Halloween Decorating Ideas for Kids Who Scare Easily

Halloween Decorations for SaleHalloween is one of the most fun holidays, from decorating with spooky items to scaring the Trick-or-Treaters. However, if you have a small child that’s easily scared, you’ll want to wait a few years before busting out the terrifying decor. Sure, you can’t protect your kid from everything, but you can do your part to make him or her feel a little safer at home. When you go places and see scary decorations, you can explain that it’s just fake and fun for the holiday. When you’re at home, you want your child to feel comfortable and happy. Say yes to the happy, cute Halloween decorations and harvest themes. If your kid frightens easily, say no to the skulls and creepy decor. I made a list below that should help in your shopping adventures.

Say YES to

  • Cornstalks and colored corn
  • Smiling scarecrows, happy ghosts, and silly pumpkins
  • Cartoon bats
  • White pumpkins
  • Haybales
  • DIY crafts (kids won’t fear something they create)

Say NO to

  • Skulls and skeletons
  • Mean scarecrows, creepy pumpkins, and creepy ghosts
  • Realistic bats, spiders, birds, and rats
  • Blood and gore
  • Scary carving ideas
  • Terrifying costumes
  • Evil Witches
  • Decor with small pieces a.k.a. choking hazards

Most kids are brave, but the items in the NO list even scare me sometimes. You want to make sure they’re ready before making them deal with that kind of terror in their own home. One of my neighbors has this skeleton that I have to pass every night, and if I were a child I’d be having nightmares about it. It’s okay to dial back the horror until your son or daughter is ready to see it as fun and not terrifying.

Easy, Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

There’s about 2 weeks left before Halloween. Most Halloween parties are happening in the next few weekends, which means you don’t have a lot of time to come up with a costume if you haven’t already. All too often, I have been there, and so… I’m here to save the day!
Maybe plans changed, you suddenly got the day off, you’re a famous procrastinator, or you just simply changed your mind at the last minute. Whatever the case is, you don’t have a costume and now you need one. Fortunately, I’ve been in this position before and with the help of the internet and my Halloween-Pro mother, I’ve always had a great costume….even with short notice. Don’t rush, even if you are in a hurry, don’t allow yourself to feel rushed. You can make these costumes in an hour or less, so take your time making sure they look good. There’s still enough time left that you don’t have to resort to a rushed costume, just yet.

The 404 Error – Costume Not Found

This one is hilarious and it only requires an old white shirt and a permanent marker. Chances are you already have the items you need. Use the marker to make the white shirt look like a “URL not found” error. The humor comes in when you change the wording a bit. Here’s what it should look like

404 – Not Found
The requested costume was not found on this server.

Additionally a 404 Not found error was encountered while trying to use a Halloween Party to handle the request.

Static Cling

Similar to the previous costume, you can make this without having to spend time or money at the store. Grab some unmated socks (we all have them) and dryer sheets. Fasten them to your current outfit and tease your hair until it’s messy. You’ll be static cling!

Brawny Man

last minute halloween costume

I actually got this idea from my current outfit and the paper towel roll sitting on my desk. It’s so easy to do that I’m dressed like him on accident. You just need a red and black shirt and dark jeans.









This costume is easy as well as witty. Wear a normal outfit, and then attach a bunch of sponges to your outfit. Talk about how great you are all night, break that cocktail party rule. You’ll be “Self-Absorbed”

Nudist on Strike

This is one of those costumes that makes you think. Wear whatever you want along with a sign that says “Nudist on Strike”. It might take a minute for the joke to set in, but everyone will love it.

Chip on Your Shoulder

Wear jeans and a yellow shirt, then attach a bag of potato chips to your shoulder. Act bitter about something to add to the costume.


Wear all white and glue black dots to yourself making your favorite number. If you have a few friends who want to join in on this, you can switch it up a bit. You could wear black and glue white dots on your outfit, and your group will be dominoes!

Chicken “Cord On Blue”

Another easy, yet hilarious costume. Wear a blue shirt and attach a rubber chicken and an electrical cord to your costume (just don’t let anyone try to plug you in).

Celebrity Halloween Costumes You’ll Want To Copy

Celebrities have a major advantage when it comes to Halloween costumes. They’re familiar with makeup, they’re used to wearing extravagant costumes, and most of them know how to stay in character. Some celebrities waste our time by going as average, easy costumes. While some of these costumes aren’t bad, they just don’t meet our expectations when they wear something one of our friends could pull off. Then, you have the handful of celebrities that go all out and have you picking your jaw up off the ground. Here they are… the best costumes I’ve seen in a long time.

Neil Patrick Harris as The Riddler

NPH is known for his famous Halloween group costumes with his family, and this one is no different. He went as The Riddler, fully equipped with Batman, Batgirl, and The Joker. This costume was so awesome that it spun a sea of rumors that NPH would play The Riddler in the next Batman movie. Unfortunately, that’s not true, but maybe they’ll hear our cries and cast him.

Ellen as Nicki Minaj

Ellen never shows this much skin, but in the sake of humor, she did what she had to. Her modesty is what makes the Nicki Minaj outfit so hilarious. Oh, Ellen… how I love you.

Katy Perry as a Cheeto

Katy Perry dresses up as food more than is probably healthy, but she nails it every time. This time, she’s not a sexy cupcake or strawberry. This time, she is a gigantic Cheeto. I’ll need to finish this post later if I can ever stop laughing. LOOK AT HER.

Channing Tatum as Winnie the Pooh

We thought he couldn’t get any more adorable, but he’s done it. Channing Tatum broke the internet with this Winnie the Pooh costume.

Iggy Azalea as a “White Chick”

Iggy Azalea has been hearing the same joke for the last few years. Everyone thinks he or she is so original when they say she looks like one of the characters from “White Chicks”. Sorry to deliver the bad news, but those jokes are a dime a dozen. Moreover, they don’t insult Iggy. She handled these insults in the bravest, most hilarious way… she dressed as one of them for Halloween!

Josh Duhamel & Fergie as Dia de los Muertos Skeletons

These two often bring their A games on Halloween. Last year, they broke hearts dressed as Dia de los Muertos skeletons.

North West as a Skunk

Can’t… type… cuteness… overload. #Kimye nailed this parenting thing.

Heidi Klum as a Butterfly

How could I have a celebrity Halloween costume post and NOT include the one and only Heidi Klum. If anyone owns Halloween in this country, it’s her. She’s done several awe-inspiring costumes, but I personally think her butterfly costume was a masterpiece.

Sherrie Carter