Useful Christmas Products to Simplify Decorating

Christmas decorating is fun, albeit time consuming and sometimes, exhausting (depending on your display). If you’re not ready to be Clark Griswold, but still want a beautifully decorated home, try some products that qualify as “Christmas Life-hacks”. These items, when used together, will save time and energy, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the decorations.

1-2 Glow Lights

These lights are perfect if you have a real, or unlit artificial tree. 1-2 Glow Lights allow you to create perfectly aligned lighting strands without the hassle of connecting several strings around the whole tree. We offer then in a variety of sizes. To see how well they work, check out this quick video below!

Pre-Lit Garland

Create a beautiful mantle with pre-lit garland. This particular weeping pine is 7’x14″ and is bendable for custom decorating.

prelit garland


Have adequate storage for all decorations and ornaments, including the artificial tree. Try having a few selections of varying sizes so you have the perfect slot for each of your items. This will make it easier to find everything, while keeping each item safe.

ornament bags

Make sure you have a great setup for all your gift wrapping supplies as well!

Gift Wrap Storage Bags

Window Lighting

This snap-together window frame fits most miniature Christmas lights. This product allows you to frame lights to fit your window for easy decorating with no staples, tacks, or nails.

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Christmas Shopping in Autumn – Are You Done?


My Christmas shopping is already done, because I started in early autumn. How far along are you? Read my post from September and motivate yourself ti finish before December!


Originally Posted September 22,2015

Autumn Christmas ShoppingThis is it; we’re almost at the three-month mark for Christmas Day. We have 93 days to get all the right gifts planned, purchased, and wrapped. If you’re like most people, you see holiday decorations, hear Christmas music in shopping centers and wonder, “why on earth stores are pushing it so early?”. You might think it’s to get a head start on the busy season, but that’s not entirely true. Most companies want to meet the demands of smart shoppers and early birds. It might be a little surprising, but a wealth of consumers start shopping in late August and finish within a few months.

According to a recent poll conducted by this summer, 32 million adults have already started their gift shopping for Christmas. Moreover, 1 in 4 shoppers predicted they’ll be completely finished before November! Responders to the poll offered a variety of solid reasons for shopping so early. The most common motives included evading the holiday crowds, protecting budgets, and avoiding out-of-stock issues that most last-minute shoppers experience.

Well, as experts in all things holiday, we couldn’t agree more. You can still enjoy the scents and sounds of autumn while preparing for Christmas. Don’t feel as if holiday shopping will detract from the beauty of the harvest season; you can easily make holiday shopping in fall one of your favorite traditions.  It’s all a mindset really – once you discover the benefits of early shopping, it too will become one of your favorite autumn activities.

Below we’ve listed the best reasons to start holiday shopping in September (or sooner)!

Order Holiday Gifts in Autumn


Avoid Stress

Not only do large crowds breed stress, but so does procrastination and searching for a specific item. The saying goes, “if it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done”. Don’t let this be the case when looking for the perfect gift. Too many people miss out “waiting for a good deal”. There’s a variety of sales in the harvest seasons that come close to what holiday deals can offer. Factor in online ordering instead of searching eight or nine stores, and it pays for itself.

Shop through a Vast Selection

While most retail companies do our best to stay in stock, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the demand. Last-minute shoppers often have fewer options from which to choose.

Save Money

Holiday sales are great for hot items and Christmas themed gifts… but think about back-to-school and end-of-summer sales as well. You can find unique, quality items on clearance that you might not even think about during Christmas season. This is especially great if your recipient wants a vacation item or funky school supplies. Bargain shopping is not only fun, but it frees room in your budget to give more gifts AND cooler gifts.

Free Time for Helping Others

Towards the end of the harvest season, you’ll likely be attending many family parties and planning Christmas events. The more time you have on your hands, the better. If you have extra time, you can use it to volunteer to the less fortunate – bringing the true meaning of Christmas into your life.

Get Ahead on Credit Card Bills

A common New Year’s Resolution is to pay off bills accrued during the holiday season. Well, if you start shopping earlier, you can pay them off earlier. This will free you up to start fresh in the new year, instead of having old bills hanging over your head creating stress.

Relax at Home Instead of Fighting in Crowds

Okay, well online shopping does help with this, but many of us still like to visit a few retail stores for holiday shopping. The experience of gift shopping is part of the holidays we love so much, but do we have to share that experience with thousands of other stressed-out shoppers? While everyone is running around in stores doing some last-minute frantic shopping, you can relax and find last-minute online deals from the comfort of your home.

When Do You Shop?

Let us know your favorite time to shop for gifts; we’d love to hear from you. Remember to share your ideas and shopping tips with our other readers.

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Why Christmas and Trains Go Together So Well

holiday train salesTrains and Christmas are as synonymous as Stockings and Christmas, but why? Santa doesn’t use a train to deliver toys and the Christmas story of Baby Jesus didn’t involve trains. So where does this connection come from? I was curious a few years back so I asked my mom. It actually makes a lot of sense.

Trains were a big part of shipping and transportation in the 40’s, 50’s, & 60’s, which is right around the time Christmas trains grew in popularity. While people were visiting home and sending gifts, trains began to feel like a common part of Christmas. Whether your gifts were on one or you were boarding one to visit family. The brain simply connects Christmas with trains after a while.

Another reason, similar to the above point, is that trains remind us of the past. They make us reminiscent of simpler times, when we’d have to take a train. Most kids wanted trains, so they were common Christmas gifts. For some adults, trains remind them of Christmas morning joy.

Collectable trains are not just a Christmas item, but they are connected, especially for collectors of antique model trains. Christmas is the ideal time to help a fan build his or her collection.

Interested in building your own Christmas train track decoration this year? Visit our Christmas Trains page to learn more about the models we offer.


Unqiue Shatterproof Ornaments for Every Tree

Shop the largest selection of shatterproof Christmas Ornaments. Our ornaments come in all styles, shapes, sizes and more. Whether you need one single ornament to finish decorating your tree, or a large amount of ornaments you can find them all right here. We carry these ornaments in every color of the rainbow. Love glass ornaments but hate the fact that they break? Shatterproof ornaments are your answer.

Shatterproof Snowflake Ornaments

We have a multitude of gorgeous, shatterproof snowflake ornaments and decorations. Snowflakes are available in variety of styles colors and sizes, in sets of 12 or 24.shatterproof snowflakes ornaments

Traditional Shatterproof Balls

Available in essentially every color. Choose from transparent, glittered, shiny, or matte design styles.

shatterproof ornaments for sale

Candy Canes and Peppermint Ornaments

Browse traditional red, lime green, or light pink swirl peppermint candy ornaments or a variety of peppermint twist candy cane Christmas ornaments for the tree!

shatterproof ornament

Other Shatterproof Designs

Find a variety of unique accents on this page. From shatterproof pine cones, acorns, and stars, to glitter swirl disks, bells, and onion-shaped ornaments, our shatterproof inventory is impressive.

novelty shatterproof ornaments

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10 Harvest Décor Items We Are Thankful For


Since posting this, I’ve written about Thanksgiving Day Crafts and Harvest Decorations for Your Patio. The update includes links to these posts for your enjoyment. Happy Holidays!

Originally posted September 28,2015

At Christmas Central, we’re all about family, friends, and our local community in Western New York. However, we also love holiday decorations. Of all the harvest décor items we offer, we’ve decided to highlight ten special ones we’re thankful to have. Not only do we love seeing these items around in the office and on our website, but we’re extremely proud to share these adorable items with our customers. Remember to share your opinions and favorite harvest items in our comments section when you’re done reading! Happy shopping!

Turkey Table Decor for SaleThe Table Top Turkey Decoration

This intricately designed turkey makes a great centerpiece for seasonal dinners and family parties around Thanksgiving.




Harvest Pumpkin for Sale OnlineThe “Welcome Harvest” Pumpkin

This beautifully painted pumpkin offers and adorable welcoming to your home during the harvest season.



Light Up Window TurkeyThe Outdoor LED Turkey

This window silhouette lights up in a variety of colors. This is a great addition to any outdoor harvest décor theme.




Berry and Maple Leaf GarlandThe Gorgeous Autumn Blessings Garland

This elegant 9’ garland perfectly represents the harvest season, and pairs wonderfully with the Thanksgiving wreath pictured below.




TThanksgiving Berry Wreathhe Autumn Blessings Maple Leaf and Berry Thanksgiving Wreath

The 24’’ wreath is perfect for indoor or outdoor décor. Some leaves feature phrases like “Autumn Blessings”, “Give Thanks”, or “Thanksgiving”.




Driftwood Pumpkin for SaleThe Stunning Driftwood Pumpkin Accents 

This set of two gorgeous Thanksgiving pumpkins, with the unique driftwood look, is ideal for homes with rustic décor themes.




TLED Harvest Candle Holderhe Harvest LED Candle Holder

The 12.5” metal pumpkin hanging candle holder comes with autumn colored accents, mini pumpkins, and a flameless LED candle.




Autumn Wall Plaque for Sale The “Thanks” and “Tradition” Wall Plaques Set

These decorative wall plaques will give any living or dining room a cozy, homey feeling. The red and white wooden blocks feature text art, centered on the ideas of giving thanks and family tradition.



unique cornucopia for saleThe Open Top Cornucopia

Different from most cornucopias, this particular one is open at the top. It makes a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner and is sure to gather attention and praise from guests.



THarvest Pumpkin Window Decorationhe “Give Thanks” Lit Pumpkin

This 16’’ light up pumpkin silhouette displays “Give Thanks” in elegant writing.









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Christmas Songs That Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Let me apologize in advance. If you make it through this post, you will be swimming in tears like Alice in a wonderland of feelings. Christmas is a time of happiness, joy, love, family, tradition, and touching songs. Though some of these songs will hit you right where it hurts and grip tightly on your heartstrings, they’re a feel-good kind of sad. Bittersweet, beautiful, and emotional, these songs remind us of important things we might forget at Christmas time. Please enjoy this post, since it took me several tissues, a Snickers bar, and two hours to get through it. Though some of the songs were incredibly emotional, I feel more connected to the real meaning of Christmas right now. I hope this works for you too!

Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Band Aid has been doing this for a long time now. The 2014 features a variety of pop artists singing to those who aren’t fortunate enough to have a beautiful Holiday like we do. Their message hits me harder year after year. Why do we get so much when others have so little?

The lyric that will get you: “It’s hard, but when you’re having fun. There’s a world outside your window. And it’s a world of dread and fear. Where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears.”

Bring Him Home Santa

Not only does this hit us hard because it’s about a deployed soldier. It hits you right in the feels when you realize it’s a little girl asking Santa to bring him home instead of giving her gifts. What you don’t know is that it took me 6 minutes to type that last line because I had to get a tissue and make sure nobody saw my tears.

The lyric that will get you: “And Santa, here’s a picture that I drew, of him in his dress blues.
Mama says our country needs him over there. And you know Santa, this whole year I’ve been good”

The Christmas Shoes

This song is actually making it hard to type. I’ll try and see through the clouds to prepare you for what’s in the video below. It seems cheesy at first, but I’ve been hearing this song for years and it rips at my heart strings every. single. time. This kid wants to buy shoes for his mother before she passes away, but doesn’t have enough money. It’s adorable and sad, yet hauntingly beautiful. Watch the video, but don’t so you weren’t warned.

The lyric that will get you: “Momma made Christmas good at our house, most years she just did without”.

Deep Breaths…

Okay… Keep Going…


Joel the Lump of Coal

This one will make you feel, but it will also make you smile. Joel the Lump of Coal is about an adorable lump of coal who just wanted to be a gift for good girls and boys. He gets a rude awakening when he realizes he’s going to someone naughty. I don’t know if it’s my empathy for Joel or Brandon Flower’s voice that got to me, but there’s not a dry eye at my desk right now.

The lyric that will get you: “What kid would ever want you, you’re filfthy as can be. Now you have go and live with one who has been naughty”

My Name is Christmas Carol

Written from Santa’s point of view, so this is especially touching. It’s about a young orphan girl that sits on his lap and asks for a family. All I have to say is, next time you fight with your family, be glad you have someone to be frustrated with.

The lyric that will get you: “She said my name is Christmas Carol, I was born on Christmas Day. I don’t know who my daddy is, and mommy’s gone away. All I want for Christmas is someone to take me home. Does anybody want a Christmas Carol of their own?”

So this might be you right now


But feeling these things are actually great for us to experience.


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5 Unique DIY Thanksgiving Countdown Crafts

Yesterday was Halloween, which means Thanksgiving will creep up on us quickly. If you like the Halloween countdown calenders we highlighted, but didn’t have time to make them, don’t worry; there’s still Thanksgiving and Christmas! Kids love countdowns – they help curb the anticipation and add a little fun to the days leading up to the holidays. Thanks to Pinterest, there are plenty of DIY countdown tutorials online. I highlighted some of the cutest and easiest ones I could find. Enjoy! 25 More Days to Thanksgiving!

Give Thanks Calendar

Countdown Thanksgiving Tree

Printable Dry-Erase Framed Countdown

25 Days of Giving Thanks

Daily Acts of Kindness Countdown

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Shaping Artificial Christmas Trees

Shaping an Artificial Tree

An artificial tree boasts a lot of convenience for your home. They last for about ten years, and require significantly less maintenance than a real tree. The only main task you need to master is shaping the year. After you do it a few times, shaping the tree will be a quick and easy Christmas task.

  • Install the bottom row of branches first. Shape one row, branch by branch. Shaping the tree one branch at time is more time consuming, but it ensures that you thoroughly shape the tree so it looks straight and bushy.
  • Pull each twig away from the branch, and keep the twig at a 45-degree angle from the branch. Do this with every twig in the first row.
  • Then, pull the first row of twigs, starting with the closest to the trunk. Pull each twig on the top up about two inches. For the twigs on the bottom, pull them down about two inches.
  • Move on to the next row until the bottom section is complete.
  • Repeat the same order for the middle and top sections.

We’ve also included a helpful video for your convenience.

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4 Common Thanksgiving Messes & How to Clean Them

Preparing for Thanksgiving is fun, but it’s also a little stressful. Even if you follow our stress-reducing Thanksgiving Prep Checklist, you may run into a few unexpected problems, specifically: spills! Today’s post will cover common Thanksgiving messes and how to recover from them. Hopefully, you don’t need this post, but we’re here if you need us!

Red Wine

Red wine sets quickly so you’ll want to act fast. Use club soda and vinegar to blot the juice out. If it’s on clothing or linens, you’ll want to wash with Oxy Clean or another enzyme laundry detergent. If it’s in the carpet, use caution when blotting. DO NOT RUB, as you could make the stain set deeper in the carpet. You may need a professional, but still attempt this on your own at first because the longer it’s on the rug, the harder it is to remove.

Cranberry Sauce

Personally, I’ve never had to remove cranberry sauce, so I turned to Martha Stewart. She has a lovely stain removal chart and a helpful video for removing cranberry sauce or juice out of linens.

Candle Wax

If someone knocks a candle over, it’s bad news. The wax will get on the surface, walls, and carpeting. For surfaces and walls, you can use a hair dryer to reheat the wax, making it easier to clean up. You can use hot water, but it will take longer. For the carpet, it’s a bit trickier. You’ll want to go the opposite direction. Place bagged ice over the stain. This will harden the wax. When it’s on the walls, you don’t want to pick at it. However, when it’s in the carpet you have no choice. Once the wax is frozen and hard, you can remove it by hand. It will take a while, but you can get most of it. Use a butter knife, it will be easier. Use carpet cleaner and vacuum the area. This should get it out. If it’s still giving you trouble you can iron it. This will return the was to the liquid state and you can blot the rest up with carpet cleaner and a towel. Vacuum again and your carpet should be good as new!

Drink Rings on Wood Furniture

I’ve tried this before without much success. It’s likely because I was using Pledge and stress to remove the water ring. The trick is to correct this as soon as possible. If you spot a guest not using a coaster, simply place their drink on a coaster and clean up the ring without saying anything. Most people won’t notice and it’s easier than feeling a little awkward while asking them to use the coasters that are exactly two inches in front of them. A great trick for getting people to use coasters is setting them out on the table. They’re more noticeable than when they’re stacked up, and that’s a universal sign for “please use a coaster in my house”. Here’s a video that can show you a better method than the one I used.

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LED VS Incandescent Christmas Lighting Options

LED and Incandescent lights are both wonderful options for Christmas lighting. LED lights are a newer, more durable option. However, incandescent lights offer many benefits that make them an ideal option for you as well. Read the paragraph below and compare the two styles to choose which is best for your needs.


LED lights for Sale

LED lights last for about ten years, so they make a great choice if you’re ready for new lights. Keep in mind, they are a bit more expensive than traditional incandescent lights initially. However, LED lights will save money in the long run, as they use about one-tenth of the electricity that incandescent lights use. Another great benefit is that you can string together 2-5 lights before blowing a fuse. These are a great option for rooms with limited outlets. Ultimately, LED lights are the way to go, as they’re more efficient, more modern, and brighter.


incandescent christmas lights for sale

Incandescent lights are popular lighting options in multi-color displays and novelty Christmas lights. They’re more affordable than LED lights, and they’ve been around for a long time. If you still have functioning incandescent lights, it’s a good idea to hang onto them. They work well and there’s no sense in wasting perfectly fine light bulbs just to switch over to LED. The better option is to use them until they’re expired. Once they’re dead, take them to a store that recycles LED lights. Some major stores will give a discount on LED lights if you turn in your old incandescent lights. LED lights last a long time, so if you’re not sure you’ll need the same color in the next year or two, get yourself a nice mix of multi-color incandescent lights.




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