Kitchen Decor Every Home NEEDS

For the most part, your kitchen needs to be convenient and functional for your needs. However, every kitchen also needs decorative items and quality storage. Adequate space will help organize supplies in an attractive manner. The decor will bring cheer and happiness to it, making your house feel like a home. That all sounds obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many people have strictly functional kitchens!

Every kitchen is different, but there are some key items everyone should have. We have some great, versatile items in our online shop. I’ve highlighted my favorite kitchen items that would work in any home. Click each photo for more information and pricing.


Bubbled Glass Canisters

Bubbled Glass Canisters

Coffee, Tea, & Sugar Containers

tea containersugar containercoffee container

Sassy Aprons

Sassy Chefs Aprons

Quality Storage for Pots & Pans

hanging Storage for Pots

Unique, Attractive Serving Dishes

deviled egg serving dishterracotta serving dish

Fresh, Bright Dish Towels

fresh bright ktichen towels

Decorative Wall Storage

kitchen wall storage

Sherrie Carter


Home Decor Resolutions for 2017

Your home needs refreshing every once in a while, just as you do. So why should you be the only one who gets a New Year’s resolution? Since my winter and spring are centered on getting a new place, I need to start thinking about decor. I’ve decided to give my future home a few decor resolutions. If you think your home needs a change, try this out too. It’s incredibly fun! I included examples from our store, click the photo to learn more!

Fill Empty Spaces With a Unique Plant or Tree

You may have some empty space after putting away the holiday decorations. Artificial plants add warmth and happiness to any room. My home decor resolution is to get a plant like our artificial Japanese maple tree!
Fill Empty Spaces With a Unique Plant or Tree

Enhance Decor with Complementing Blankets

I love, love, love cozy blankets. They make great decor and are obviously quite functional for the cold days. My resolution is to find throw blankets in blues and grays to complement the rest of my decor.
blue spa wool throw blanketgray wool throw blanket

Never Underestimate The Power of a Throw Pillow

Decorative pillows should blend well with your blankets and furniture. My resolution is to use soft pink pillows with varying shades of blue decor. Pink Tuxedo Throw Pillows

Frame Happy Memories

No decorations can replace the happiest moments in life. My resolution is to frame my favorite memories with an eye-catching, gold frame.

Frame Happy Memories

Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can make a huge difference in your mood and performance. My resolution is to fill my room with tranquil and serene scents with candles and oils.Use Aromatherapy

Make DIY Initial Art

I have “S” initial jewelry, stationary, and keychains. I’ve always had a thing for initial items. My final resolution is to make an “S” wood block letter using unfinished wooden letters.Make DIY Initial Art


Sherrie Carter

Trend Spotting: Yellow and Teal Color Schemes

Blending yellow and teal might just be my favorite thing this year. It started slowly, as I began to get more adventurous in my clothing and decor choices. Then it grew into a slight obsession. When I’d go shopping, everything I noticed was teal or yellow. Every time I looked at our inventory, I was placing yellow and teal items together. After looking into it, I discovered that the teal and yellow pairing is huge this year. Many department store displays features these gorgeous hues together. Below, you’ll see my favorite pairings of our best yellow and teal items from our Spring/Summer Collection. I’ve also included some great color palettes from Pinterest to help get you started!



Happy Spring    Happy Spring

Color Scheme 1

Color Scheme 2

Color Scheme 3

Sherrie Carter