Colorful Umbrellas for a Cheerful Patio

Outdoor Market Umbrellas

Bright and large market umbrellas are perfect for the backyard. They exude elegance and serve a purpose. A large, bright market umbrella will not only give your property charm, but it’s extremely helpful on sunny or rainy days. With Spring, comes fresh air, floral scents, and of course… sunny days. For some of us that means a rough sunburn. Even when wearing sunblock, extended exposure to the sun can take its toll on sensitive skin. This is where your market umbrella comes into save the day. The brighter colors won’t attract as much sunlight as brown, black, and navy hues. Then there’s the obvious benefit… the shade. Click on the photo below to browse through bright patio umbrellas of various sizes and styles. Choose one that best fits your yard and enjoy fun-in-the-sun AND a shady place to relax and cool off!



Patio Umbrellas