How to Make a Decorative Mason Jar

Do you need a new festive look for your home? Perhaps you have a spot in your home that needs a little of your personal flair. 

Let’s get down to it.
Let’s talk about mason jars.

Mason jars are a beautiful thing.  They can be used around the house (inside or out) for a variety of tasks and occasions.  Whether you fill your jar with candles or flowers, pencils and pens, dog treats, what have you, these babies have some serious potential to make any home look vibrant.

Step One:
Gather your tools. All you’ll need for this project is a mason jar (of course!), a good pair of scissors, adhesive spray, Krazy Glue, a couple of different types and colors of ribbon, twine, and lace.  How you use these items is up to you.

Step Two:
Start at the rim of the jar and work your way down.Brush Krazy Glue around the rim of the jar.Wrap your first ribbon along the edge of the jar, using more Krazy Glue along the way if it doesn’t do your bidding.

Step Three:
Create layers of twine, ribbon, and lace. (And twine again!) This is your jar, let the inspiration come to you as you go. Spray adhesive on the jar for each next section.

Step Four:
Spruce up the jar with that last finishing touch.

Step Five:
Admire your handiwork.

Mine came out with a little bit of rustic charm, which I thought paired perfectly with just a simple tea candle. Maybe yours will look better with flowers or even (dare I say) empty. No matter what you decide to fill your mason jar with, just remember: your jar is an expression of you!

Embrace it and enjoy!

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