Movies to Watch In Winter: Part 1

In winter, at least here in WNY… we spend a lot of time indoors trying to stay warm. One of my favorite things to do is curl up with a fuzzy blanket and watch a cold movie. There’s just something about being warm and cozy while watching actors survive in a cold setting. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite cold-themed movies for you to check out. There are a variety of great winter movies for kids, as well as adults. The first post in this series covers winter movies that are great to watch with kids and teens!

Winter Movies for Kids


I don’t think I need to tell you how much kids love this movie. Adults love it too! Curl up with a blanket and get down with the Snow Queen Elsa!

Ice Age

A group of various creatures travel south after finding a human baby. Who doesn’t love watching an ice-centric rescue story?



The classic retelling of the Titanic’s demise, complete with a love story and a giant iceberg villain.

Snow Day

Rememer how much you loved getting a snow day as a kid? Share these happy memories while watching an evil snow plow driver attempt to clear the streets and open school!

Happy Feet

A penguin without a singing voice goes on an adventure to find his soulmate. Is there anything more adorable?

Sherrie Carter

DIY Home Organization Projects

Keeping your home organized and creatively decorate is one major way to increase happiness. Clutter and unattractive items harness the negative energy you emit when looking at them. Having a disorganized junk drawer or closet is completely normal, but did you know that it can actually dampen your mood? Clutter and disorganization breed stress and frustrations, which every home could do without. We have enough stress in our daily lives, we don’t need to add to it by struggling to find items. Phone chargers, batteries, measuring cups, and take-out menus are commonly used items that rarely have a designated place. A few of the DIY home organization projects I’ve added below will help make your home feel more organized and comforting. These ideas came from Pinterest, so just click the Pin for the full tutorial. Be sure to share your creations with us in the comments section below. We’ll highlight our favorites on Facebook!

Hang Scarves on Shower Hooks

Strategically Fold Clothing for More Space

Hang Pots & Pans in The Cupboard

Use a Wine Rack for Towels

Create a Storage Box with an Old Sweater

Make a DIY Charging Station for Electronics

Paint a Mint Container for Small Items

Reuse Cereal Boxes for Anything

Organize Measuring Cups

Make a Shelf from a Pallet

Sherrie Carter

Important Information for Removing Christmas Decorations

Most people will do their Christmas cleanup in the two weeks following New Year’s Day. Others will wait until the next decorating occasion, which is Valentine’s Day. This means almost all decorations are down by the end of January. January 31st is a great deadline to set, but things can derail our plans. If you have your lights up past January, that’s understandable, but don’t plug them in. While they look nice, you’ll be increasing your energy costs when the decor is out of season. We’ve all driven past a house in April wondering why the Christmas lights are on. If it were up to me, I’d have everyone leave their lights up all year. However, seasons are special to us because they’re here for a limited time.

Tips for Removing & Storing Christmas Decorations

  • Start with the yard art. These items are usually bigger and more difficult to put away. Once you get this done, the worst struggle is over
  • Use vacuum seal bags or suitcases to keep holiday linens safe and away from potential water damage
  • Use an ornament storage box, or plastic party cups to separate and store all ornaments and small decorations individually
  • Unplug EVERYTHING before removing decorations. Double check to be on the safe side
  • Try to get your decorations into storage by 1/31. That date isn’t worth your safety however; it’s more of a guideline. Wait until there’s a dry, sunny day. Poor weather will add too many risks in the cleanup process. You can be out of season for a few days if it means avoiding hazards.