How To Set Up A Beautiful Fall Display

Everyone seems to be welcoming fall with open arms. If you think you too are ready to start decorating, here are some pointers for setting up an effortlessly beautiful display or accent corner.

Step One:
It’s always best to have something seasonally-appropriate to place your decorations on. (Velvet cloth for Valentine’s Day, a bed of flowers for Spring, etc.) In this case, we’re using Mini Straw Bales. Stagger them for a natural look.

Step Two:
Now the fun starts. Start placing your decorations, making sure to progress gradually and thoughtfully. Everything you place should feel like that’s the only place it could go.

It’s also important to make it your own. While it’s great to stay traditional, breaking the mold a bit makes your home unique. We’ve used Matte Burnt Orange Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments and Gold Goddess Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments in place of leaves.

Step Three:
Be mindful to balance large and small decorations for a well-proportioned display. In fall, everything is natural so asymmetry is key, as with our Autumn Floating Fall Leaf Candle Set and Autumn Harvest Shiny Pumpkin Table Top Decoration.

Step Four:
Create areas of focus throughout your display, but don’t be heavy-handed. Tucking our Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Gourd Set into the ornaments is a great way to achieve this.

Step Five:
Finally, while we want to control how family and friends see our displays, that’s not always possible. So make sure your finished work looks effortless, balanced and beautiful from all angles.

Happy fall!