How to Make Your Own Customized Wedding Bouquet


  • A variety of DAVE’S silk flowers of your choice
  • Artificial moss
  • Ribbon (we used wide white satin ribbon)
  • Cutters
  • Pearl-head straight pins and/or glue
  • Floral tape

Step 1: Begin with your center flower and add your other floral pieces one-by-one until you are happy with your bouquet arrangement.

Tip: keep in mind to evenly spread out flowers based on their size, color, and texture for a more uniform look.

Step 2: Once you are finished adding your flowers, bunch all of your stems tightly and prepare for wrapping.

Step 3: You may choose to begin by using floral tape underneath your ribbon for extra hold; this is a matter of personal preference. Otherwise, grab your white satin ribbon and begin wrapping the ribbon tightly, just under the bulk of your bouquet. Continue downward, wrapping in a tight, diagonal manner towards the bottom of the stems.

Step 4: When your bouquet handle is as long as you would like it, simply tuck or pin the ribbon in place (add some glue for extra hold).

Step 5: Next, trim your excess stems to your desired length.

Step 6: Lastly, tie your bow to the bouquet handle just underneath the flowers, and you’re all set!

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