How to Make a Fourth of July Wreath

Oh, the wonderful holiday known as 4th of July! This includes cookouts, bonfires, family time, and loud (but beautiful) fireworks. But of course, the decorating for that cookout. Every barbecue needs a jaw-dropping centerpiece, and making one is easier than you think.

Have some extra Christmas ornaments laying around?  Then you’ve got yourself Fourth of July decor!  How?  Let’s find out.

Step One:
Using some shatterproof ball Christmas ornaments, I decided to make a wreath with a plain metal clothes hanger, left over ornaments and hot glue. 

Step Two:
Untwist the top of the hanger. 

Step Three:
Hot glue the tops of the ornaments into the balls — if you don’t they will pop off once the wreath is completed. 

Step Four:
Start stringing the ornaments onto the hanger. You can arrange them into any pattern or way you choose.

Step Five:
When you have arranged the ornaments and completed your pattern simply take a pair of pliers and twist the hanger together. 

You can cover the hook with a bow or wrap ribbon around it to cover the metal. 

Step Six:
Now you can hang it where you and any guests can see it.

On a door, maybe? Or over the fireplace?

No matter where you put it, enjoy the wreath and the beautiful welcome it provides.