How to Make a Halloween Themed Mason Jar

Ah, the oh-so versatile beauty of mason jars. Perfect as an accent, simple decoration, or party favor, the mason jar is every DIY Master’s must-have.

T’is the season for spook — so, a Halloween themed mason jar it is!

Step One:
Grab the materials — this project will require a mason jar, string, black spray paint, a clever or spooooky message, gloves (for hand protection) and a newspaper (for table protection).

Step Two:
Place the mason jar on the protective covering — no one likes a paint splotched table. (All I had was some Styrofoam, which started disintegrating on contact with the paint. Don’t be like me. Don’t use Styrofoam.)

Step Three:
Begin spraying. Make sure the layers of paint are even and not dripping down, otherwise the jar will look splotchy. I was a little impatient with the paint, and my jar suffered for it. Thankfully, black is slimming and it wasn’t too noticeable. 

Step Four:
Let it dry. Resist the dire temptation to touch the jar — you have to just let it do its thing. 

Step Five:
While you’re watching paint dry, make a small opening in your kooky and probably totally awesome message and slip some twine or string through the hole. (I had made my “trick or treat” note out of a cutout from the back of a notebook and a few sharpies.)

Step Six:
After the mason jar is completely dry, (and I mean completely, folks!), wrap your Halloween message around the top of the jar. 

Now, you’re done! Sort of.

Then it’s time to fill your spook-tacular jar with Halloween candy or or just leave it out as part of a decorative centerpiece

Love Halloween and Carry On!

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