, but did you know that it can actually dampen your mood? Clutter and disorganization breed stress and frustrations, which every home could do without. We have enough stress in our daily lives, we don’t need to add to it by struggling to find items. Phone chargers, batteries, measuring cups, and take-out menus are commonly used items that rarely have a designated place. A few of the DIY home organization projects I’ve added below will help make your home feel more organized and comforting. These ideas came from Pinterest, so just click the Pin for the full tutorial. Be sure to share your creations with us in the comments section below. We’ll highlight our favorites on Facebook!

Hang Scarves on Shower Hooks

Strategically Fold Clothing for More Space

Hang Pots & Pans in The Cupboard

Use a Wine Rack for Towels

Create a Storage Box with an Old Sweater

Make a DIY Charging Station for Electronics

Paint a Mint Container for Small Items

Reuse Cereal Boxes for Anything

Organize Measuring Cups

Make a Shelf from a Pallet

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Common Post-Christmas Feelings We Experience [.GIFS]

Christmas is over, the decorations are down, and emotions are running wild. We’re feeling relieved, disappointed, happy, frustrated, and excited all at once. We can’t wait until next year, yet we’re enjoying the calm after the shopping/wrapping storm. Personally, I tend to have about 84 different feelings a day following the weeks after Christmas and New Year’s Day. I know plenty of other holiday enthusiasts like me who go through the same thing. Today’s post covers some of the feelings most of us have during this time of year. Let’s laugh it off and look forward to the next holiday while relaxing in some much deserved down time.

Trying to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions


Trying to Eat Healthier Foods


Then You Have to Clean & Put Decorations Away


All The Anticipation & Excitement Has Ended


But Even Though It’s Over, You Know You Had Fun


And You Realize That You’re Done with Excessive Shopping & Wrapping


& The House is Back to “Normal”


& Then You Find The Post-Holiday Sales


So You Stock Up On Decor for Next Year


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Feather Decorations for The Free Spirit

Feather designs are popular for their rich heritage and symbolism. This might be why you see a feather tattoo on almost every millennial. Many of us are free-spirits, and the feather is the ultimate representation of that. For the most part, a feather commonly represents taking flight emotionally, reaching new heights. The feather design can represent a variety of additional ideals and emotions, depending on the bird the feather is from. For example, a raven is strong and determined while a dove is peaceful and content. If you live life according to your own desires and dreams, a feather is the perfect design to display with pride. The short version? Like my peers, I LOVE feather decorations on almost anything. Fortunately, we have numerous gorgeous feather items at our shop. Check out our must-have feather decor; I’ve highlighted my favorites below. Click the photos for more info or pricing!

Decorative Feather Vase

Decorative Feather Vase

Metallic Feather Wall AccentsMetallic Feather Wall Accents

Brown Peacock Feather Decorative Pillows

Brown Peacock Feather Decorative Pillows

Khaki & Blue Exotic Feather Throw PillowKhaki & Blue Exoctic Feather Throw Pillow

Glittered Regal Peacock Feather Floral Spray

Glittered Regal Peacock Feather Floral Spray

Glittered Brown and Blue Peacock Feather Floral SprayGlittered Brown and Blue Peacock Feather Floral Spray

Gorgeous Owl & Fox Decorations for Winter

Fox crochet hatAt Christmas Central, we carry a HUGE selection of home décor in a variety of styles and categories. We even focus on hot trends, like owls, and foxes. These decorations create the perfect mood for the late-winter and early-spring seasons.

I’m normally one to step away from trends, blame it on my angsty teen years. However, I’m happily on board for this one. I love, LOVE owls and foxes. I’m not really sure what it is, but they add happiness and tranquility to any room. They look so sweet and peaceful. Plus, they’re incredibly adorable.

If you share my love for foxes and owls, check out some of my favorites below. Click the item to learn more or view pricing! [Pictured Right: The fox hat my mom made for me].




plaid red fox      rustic brown and beige fox

Tabletop fox decorationsfox decorative figure



alpine chic wide eyed owl wood plaquegreen beige decorative owl sets

modern lodge table top owl decorations aqua ceramic owl cookie jar

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Fall in Love with These Desk and Floor Lamps

The lighting in your home is everything. Lights add to the decor, create ambiance, and serve a purpose. Most homeowners inspect or change ceiling lights upon moving in, because that’s how important their aesthetics are. They could make or break the look of a room.

Few homes operate solely on ceiling lights, obviously. So, how do you decide which lamp style and how much illumination is ideal for a room? Well, first you need to determine the room’s purpose. Having plans for the room will give you an idea on how much light you’ll need. Then consider your style, and whether you’d prefer a floor lamp or table lmap. I’ll help you through this process witha few examples from our store. Hopefully these will inspire you, giving you the perfect idea of what you’d like in your home. Click each photo for more info and pricing.

Table Lamps

champagen silver metal taupe lamp elephant bronze table lamp

rustic bronze lamp silver metal black round table lamp pitted green ceramic bronze khaki lamp

Floor Lamps

victorian floor lamp antiqued metal floor lamps

modern design silver leaf floor lamp antique moroccan style floor lantern

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Important Information for Removing Christmas Decorations

Most people will do their Christmas cleanup in the two weeks following New Year’s Day. Others will wait until the next decorating occasion, which is Valentine’s Day. This means almost all decorations are down by the end of January. January 31st is a great deadline to set, but things can derail our plans. If you have your lights up past January, that’s understandable, but don’t plug them in. While they look nice, you’ll be increasing your energy costs when the decor is out of season. We’ve all driven past a house in April wondering why the Christmas lights are on. If it were up to me, I’d have everyone leave their lights up all year. However, seasons are special to us because they’re here for a limited time.

Tips for Removing & Storing Christmas Decorations

  • Start with the yard art. These items are usually bigger and more difficult to put away. Once you get this done, the worst struggle is over
  • Use vacuum seal bags or suitcases to keep holiday linens safe and away from potential water damage
  • Use an ornament storage box, or plastic party cups to separate and store all ornaments and small decorations individually
  • Unplug EVERYTHING before removing decorations. Double check to be on the safe side
  • Try to get your decorations into storage by 1/31. That date isn’t worth your safety however; it’s more of a guideline. Wait until there’s a dry, sunny day. Poor weather will add too many risks in the cleanup process. You can be out of season for a few days if it means avoiding hazards.

Renovation Projects to Improve Your Home’s Value

If you plan to move soon, or even in a few years, a few great home renovation projects can increase your home’s market value. These projects are fairly affordable, simple, and useful. The best part? They’ll not only improve your quality of life, but they’ll attract more buyers and increase your selling profits. These home improvements can potentially pay for themselves! Let’s look at a few ideas, straight from the mouths of WNY’s top real estate agents.

  1. Add a breakfast nook and make sure there’s a quality, modern oven
  2. Replace Doorknobs and Cabinet Handles
  3. Revamp the Bathroom
  4. Ensure Electrical can handle modern technology
  5. Landscape and Boost Curb Appeal
  6. Offer Quality Lighting with Dimming Options
  7. Check Plumbing
  8. Create an Outdoor Dining/Entertaining Area
  9. Feeling Adventurous? Add a Pool
  10. Install Solar Panels.

Be sure to work with a professional on the bigger projects. It’s an extra perk to say, “this room was recently renovated by professional contractors”. Good luck in your adventures and be sure to check out our seasonal home décor for your new place!

Unique Living Room Decor for Every Style

Many modern homes have larger living rooms with smaller eating areas now, There are a few reasons for this. Mainly, new technology is to blame. Seating areas also play a large role. The living room is the main congregation area in most homes, so many young families often prefer the space in that area. Just as I mentioned in our kitchen decor post, favorable decor is crucial. You should have plenty of items that reflect your tastes and personality. I’ve highlighted a few items that will blend well with almost any decor theme. Click the photos below for more information and pricing.

Table Lamps

Bronze Geometric Table Lamp Dark Red Ceramic Table Lamp blue gray porcelain table lamp

beige velvet oak accent chair distressed linen corner chair

light walnut starburst frame mirrorantique hickory rectangular wall mirror
Decorative Boxes & Baskets

seagrass storage baskets decorative mosaic boxes
Decorative Figurines


Sherrie Carter

Essential Christmas Decoration Storage Items

Now that Christmas has come to a close, it’s time to store the holiday decor and prep for the post-season cleanup. With the proper storage and adequate organization, you can keep special items safe, while making next year’s setup much easier. Let’s look at some of our most useful holiday storage items. Click the photo to learn more about each item highlighted below.

Tree Storage Bag

Safely store an artificial tree in a bag specifically designed to protect the branches and lights.

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Ornament Storage

The safest way to store ornaments is to separate and wrap them individually. This can get tedious with newspaper and tote boxes, and some ornaments still break. Different sized ornament bozes allow you to easily separate and store ornaments by style. The separation panels are durable and soft, keeping your ornaments safe without all the work of newspaper wrapping.

72 ornament storage holdeHolds up to 112 Ornaments


Garland and Wreath Holders

Garland and wreaths need to keep their shapes in order to look their best. Help them retain their shapes with one of our great protective storage options.

wreath and garland storage

Light Storage

Light organizers will help protect holiday lights from damage, while making next year’s setup much easier. Prevent tangles and broken bulbs with cord holders and light storage reels.

light storage reel with zip up baglight cord wraps