DIY Home Decor for Every Room

I’ve highlighted a large portion of our best home decor items over the last few months. While I love our items, I also love to see handmade decor in a home. Items that you created yourself hold sentimental value and positive energy. The item you created is a one-of-a-kind, truly personalized decoration. I have a few things I’d like to try over the next few months before I move. I’ve decided to share my super-top-secret DIY projects with you. By super-top-secret I actually mean I found them on Pinterest! As always, if you try one of these projects, send us photos and we’ll highlight the best ones on our Facebook page. Happy Crafting!

Kitchens & Breakfast Nooks

DIY Coffee Mug Rack

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers


Towel Racks

Mason Jar Supply Containers

Dining Rooms & Living Rooms

Old Door Photo Frame

Scrabble Coasters

Illuminated Dividers


Makeup Storage

Lace Shelves

DIY Illuminated Canopy


Sherrie Carter

Essential Christmas Decoration Storage Items

Now that Christmas has come to a close, it’s time to store the holiday decor and prep for the post-season cleanup. With the proper storage and adequate organization, you can keep special items safe, while making next year’s setup much easier. Let’s look at some of our most useful holiday storage items. Click the photo to learn more about each item highlighted below.

Tree Storage Bag

Safely store an artificial tree in a bag specifically designed to protect the branches and lights.

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Ornament Storage

The safest way to store ornaments is to separate and wrap them individually. This can get tedious with newspaper and tote boxes, and some ornaments still break. Different sized ornament bozes allow you to easily separate and store ornaments by style. The separation panels are durable and soft, keeping your ornaments safe without all the work of newspaper wrapping.

72 ornament storage holdeHolds up to 112 Ornaments


Garland and Wreath Holders

Garland and wreaths need to keep their shapes in order to look their best. Help them retain their shapes with one of our great protective storage options.

wreath and garland storage

Light Storage

Light organizers will help protect holiday lights from damage, while making next year’s setup much easier. Prevent tangles and broken bulbs with cord holders and light storage reels.

light storage reel with zip up baglight cord wraps

Gorgeous Owl & Fox Decorations for Winter

Fox crochet hatAt Christmas Central, we carry a HUGE selection of home décor in a variety of styles and categories. We even focus on hot trends, like owls, and foxes. These decorations create the perfect mood for the late-winter and early-spring seasons.

I’m normally one to step away from trends, blame it on my angsty teen years. However, I’m happily on board for this one. I love, LOVE owls and foxes. I’m not really sure what it is, but they add happiness and tranquility to any room. They look so sweet and peaceful. Plus, they’re incredibly adorable.

If you share my love for foxes and owls, check out some of my favorites below. Click the item to learn more or view pricing! [Pictured Right: The fox hat my mom made for me].




plaid red fox      rustic brown and beige fox

Tabletop fox decorationsfox decorative figure



alpine chic wide eyed owl wood plaquegreen beige decorative owl sets

modern lodge table top owl decorations aqua ceramic owl cookie jar

Sherrie Carter