Decorative Crystals Part One: Benefits & Meanings

Each room in your home acts as a sanctuary, with your bedroom being the most sacred of spaces. Your home absorbs your energy and reflects your personality through and through. You may have seen some homes with crystal gardens or quartz terrariums, as this trend is on the rise. Have you ever wondered what certain materials represent? When choosing the material for your countertops and decor, consider more than just aesthetics and durability. Look into the different benefits of each crystal to determine which works best for your home. In part one of this two-part post, I’ll cover popular crystal types and their meanings. Tomorrow I’ll post a few beautiful examples from Pinterest. Be sure to check back tomorrow for inspiration!


The February birthstone that represents a clear head and a sharp mind. Amethyst is said to relieve headaches and fatigue. It creates peaceful sleep, with good dreams and also promotes a healthy respiratory system.

Purple Amethyst and Golden Amber Decorative Hand Blown Glass Bowl


The October birthstone was once known as “Queen of the Gems”. It got this nickname because it contains the colors of a variety of gems. The great thing about opal, is each piece is authentically unique. It’s believed to boost creativity and help with mood swings.



Along with the diamond, quartz is an April birthstone. It promotes balance, enhances energy, and improves focus. Quartz eases anxiety and reduces negative energy in a room.

mosaic quartz hand blown glass


For thousands of years Jade has had an impressive reputation. It’s believed to bless anything it touches, and promote immune systems. Strong and tough, jade was used to make axe heads and other tools. Subsequently, Jade also represents strength and dependability.

Jade Finish Chinese Ceramic Choo Foo Dogs


Agate crystals are unique as well. With rare designs and eye markings, each agate is truly interesting and beautiful. They invoke courage, emotional strength, and confidence. According to some, and agate crystal will eradicate fears and bad dreams.

Solid Wood and Linen Shadow Boxes with Multi-Color Agate Stones


Black Onyx is used to increase stamina and self-control and assists with challenges in life. It’s incredibly beautiful and works well with a variety of other crystals and earthen decor.


Sherrie Carter