Decorating With Green and Brown For Spring

Spring is finally here!

Now is the time of blooming flowers, green grass and clear skies. Many people celebrate the coming of the new season in different ways; cleaning, wardrobe transitions, and redecorating.

Redecorating? Yes, redecorating. 

Make your home feel more like spring by adding green and brown accents along your shelves or side tables. There are many shades on green out there, so be sure to experiment! Try setting a lighter green next to a darker green and see the dazzling results. Also, while the green may seem whimsical, bring your color tones back down to earth with a solid dose of light or very dark brown. 

Green and brown should be in everyone’s home color palette! Play with the tones to see how it suits you and the season best.

Remember: it’s your home and yours to make beautiful.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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