Important Information for Removing Christmas Decorations

Most people will do their Christmas cleanup in the two weeks following New Year’s Day. Others will wait until the next decorating occasion, which is Valentine’s Day. This means almost all decorations are down by the end of January. January 31st is a great deadline to set, but things can derail our plans. If you have your lights up past January, that’s understandable, but don’t plug them in. While they look nice, you’ll be increasing your energy costs when the decor is out of season. We’ve all driven past a house in April wondering why the Christmas lights are on. If it were up to me, I’d have everyone leave their lights up all year. However, seasons are special to us because they’re here for a limited time.

Tips for Removing & Storing Christmas Decorations

  • Start with the yard art. These items are usually bigger and more difficult to put away. Once you get this done, the worst struggle is over
  • Use vacuum seal bags or suitcases to keep holiday linens safe and away from potential water damage
  • Use an ornament storage box, or plastic party cups to separate and store all ornaments and small decorations individually
  • Unplug EVERYTHING before removing decorations. Double check to be on the safe side
  • Try to get your decorations into storage by 1/31. That date isn’t worth your safety however; it’s more of a guideline. Wait until there’s a dry, sunny day. Poor weather will add too many risks in the cleanup process. You can be out of season for a few days if it means avoiding hazards.

Essential Christmas Decoration Storage Items

Now that Christmas has come to a close, it’s time to store the holiday decor and prep for the post-season cleanup. With the proper storage and adequate organization, you can keep special items safe, while making next year’s setup much easier. Let’s look at some of our most useful holiday storage items. Click the photo to learn more about each item highlighted below.

Tree Storage Bag

Safely store an artificial tree in a bag specifically designed to protect the branches and lights.

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Ornament Storage

The safest way to store ornaments is to separate and wrap them individually. This can get tedious with newspaper and tote boxes, and some ornaments still break. Different sized ornament bozes allow you to easily separate and store ornaments by style. The separation panels are durable and soft, keeping your ornaments safe without all the work of newspaper wrapping.

72 ornament storage holdeHolds up to 112 Ornaments


Garland and Wreath Holders

Garland and wreaths need to keep their shapes in order to look their best. Help them retain their shapes with one of our great protective storage options.

wreath and garland storage

Light Storage

Light organizers will help protect holiday lights from damage, while making next year’s setup much easier. Prevent tangles and broken bulbs with cord holders and light storage reels.

light storage reel with zip up baglight cord wraps

7 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Skirts for Your Home

Your Christmas tree skirt is the epicenter of your decor. When kids and guests view your home, the first thing they’ll notice is the tree. The skirt, much like the rug in The Big Lebowski, ties the entire room together. It’s important to choose the right one that represents your style and holiday spirit. From elegant and classic designs to cute and whimsical styles, we have it all. I’ve selected a few of my favorite tree skirts that would work for a variety of personalities. View the photos below and click your favorite to learn more. Remember to send us a photo of your completed design if you use one of these tree skirts; we’ll highlight it on our Facebook page!


Cardinal Bird Applique Tree Skirt
Cardinal Bird Applique Tree Skirt

Elegant Gold Trimmed Black Tree Skirt

Elegant Gold Trimmed Black Tree Skirt

Rustic Red and White Tree Skirt

Red and White Tree Skirt


Santa Jacket Tree Skirt

Santa Jacket Tree Skirt


Black and Silver Metallic Tree Skirt
Black and Silver Metallic Tree Skirt

Blue &  White Tree Skirt with Embroidered Snowman

Blue &  White Tree Skirt with Embroidered Snowman

Traditional Santa Belt Buckle Tree Skirt

Traditional Santa Belt Buckle Tree Skirt