How to Make a Keepsake/Jewelry Holder

Do you need a gift for a college-bound child? Need a pick-me up for a back-to-school wary kiddie? Here’s the perfect idea for you: repurpose an old picture frame into an elegant holder for jewelry, little encouraging notes or homework reminders.

Step One:
Gather your materials for the DIY quest. Get out: a picture frame, colored yarn or twine, Krazy Glue, Sharpies, and scissors. Feel free to use any size and caliber picture frame. I had a couple of new frames laying around, but definitely use an old frame if that’s what you have.

Step Two:
Measure out a strip of yarn. Don’t worry about the glass cover and the backing, you won’t need them for this project.  Keep them or toss them, it’s entirely up to you.

Step Three:
Glue the edges of the yarn to the picture frame.There are other tutorials that use thumbtacks or nails, but Krazy Glue works just as well and doesn’t require any brute force.

Step Four:
Repeat steps two and three as many times as you have string. The placement and amount of yarn you use is completely your aesthetic call. Go wild!

Step Five:
Start the glorious process of making any design along the frame using your Sharpies. Let the creativity flow through you. At first, I started out just filling in the little creases where the frame was glued together. From there, it got a little kooky. Until eventually, after filling in some of the lines, the design ended up looking very chevron-esque if you ask me. This just goes to show, you’ll never know where you’ll be at the end of your DIY journey.

Step Six:
Hang up jewelry or little notes on your beautiful creation.

Great for any dorm, this “upcycled” frame makes a stylized back-to-school gift for a daughter of any age — whether college bound or taking the bus for the first time. Make a small one for earrings or a large one for memos and reminders. With this versatile frame, your child will be able take a part of home (and a part of you) with them on their next adventure and part of life.