How to Turn a Clear Ornament into a Festive Fall Favorite

Do you have any clear ornaments around the house begging to be made decorative?  Well, now’s the time to answer their plea! 

Here’s how you can turn a plain ornament into your fall display’s splash of color. 

Step One:
Grab a clear ornament (or a few) of any size.

Step Two:
Take a hike — for the materials, of course! Half the fun of this project is just being outside in the crisp breeze.

I decided to bring the clear ornament with me. Why? I don’t know. But, that slight (mis)step ended up allowing Mother Nature’s creativity to lead me.

Step Three:
Gather everything and anything you find bright, colorful or just autumnal. Try not to pick too many things off the branches, I think that lowers karma points. (Let’s not do that.)

I found some Queen Anne’s Lace, deep red leaves, yellow leaves, and purple flowers. Next, I threw in some beige plants to accent that brightness.

Step Four: 
Pop the top off the clear ornament, roll or stuff your filling into the ball and snap the top back on. Simple! 

Almost too simple…

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