1 Month Before Thanksgiving: The Ultimate Checklist

Thanksgiving Dinner Checklist

Thanksgiving Dinner ChecklistWe have one month left until Thanksgiving Day! Holiday parties and events creep a little closer every day. Have a plan, prepare early and everything will go smoothly. Today, we’re going to highlight the most important tasks you should work on in the next few weeks. This will make life much easier before the feast, allowing you to take your time and relax with the details. Follow this simple checklist to reduce stress and save time; you’ll thank me later!

1 Month before Thanksgiving

  • This week you should focus on planning your menu and inviting guests. Try your best to get confirmations so you can get an accurate headcount. Leave yourself extra room in your list for unexpected or last-minute guests because plans can change and it’s better to have too much food than not enough. Plan out your menu and seating situations as well.
  • In the month before the dinner, you’ll also want to ensure you have all your decorations, desserts, and centerpieces planned out. If you’re missing something, there’s still time to order it online.
  • If you’re trying a new dish, start practicing it now so that you’ll have it perfected BEFORE dinner. Don’t let Thanksgiving day be your first attempt at a new recipe.

1-2 Weeks before Thanksgiving

  • These weeks are crucial. Make sure you take an inventory of your cooking supplies and nonperishable ingredients. Make a shopping list of any thing you’re missing according to your supplies and recipes. Determine the turkey size you’ll need and plan all appetizers and drinks as well.
  • Head to the store and purchase everything on your list, order the turkey, and double check the list again. Purchase any wine or liquor you may need, as it will keep and spirit stores will be busy closer to the holiday.
  • Deep clean your house to make it easier in the days before Thanksgiving. Clean your baseboards, wash the china, shampoo the carpets (etc.) to make your home look it’s best for guests.

3 Days before Thanksgiving

  • Make a list of perishables you’ll need and confirm your guest list. You should have your turkey by now, so start defrosting it. Purchase the perishables you need, along with napkins, non-alcoholic beverages, and any other small accents you’ll need.
  • Launder all linens and give your home a quick cleaning to refresh the deep cleaning you did earlier in the month.
  • Following this guide will help you reduce stress and avoid cooking disasters before the feast. Happy Eating!