4 Fun Ideas for Your “Extra” Room

Many of us have that extra room we’re just not sure what to do with. Maybe it’s extra storage, or a guest room… but what else can you do with it. If you have guests frequently, then a hotel style guest room is great. However, if you don’t host that often, don’t just go for the default guest room. Use the extra room to your advantage. Use it to make your everyday life easier and more enjoyable. Take something you love and create a room around it. I had a lot of ideas for my extra room, but ultimately I went with a workout/yoga room. It works great for sticking to my goals and reducing stress. Whatever your thing is, embrace it. Give it a room and watch it flourish.

Workout Center

Even if you don’t own at-home gym equipment, you can still create a serene place for your workouts. My home equipment is limited to a yoga mat, dumbbells, and a medicine ball. Even with these small items, I love having a huge empty room for exercising. This room has no furniture in it, but plenty of motivational signage. Find things that promote energy and stamina, whether it’s wall art, old inspirational photos of yourself, or quotes. You’ll be amazed at how great you feel having your own personal fitness sanctuary!

Art Studio

If you’re into painting or crafting, you’ll need space for thinking. Painting in a consistent setting is extremely relaxing, it becomes your getaway. We all need an escape from daily stress and hectic schedules. Creating projects will be much easier when you have an organized center with all of your supplies and a crafting table ready to go.

Playroom for Kids

Designate a room where kids can be kids. When children make messes, chances are they’re exploring and learning. Obviously you have to set some boundaries, but with chalkboard paint and old carpeting, you can allow kids to have a lot more fun and freedom.

Gameroom for Adults

Video games are excited, and sometimes things can get pretty heated. Keep the noise out of the living areas with a special room for avid gamers. You can even decorate it with photos from your favorite games. Personally, I would go with the World of Warcraft map of Azeroth on the wall!

Sherrie Carter

Love & Marriage Themed Home Decor

Without memories, photos, and personalized decor, a house is just a house. Cherished pictures and sentimental quotes make the house a home. When you have constant reminders of love, family, and marriage, it creates a lot of positive energy. Pair some of the cute items below with your favorite photos and personal items, and you’ve got something really special. Take a look at some of my favorite items below! Just click the photo to learn more, and be sure to share your favorites in the comments section.

Set of 4 Black & White Love Quotes

Set of 4 Black & White Love Quotes

Multi-Colored Metal LettersLove metal block letters

Love You Throw PillowLove Throw Pillow

MR. & MRS. Wall Decor

Mr & Mrs Wall Art

Large Distressed “What I Love” Picture HolderLarge Chicken Wire Distressed "What I Love" Picture Holder

Mr & Mrs Throw PillowsMr & Mrs Throw Pillows

Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Pillows

Mr Right Mrs Always Right Pillows



Sherrie Carter

Seaside Styles for a Nautical Patio

Nautical Seaside Home DecorNautical Styles for Your Patio

If you dream of seaside life, love the beach, or just have a thing for sailboats, this decor style is perfect for your patio.  Decor themes should reflect your personality and the things you enjoy. When you enter a room, the decor should make you happy, and when it’s a patio, it should have a relaxing mood. When nautical is the perfect, and only, choice for you, start with small accents, like candle holders and a decorative sand bowl. Then work your way up to hanging floats, wall clocks, table top decor, lamps, and more. I’ve highlighted some of our favorite nautical items below to help inspire the decorator inside. Browse through the categories and photos below to get started!

Float Accents

Fishing floats with jute accents are ready to hang or work great as a filler accent in sand-filled bowls. Pictured below: teal, olive green, and brown!

Nautical Seaside Float Decor

Candle Holders

Illuminate your patio with seaside themed candle holders. Pictured below: Hurricane candle holders with rope accents, and ship wheel patterned ceramic candle holder.

nautical seaside treasures candle holders


These ceramic vases are simply beautiful, boasting plain white backgrounds and popular nautical symbols. Pictured below: anchor, propeller, and ship steer.

nautical theme home decor vases


Table Top Decorations

Accent tables and shelves with unique things that represent seaside life. Pictured below: twisted rope ball, propeller sculptures, starfish decorations.

Nautical Theme Home Decor

Hanging Float Accents

Hang fishing floats in corners to complete the look and create a relaxing environment. Pictured below: nautical connected glass floats and soothing blue decorative fishing floats.

hanging float nautical theme decor

Wall Clocks

Give your walls a charming look with sailing themed wall clocks. Pictured below: boat wheel rustic wall clock and nautical navy blue wall clock.

nautical theme wall clocks


Give your patio a warming glow with lamps that complete the room’s look and feel. Pictured below: pelican lamp and seashell weathered lamp.

nautical themed lamps