DIY Home Decor for Every Room

I’ve highlighted a large portion of our best home decor items over the last few months. While I love our items, I also love to see handmade decor in a home. Items that you created yourself hold sentimental value and positive energy. The item you created is a one-of-a-kind, truly personalized decoration. I have a few things I’d like to try over the next few months before I move. I’ve decided to share my super-top-secret DIY projects with you. By super-top-secret I actually mean I found them on Pinterest! As always, if you try one of these projects, send us photos and we’ll highlight the best ones on our Facebook page. Happy Crafting!

Kitchens & Breakfast Nooks

DIY Coffee Mug Rack

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers


Towel Racks

Mason Jar Supply Containers

Dining Rooms & Living Rooms

Old Door Photo Frame

Scrabble Coasters

Illuminated Dividers


Makeup Storage

Lace Shelves

DIY Illuminated Canopy


Sherrie Carter

2016 DIY Trend Alert: String Art Projects!

String art is a rising trend in 2016. You can find a lot of unique styles for sale on Etsy, or learn this art yourself to create customized pieces. If you’re feeling adventurous and crafty, try some of these adorable ideas I found on Pinterest. Style options are limitless; you can create a design representing your favorite character, the state which you are from, quotes, or your favorite animal. I’ve tried these before and they’re a little tricky, albeit worth the effort. I suggest starting with a small and simple design. Practice until you’re confident in your talents, and then move on to the big ones. Make beautiful customized decor for your home, give beautifully sentimental gifts, or sell designs online. The choice is yours! Have fun, and be sure to share photos with us if you create some string art!

Home Plaque

Ball Mason Jar Plaque

Three-Tier Giraffe Plaque

City & State Plaque

Love Plaque

Deer Plaque

Colorful Owl Canvas

Blue Love Bird Plaque

Feather Plaque

Sherrie Carter

Quick, Fun & Easy DIY Home Decor Projects

Handmade decor adds the perfect touch of personality and charm to your home. The best part about DIY projects is that you can make them as functional as they are attractive. Try some of these quick and simple DIY projects for your home. These are great for DIYers who are just starting out, or even seasoned pros who just want a quick and fun craft.

Fairy Garden in Tree Stump

Chalkboard Drawer

Rustic Twig Frame

DIY Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Lightbulb Terrariums & Aquariums

DIY Yarn Lantern

Phone Charging Station

Illuminated Gallery Wall

Sock Organizer

Lace Mason Jars

DIY Marble Coasters

Sherrie Carter