How to Make an Ornament Chandelier

Have you ever wondered what to do with extra Christmas ornaments?  It turns out, if strung together with lights, a beautiful chandelier is born.

Want to find out how? Follow me!

Step One:
Acquire: Lights, Shatterproof Ornaments, twine.

Step Two:
Pick your mini lights. Mini lights of different colors work, but only if you use all clear ornaments and vise versa.

Step Three:
Cut the twine or string into workable pieces.

Step Four:
Thread the twine through the cap of the ornament.

Step Five:
Tie the string directly into the strand of lights — colors and length depends on your personal preferences.

Continue tying the ornaments onto the strand of lights until the chandelier reaches the desired length and width. 

Step Seven:
It’s time to hang up this bad boy.

The great thing about this project is that you are not limited by the way you hang it. You can either have it hanging straight down or you can drape it. 

There you have it! A quick and easy way to add a unique accent to your home or party. Go forth and create this chandelier!

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