Tips for Perfect Holiday Family Portraits

christmas family photos

christmas family photosIn a recent post, we mentioned the benefits of getting your holiday portraits done in October. From better appointment times to ensuring a timely delivery, it relieves a wealth of holiday stress. While your photograph results are primarily dependent on your photographer’s skills and experience, you can help in a few ways. With our list of helpful tips, you can count on quality photographs your friends and family will adore.

Thoroughly Research Photographers

We live in a time where we have access to unbiased reviews of services. Search through sites like Angie’s List and Yelp for only five-star reviews. If you’ve seen a friend’s photo shoot and enjoyed the results, ask for the photographer’s contact information. Some people will choose based on price, convenient locations or available appointment times. While those three factors are good to consider, they should not be your focus. You need a photographer with the experience and skills to meet your needs.

Know Exactly What You Want

Preparing a clear list of goals and expectations is the best way to ensure that your photographer can deliver. He or she will inform you of the realities involved. Sometimes we dream too big and sometimes we don’t dream big enough for fear of limitations. The ideal photographer will work through your ideas to help deliver phenomenal images you love.

Coordinate Outfits

You want to look like one cohesive unit, you know… a family. However, if you’re all in the exact same outfit you can wash one another out of the photo. Plan outfits that blend well… but aren’t identical. You can find some great examples here.

Trust Your Photographer

You’re used to telling your kids what to do and to smile for photographs. However, this is not your area of expertise. After all you researched and hired the best, right? It may feel difficult, but forsake a little bit of control for the photo session. When the kids are taking instructions from the photographer, they’re likely to have more fun because it won’t feel like a reprimand. This is your chance to be one of the kids instead of an authority figure, so go with it. The more fun you have, the more fun everyone else will have. Everyone following instructions while in a good mood will result in the best possible images.

Sherrie Carter