Decorative Stands & Wall Hooks

distressed bird branch bronze key hooks

Small accents actually have a big influence on the look and feel of a room. Simple features like wall plates, switch covers, hooks, stands, and accent tables can complement or detract from the aesthetics in the room. Improve organization and style with decor that no only serves a purpose, but also looks amazing in your home. It will take time to find the perfect accents for your home, but with a little inspiration and shopping you’ll get there. To get you started, I’ve highlighted some of our decorative stands and wall hooks, as that’s a great place to start. I opted for items with a rustic charm, as that is a very popular decorating style (it’s also my favorite). Check out some of the photos below to get an idea of what you’d like to see in your home. Click the photo for more info and pricing.


decorative quilt rack dark mocha brown magazine holder Bronze Branch Pedestal Plant Stands

Wall Hooks

distressed bird branch bronze key hooks rustic chick key holder wall hook

bronze keys key holder bronze home key holder

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