The Best Commercials From Yesterday’s Game!

Today, the internet is filled with people who were disappointed in the commercials from yesterday. However, I noticed for everyone who thought they weren’t great, there were more people who loved them. That’s just how life works. More people are likely to complain than they are to praise. The party I was at and my newsfeed show that a lot of people enjoyed everything about last night’s game. Personally, I look forward to the commercials as much as the whole game. These commercials are quite expensive, so you can be sure that marketing teams put a lot of time, effort, and money into making you feel. These prime-time commercials will resonate with you, whether they make you laugh, cry, or scream. I did all three several times yesterday. Below, you can watch clips of my favorites. Share your thoughts or favorites in our comments section at the bottom!


Well that’s one way to induce labor…


Kevin Hart is a hilariously terrifying dad…


Everything bad goes away when you see this commercial…

The Bud Light Party

Seth Rogen & Amy Schumer Give a Motivational Speech…

Hyundai – Ryanville

I want to live here…

T-Mobile & Steve Harvey #BALLOGIZE

Avocados from Mexico

The blue and gold dress that caused the civil war

Hyundai – The Chase

Sherrie Carter